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    Why is being gay wrong?

    created by jenns22 4027 days 19 hours 6 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Why is being gay wrong?

    Why is being gay wrong? I'm a straight girl with no deep religious views. I know the difference between right and wrong. Homosexuality is not wrong. It is not exactly right. But heterosexuality is not right either. If anything they are both right, they are both a choice for each person to individually look at it. Or maybe it’s not really a choice. Maybe people are born gay. I really think I was born straight. I just want to know why people think it’s so wrong. So I'll argue a few point people usually bring up.
    God Thinks its Wrong
    How the hell do we know what God thinks? God loves everyone and he forgives you as long as you ask. So if he can forgive a pedophile, which is possibly the worst type of person, as long as they ask for forgiveness, why can't he forgive a gay? I'm not saying gays need to ask for forgiveness I'm just saying if he really did think it was wrong why couldn't he forgive them? If you think being gay is against god why can't you just get on with your life and let god deal with it when gays get to heaven?
    The Population Will Go Down If Gays Can Marry
    I saw someone post that on another discussion. That is so ignorant. Homosexuality has been around for centuries it just wasn't talked about because it wasn't a big deal. The next generation will not just decided to be gay because they see gay people married. They won't even always think it’s right if gays are married. Blacks and whites get married all the time but alot of kids are taught that that’s wrong. Its whatever their parents tell them. Even if they think its right they won't just turn gay. They will have to decide who they are on their own just like every person before them. They will merely accept it. And that brings me to..
    Gay Marriage Ruins the Sanctity of Marriage
    All I have to say is if people are fighting so hard for something, so passionately, just to be like everyone else why can't we let them? Romeo and Juliet fought for their marriage which was considered wrong, and everyone thinks it’s the best love story ever. Two people fighting and dying just to love each other. Why was it beautiful when they fought for a marriage considered wrong but when two men do it its against god? If they fight so hard for it then they really want it and they will mean their vows so much more than straight people who take marriage for granted.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    All I have to say is there is NOTHING WRONG WITH IT AT ALL!!

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    you wrote: How do we know what God thinks?

    Well, the BIBLE!! ya know how ppl call the Bible "God's Word" or "The Word"...

    it's what God thought and said!! that's why the Bible is so significant!

    If you want to know what God thought and thinks still, read the Bible. I dare you. See what you find out!
    "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination" (Leviticus 18:22).

    "Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, not idolators, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, shall inherit the kingdom of God" (I Corinthians 6:9-10).

    check this out

    God CAN forgive a gay person, but ok, trac with me here. If being gay is wrong, and they ask for forgiveness, then the should NO LONGER BE SINNING BY BEING GAY> they would be straight. God can and will and LOVES to forgive, but we must repent. Repentance means CHANGING what you do, not just saying 'pls forgive me'. Does that make sense?

    Being gay is wrong b/c it says in the Bible that it is.

    As for the whole population thing, that NOT why ppl think homosexuality is wrong, that's just a little side thing. It doesn't matter that much.

    People aren't born gay!

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    i had posted this before but there was something wrong with my connection so i have to type it again..
    good forum, very brave of you to post this forum, especially because there are many people here who ive read from other forums that they believe being gay is wrong.
    I myself don't have a problem with it. like i said in another forum yesterday, i think that hating a group of people because of their sexual orientation is 1 million times worst than being gay would ever be.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    being gay is not wrong!! one of my good friends is gay. and teh thing about the bible... don't get me wrong i am a very spiritual person and somewhat religous (went to catholic school) the bible was wrote by MAN not God!!!!! God did not write the bible!!!! so if we look at man in general... well i think you get my point. all i have to say is he without sin should cast the first stone. when we get on religous topics some of you act like you weren't born with original sin and that you are perfect and that God has a chair next to him waiting for you. If Jesus were here today i bet he would have a good time with gay people. he did with the whores, taxcollecters, thiefs, etc. none of us have the right to speak for god. let them learn their fate come judgement day.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    Wow D. Culbertson. I'm kind of offended by your post.

    I'm pretty sure there's no seat waiting by God for me. And I know for a fact that I'm a sinner. The question posed, though, is why is being gay wrong. If Jesus were here, he would have a WONDERFUL time with gay people. And those who are inspired by his act would find the strength to CHANGE.

