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    History - Interesting or Boring????

    created by hcyork 1050 days 14 hours 8 minutes ago

    Category: World

    History - Interesting or Boring????

    As I stated in a previous post, I love history and learning about history. If I could make really good money, I would pursue a career in history but I don't believe there is an open market for people with history degrees. From the time, I was old enough and had a tv in my bedroom, I have watched the history channel.

    Today, after I got back from helping take the tarp off of the baseball field, I started watching a movie called, "Thin Red Line". It is a war movie. As soon as I was old enough, my dad and I watched "Hamburger Hill".. It was pretty gruesome, but I enjoyed it and learned a lot.

    Many of the people I go to school with think history is boring and don't understand why I like it and even some think I am a nerd.

    Even, my sister thinks I am weird. She is not interested in history at all..

    In today's society, everyone is caught up in the present and planning for the future, that we forget how we got here and the bloodshed that gave us our freedoms etc.

    With that being said, do you find history interesting or boring?

    Depending upon your answer, tell why you find it interesting or why you find it boring.

    Happy Sunday Everyone!

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    Hi hcyork,

    I find certain aspects of history interesting. I love World History, but get bored out of my mind by US History. I love learning about the history of every country, but the one I live in.

    However, my passion for history truly lies in archaeology. I find the history of human beings as a species more interesting than anything. Lucy, Ardi, the great migration out of Africa, all of that stuff fascinates me to no end.

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    Depends on the person. I love history. Especially since history leaves a legacy to help us follow or not.

    How can you have a present if you never had a past. I don't go out of my way to study it now that I am not in school but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy it : )

    Maybe that is why our culture looks the way it does because people have stopped looking at the past and learning from it.


    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    a little bit of both. :)

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    Good Day,

    Good for you to pull yourself into history. I personally don't believe what is in our history books. I mean the reason's why we were fighting. The TRUE reason. For example, the wars being fought over today and the recent past was taking other countries oil from them, and or putting someone in place in their government that will work with the US.
    I think we have always been lied to over these wars, and to remember the loss of life due to politicians that can't or won't get along with another country or to place someone else in charge of their own country.

    I personally think we have stolen many many resources from neighboring countries throughout our HISTORY.

    I not only look at the loss of life we had to take on but how about that country having someone llike us come in and take all we want for nothing.

    That is my opinion, and I will remind you all that I was in the armed forces for eight years and three wars, so I know what I am talking about compared to someone who listens to the media garbage. Just to get the American people to go along with their crooked ways.

    History is something we no nothing about only what we are told or shown.

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    Kasey, my mom and I were having this conversation the other day when we were watching the movie "Born on the Fourth of July". I did not get to see the beginning, so she had to explain to me why the veterans were so opposed to the war. Also, I agree with your statement, "History is something we no nothing about only what we are told or shown." For us of the younger generation, all we have is what is in the media or the movie depictions of the happenings of war. My grandfather was in the Korean War but passed away before I was born. I would have loved to have listened to him tell actual accounts of what went on over there. What you said is so right on.

    Pike, the one thing my parents have always said is that "History repeats itself" in some form or fashion. I do think we have stopped looking at the past and learning from our mistakes or the things that worked. Again, it goes to the current mentality in our country that it is all about me. No one seems to want to learn and appreciate what those in the past have sacrificed so that we can have the lives and freedoms that we enjoy every day in the United States.

    I may be young, but I love my country - the good and the bad.

    Thanks to both of you for responding. I love your straight forward candor. It is refreshing!

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    History is one of the most important things we can learn and research. If we don't know what happened many yeas ago how do we learn about the future. Without medical history where would the cures come from. If we don't understand what our founding fathers wanted how can we defend our constitution. We all make history everyday so the real question is do you find yourself interesting or boring.

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    Personally, I love history. I enjoy almost every era, and am always looking for something new. I like military history the best. Whether its learning about the battles that took place, the weapons that were used, the tactics and strategies that decided the outcome, or the leaders and even lowly soldiers who shaped the course of history, I enjoy studying it. I think much can be learned from every part of history, and that you can learn lessons that you might not have otherwise learned. One example of that is one of my favorite quotes by Robert E. Lee. he said, "I love whiskey. I always have, and that is why I never drink it." we can use something like this to help us know that even if something seems really good, it might not be.

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    hi hi!

    History is such a fuel to our brains. You can tell about a person's conversation level just after few minutes into a topic. History is not just wars and Bible, there are endless topics in history of the world. I also think that we know the crooked truth or I should say the crooked lies, because we know what we are told.
    It's like being born, they give you, religion, nationality and culture, then you live your life fighting for something that you didn't even choose.

    Talk later!


    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    Hi there!

    I like history but at the same time i don't.

    There are a lot of areas in history that I find absolutely interesting, such as Greek/Roman culture and civilization, Italian history etc. However, there are a lot of things in history i feel like are such a bore to learn about. The civil war, is boring to me. I don't typically like it because i've been learning about it since around 5th grade.

    Overall, I love history and think it is really interesting to read up on and learn about.

    Have a good night!

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    I think history is great, but I am not a history buff at all. The one time I enjoyed history in school was in 8th grade. My teacher, Mrs. Reynolds, who had the most annoying voice, made Georgia history come alive. Have a great evening!

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    History, like most other subjects can be either boring or interesting, depending on the talents of the instructor and/or the motivation of the student.

    I've had history teachers who were monotone, disinterested and only going through the motions for a paycheck and I've had others that were engaging, personable, amusing, entertaining and passionate about the subject.

    Overall, I find history engaging and interesting. To be able to understand how we came to our particular place in history and the twists and turns that occurred along the way make for a very vivid and appealing story to me. Granted, not all stories have happy endings or tell a pleasant tale. They do need to be heard though, as life is not all rainbows and sunshine.

    The mistakes of the past are things we can learn from, in order to avoid repeating them in the future and also to give us a perspective on the cost of ideals and the ease with which a demogogue, like Trump can rise to popularity by appealing to the fears and prejudices of the masses, rather than actually having a plan for how to get our country "turned around." Without understanding the cult of personality or knowing what leaders like Hitler did to come to power, Trump could easily ride the sentiment of fear and hatred into office, if we let him.

    Hopefully there are enough individuals who can see him for what he is and prevent that. Seeing Trump's true colors is easier if you look at him through the filter of history. This is why I value history and those who are passionate about its telling.

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    Hi everyone,
    I am very passionate about history. My father was a history and geography professor and I used to read his books and notes and I think that is why I love history so much. I love learning about old civilizations, about what used to be and how people used to live before we came. I don't like U.S history that much because they take the truth out of the books ........ they want to erase the words slavery out and replace it by business between 2 nations. But anyway I love history in general, I love learning about the whole world. have a great day everyone.

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    I don't believe interesting or boring are the right words to describe history. I personally would say history is depressing. There's to much war, death, and failure in history. I do believe history is important though. We need to know were we've been and how we got to where we are so that we can avoid making the same mistake again and continue doing what's been done right.

    Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

    I like some parts of history. As a Japanese Studies major, I of course like reading about Japanese history (specifically pre-modern). I enjoyed World History in high school even more than American history interestingly enough. Of course there are the depressing areas that I had to push through but I understand were necessary to know.

    It's important to learn about history of all kinds to get a sense of what preceded us and how it's connected to where we're going.