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    Honors Society

    created by Melinda Diann 1050 days 13 hours 38 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Honors Society

    I got an invitation from my school last week to join The National Society of Leadership and Success. They boast benefits like resume enhancement, Scholarships, letters of recommendation, etc.

    What are your thoughts on honors societies?

    Have you or would you join and honors society? Why or why not?

    Do employers and graduate schools really care when they see that on your resume?

    Re: Honors Society

    I think that the National Society of Leadership and Success could possible make you eligible for further scholarships and further perfect your applications to college. I think that honor societies look excellent on resumes for college and can have benefits on your high school experiences. I have never joined an honor society because I have never been invited to; however, if given the opportunity I wouldn't hesitate to join. I believe that employers and graduate schools truly do see that as an accomplishment on applications and resumes. I think they will view you as an individual that is not afraid of hard work and can excel in any given situation.

    Re: Honors Society

    Hi Melinda,

    I think honors societies are a wonderful addition to one's education. As you mentioned with the National Society of Leadership and Success, they offer resume enhancement, scholarship opportunities that would otherwise not be available to you, letters of recommendation, and a bunch of other stuff.

    I joined Phi Theta Kappa while at my previous school and would've joined the National Society of Leadership and Success when they invited me had I had the time. I have used PTK on a number of occasions for scholarship searches.

    I'm not sure that employers look at it all that much when they see it on resumes, but I do know from transferring school that it was looked at by several of them and a part of why I was accepted to nearly every school I applied to. What I like about having PTK on my resume is that when I submit it is that I know there is something on there that says I was a part of something bigger than myself.

    Re: Honors Society

    Melinda, i joined my National Honor Society because at my school there is an opportunity for additional scholarships and they keep us aware of Grant money that becomes available. So it for no other reasons, i would join for the Email notices you might get. I assume after graduation, they will also email employment opportunities.
    Congratulations and Good Luck!

    Re: Honors Society

    Honors society, depending on exactly what you're trying to do with yourself, may or may not have benefits by joining them, however most are limited in what they can do for you.

    The first question you should ask yourself is, what are you planning on doing with your education? Will you go from working on your current degree to making your way into the working world? If so, then chances are being a part of the honor society won't do much for your resume, unless someone in HR is looking for a tie breaker between two candidates and both of you have interviewed well.

    My wife was given the opportunity to join the honors society while she worked on her BSN. She declined it because they want money to join (screw Phi Beta Kappa). While studying, she volunteered at a local hospital. She then started working for them as a patient care technician, to continue to get her face out there and network. By the time she graduated, literally the day of graduation, she had a call with two job offers from the company she had volunteered for and later worked for. Honor society had nothing to do with her success. Networking and being a solid, dedicated employee made the difference.

    If you want to get into a field, then start working towards getting into that field before you graduate. Honor society won't get you there, like volunteer or interning will.

    If you're trying to get into grad school and your GPA and on campus activities matter, then consider it. However, before you sign up or apply, take a moment and talk to the people in the dept. you want to get into for grad school and find out what they look at when determining who they want to invite into their program. It might surprise you.

    Re: Honors Society

    Hello Melinda!

    I am part of my school's NSLS. Right now I am working toward being an inducted member. The reason I decided to join is because of all the scholarship opportunities they provide for their members as well as recommendation letters. I am not sure how beneficial it will be, but when there are lots of possibilities for earning scholarships, I have to try. I'm sure it will also look good on resumes when I will be applying for jobs. It shows that I can work with others and be a leader.

    Hope this helps! Have a wonderful night!