    Jesus spent time with these people to show that he is not above them. He loves them just the same as anyone else. It even says it in the Bible. How much change can you create if you tell your sister, who knows that you love her, that you love her? You can create more change if you tell the quiet person in class, who no one talks to, that you love her.

    It's the same concept. Spending time with these people doesn't show that being gay is right.

    That being said, I'll answer the questions posed.

    Being gay is only wrong when it comes to religion. The population will not go down if gays marry. If they don't marry they'll still do whatever they want, so why not allow them to have the title as well? If anything it will provide a control for the population which is ever increasing already.

    Ruin the sanctity of marriage? Heterosexuals do that all the time. The sanctity of marriage is getting married, not committing adultery, and not getting a divorce! Divorces happen every 2 seconds (that's an exaggeration, lol). Nothing ruins the sanctity of marriage more than that!

    Gays/lesbians should be allowed to do WHATEVER they want to do. They should not be discriminated against and homophobia is STUPID.

    Anyone who is a true believer of God knows that you must remove the speck in your own eye before you can attempt to remove the speck in another's eye. Love thy neighbor as thyself!

    I believe in God. I believe that homosexuality is wrong. Does that justify torturing these people? No. I didn't give them life so I don't have the right to take it, abuse it, or deny them things that they want. Let them sin just as I am allowed to sin. I can marry for the wrong reasons, lie, divorce, etc. Let them do it too!

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    I know so many gay people. They're cool, gay men are especially fun. I know some that totally believe in God, but can't call themselves Christians because of the Bible and the attitude of other Christians. So they just attend church where there's not so much prejudice. The Bible's rules are for Christians, not everyone is a Christian, so it's kind of arrogant to impose one's religious beliefs on everyone else. Nobody on cnet seems to do that, although there are strong opinions, which everyone has a right to.

    I really admire the Christians who don't judge gays, and the ones who do make me sad. I know one person who was gay and because his Christian family couldn't accept him, he committed suicide. That makes my heart hurt. He was so sensitive and kind to everyone. Terrible loss.

    There's another forum about this subject, but I really believe that many gays are born that way. I don't believe this because of biology classes. I've seen a show or two on the discovery channel that mentions homosexual behavior among animals. They were born gay and scientists are trying to isolate the reason and the theory is that the same concept applies to humans. Mostly I believe this because of the people I've known who are gay. All but three believe that they've always been gay, even as kids. The other three are bi, and could probably be straight if they wanted to. With those three it really is a choice, but not so with the others.

    A very close friend of mine was in terrible agony because he knew he was gay, but hated it because of his christian upbringing. He attempted suicide but failed. He has since embraced who he is inside and now he's happy and fulfilled. His family has accepted him as well.

    There's no real black and white answer. This is just one of those things where people will have to agree to disagree.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    The Bible is God breathed.

    No, people cannot be born gay. Despite what some scientists want you to believe, people cannot be born gay.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    Technically being gay isn't wrong. The old testament simply says that homesexuals can't commit the act itself.

    Personally this probably the only law from the torah/bible that bothers me. It's very difficult for me to have a clear view of what's right and wrong in this situation.

    And as a reply to SuperSteve, I disagree. Sure, some people aren't really gay, but are just sexually bored and like to push limits, but other people cannot help their feelings and struggle everyday. There are so many people who are suffering becuase they spend their lives trying to not act on their homosexual urges. I suggest watching a film called "Trembling before God", then decide if it's about choice or not.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    Being gay is not biblical. BUT the Bible does not say "ignore those who are different from you, those whose sins are bigger than your own."

    It is not a sin to be friends with a gay person. Being gay is not a crime here on earth and I hope to God it never becomes one. Can a gay person who believes in Christ go to heaven when they die? Can a person who lied during their life but has faith be welcomed in heaven?

    That is a judgement call that only God has any right to decide.

    I believe in the concept that gay people should not be leaders in the protestant church. When you attend seminary and become ordained, you take a vow, you make a covenant (a promise) with God that you will uphold the His word as is recorded in the Old and New Testaments. You will be a beacon of light for those who are seeking for truth.

