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    Online Identity

    created by *Cassy* 938 days 2 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Online Identity

    Are you the same you on the internet? Do you feel you are better able to create an identity online or do you feel like you have a hard time expressing yourself in the cyber world?

    What about friends or family? Do you feel that the internet allows you to know them better or do you feel like they pretend to be someone they aren't in real life.

    For me I feel pretty consistent although I think I can express myself clearer through writing. Sometimes my brain is too fast for my mouth. I have actually been surprised (both in a good and bad way) when I read what people I know in person are thinking in their heads. It has made me closer to people I didn't think I could be and pretty turned off to some people I used to have a lot of respect for.

    Re: Online Identity

    Hello. I think I am more cautious about what I say online, mostly because practically anyone can read what you say. I might be wrong but I think I'm more polite when I write online. In real life, I'm quite snarky and sarcastic.

    I have found that some of my friends and family do act different when they are online, but I don't think that makes them fake. I just think of that as another side to them, like how sometimes people act differently depending on who they're with. For example, I act differently when I'm with my friends than when I'm with family. I have been surprised by some of my cousins' posts on instagram before though.

    Re: Online Identity

    I am definitely not as active socially online than I am in real life. I have brief moments where I try to push for a stronger online presence through social media, however I find that real life comes first and I tend to forget to post a blog or upload a video.

    I guess I have too much of a real life to be wasting away my time online.

    Re: Online Identity

    I realize that the me through online forums tend to be more comfortable with expressing myself. This might also be because I have more time to sort through the ideas going through my heads before I verbalize it, unlike when I'm in real life the situation often forces me to act on the spot without giving me much time to reconsider my own thoughts. I tend to say more and attempt to be meaningful through the cautious word choice that I choose in my writing as when I'm in real life where I just spurt out what ever is from the top of my head. Essentially though both my online and real life identities are the same it's just one has more of a difficult time expressing herself as compared to the other.

    Re: Online Identity

    Hello Everyone,

    When I'm being social online; it's easier for me to express my thoughts than when I'm socializing in person. Sometimes I don't always have something to say to people, but when I post online I have time to think about and phrase my thoughts instead of just trying to blurt a response out.