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    Let's play a game!

    created by *Cassy* 939 days 11 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Let's play a game!

    So remember in school you would be told to make a squiggle and connect the beginning to the end and then make your squiggle into a picture?

    Let's try that with letters :) (Nicely) smack your keyboard...


    Then make it into a sentence...

    He felt strangely justified giving detentions.

    If you want even more of a challenge try to make your sentence flow with the last post!

    Good luck in the election everyone!

    Re: Let's play a game!

    Hello Cassy,

    I've never played this kind of game before, but here it goes.


    Never underestimate your unicorn's imaginary news.

    My sentence turned out random. I hope I followed the rules of the game.