    Since the Bible specifically addresses homosexuality (although it does not call it "being gay, or homo", being gay and a leader in the church is breaking God's law and lying in taking making your covenant with God as his servant.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    From someone that is gay, of course I don't think that being gay is wrong. If god is one to love everyone then I am sure he is not one to judge. I myself believe in god and I know that he is all loving. I believe that he created homosexuals for some type of peruse. That we have a set goal in this world to show people that its ok to be different.

    People in general have a set goal whether or not we choses to see it. If god made those goals then did he not chose one path to be gay?

    NO, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY! It doesn't make who we are!

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    its not wrong!!! i think that if there is a god and he is so against it and we say not to compare him to a human with human traits...than why would he be so cruel to create gay people if he werent ot allow him to act upon it?!
    well to answer your question about how we know god thinks its wrong...well people "know" because it says so in the bible and if they believe that its divine from god hence they believe that god is against it...its actually written straight out...however i personally dont believe it was written by god i think it was written by man and if those who believe god is perfect than why is the bible so inconsistent??? being gay is not wrong!! i know many gay if man in fact wrote it i think it would make perfect sense...and i think that all those people judging those who are gay and playing the part of god almighty??? come on you sin...jesus got with a whore!!! do you think that hed be so quick to judge a gay person??? plus if you believe that jesus died so that you can sin...and also believe that being gay is a sin well then great...think of it thisd way the sin cancel out...(sarcasm)
    so what it all boils down to is i dont believe in that i believe in paving my own path..i live for what i believe is right which is to accept and embrace EVERYONE!!!
    its no ones place to play god exceot for god himself...

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    I dpo not think that being gay is wrong. i am straight and religious and an observant jew and i believ that ther eis nothign wrong wiht being gay.
    I hate when peioepl give me BS like it is not right and you should exccomunicate homosexuals and it says in the bible.
    well you knwo what it says a lot of things in the bible who can follow all of them?
    i truly belive that peopel are born gay. i love how some peoepl say well it is a sin they chose to be gay. hello!!! why would soemoen choose to be gay? is it becaus they wanna feel a lone or different or scared all the time?
    if god did not want gay peopel he would not have created them
    there is a pce for everyone in this world
    everyoen ahs earned their place
    and homosexuals are just as deserving, if not more, as you and i.
    who ever says being a homosexual is wrong, should go do some introsepction and see how many things they do are actually wrong i bet the lsit is a lto longer than i am gay.
    o and being an ass to peoel becaus they are not like u ? ye that is not wrong at all.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    I've heard a lot on this issue, but the only people I have heard say it is wrong are basing their argument on a religion. This might be valid if we lived in a theocracy, but we don't. In this society, we value arguments based on facts and systems, not ideological beliefs. If these idealogical beliefs are also based on facts and systems, then they are welcome. For instance, murder is wrong and illegal, but this is because the alternative would cause a destabilization of society because the populace would live in fear.
    Another problem with basing beliefs on religion is that people pick and choose what they want to value and what they want to ignore. It is a sin to plant two crops in the same field, to wear clothes made from multiple fabrics, to eat shrimp, and to work on the Sabbath. I see many people doing these things.
    And what's with the demonization of scientists, SuperSteve? Scientists follow a very strict code of behavior and must perform experiments that can be replicated. Yes, some are corrupt and alter findings, but this is very rare. Yes, theories can change and die as new evidence arises, but this does not make them false, only incomplete. If scientists say they have reason to believe that homosexuality is a ingrained trait, then they have gathered evidence that supports that claim.
    The whole choice thing gets on my nerves. How often do people choose to like things? Think of a food you don't like. Did you decide, "Ya know what, I think I want my brain to register revulsion when I eat ________." and then suddenly ________ was something you didn't like? Why would we hate anything, then? Why don't we all just decide to like everything and then we would have a perfect, pleasurable utopia?
    Because our human brains do not work like that. We're all wired for different things. Some of us like women, some of us like men, some of us like shoes (retifism, google it). Some of us deviate farther from the prescribed norm, but we are who we are.
    I welcome challenge, but I want something more than "The Bible says so, and we know the Bible is true, because the Bible says so, and because we know that everything in the Bible is true because it says so, we can know that homosexuality is wrong because the Bible says so." If you are going to argue with me, give me something logical, something thoughtful, and something with substance.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    I'm not sure that being "gay" is wrong. I think there are different reasons why people are gay. Here's why I say that...some people, I believe are born like that (perhaps a gene), some have encountered sexual abuse as a child, some people have feelings of resentment towards the opposite sex, some people have had bad or non-existent relationships with their parents, and sometimes, yes, I think influence plays a role in someone's sexuality. Influence plays a role in a lot of things. So, I guess we'll never know until we have studied enough gay marriages or how a couple being gay affects the children being raised within these types of relationships.

    People did/do think that interracial relationships are wrong. To me a man is a man and a woman is a woman. I often wonder what makes up the "white" race exactly? Is it just a color? I believe that since my children, being of mixed races, have that influence that comes from me...I teach them that all people are created equally. So, in turn, maybe they will end up with someone of a different race...maybe they'll even be gay?

    Do I think being gay is a choice? Sometimes, sometimes not. Some homosexual people are comfortable, some I think go a little out of the way for the attention and controversy, and there are others try to hide it because they are uncomfortable with it. For the people who are uncomfortable with it, that to me signifies that they don't like it and it's hard for them to be who they are in that way, so therefore, it must not be a choice.

    I don't think people's sexuality is really any of anyone's business; as long as the sex between the parties involved is consensual. Why does sexual orientation define who we are? There is so much more to a person than their sexuality. So, who knows. If it is wrong in the eyes of God, let God deal with it. I don't say that about just any subject, but just being homosexual isn't hurting anyone!

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    Such good posts from everyone!

    I think it boils down to this: It's not our job to judge what's right and what's wrong. If you're religious, that's God's job, if you're not, it's the conscience of the individual. Everyone will suffer the consequences of their own actions, good or bad, whether it's karmic or heaven and hell.

    Acceptance of others choices and their path, even if it's one we don't agree with, is one of the key elements of enlightenment. Look at Jesus. Everyone has to be allowed to make their own mistakes.

    I'm not saying you have to allow your kid to abuse drugs or your mate to beat the crap out of you and then just accept it. But it wouldn't be healthy to revolve your life around someone else's bullsh*t and forget to take of yourself.

    It's our job to live in "light", raising our own vibration, and then others will be influenced in a positive way by our example.

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    This topic always brings the words of religion up. An oldschool book loosely based on how people lived several thousand years ago. It is true that in Leviticus, the third book of the Bible, that it mentions something about one man laying with another man. But in the next chapter, it tells of men having their children stoned to death for being disobedient. Exodus 21:7 gives a father permission to prostitute his daughter. You can interpret it as a father giving his praise for his daughter to get married, but that's not what it says. Just leave everyone alone and enjoy your life! What does one man loving another man or one woman loving another woman have to do with you? How will that affect your life in ANY possible way?

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    I am a straight guy and a very spiritual person!
    When it comes down to being gay is wrong: it is on;y that way in religion.
    As for marriage. God created marriage as a bond between man and woman. Jesus said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick, 13 But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.

    Anyone who wants to argue the bible then go to this site,

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    i personally dont think that it is wrong if some is gay. i work with so many people who are gay or lesbians and there is never a daul but these people who i work with i have so much resepect for.

    i dont think its right for someone to tell there child or whoever it is around them that being gay is wrong. i just see it as whatever floats there boat. alot of these people were straight at one time. have kids and were married. but they just werent happy.

    i think that everyone should have the oppertunity to fall in love with someone. and if that person is the same sex, then more power to them. they found something that so many people look for all there live. and they dont see there partner as o my god there the same sex as me. but aa an equal and someone who they love.
    thats just my opinion

    Re: Why is being gay wrong?

    I feel as if we do not choose our romantic feelings, most of the time they are thrown at us. For example, society emphasizing the fact that heterosexuality is the “right” lifestyle, our orientation is discovered growing up not “invented or chosen.” But at the same time, it doesn’t mean that we are born homosexual or heterosexual. No one individual is born with romantic feelings either, that comes later in life, how it comes later in life we probably will never know... But really, who cares if a person is homosexual or not. Some people may be heterosexual and over time chose to experiment with the same sex, that is a choice, but then it goes to say they may have always been homosexual and hidden the fact, until they acted upon their true feelings... So, I don't know, but it's not wrong, its just what people thinks is right and wrong.