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    Fear Factor

    created by murasaki 1054 days 4 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Fear Factor

    Hey all,

    Anyone here remember Fear Factor? I used to like watching that show, even though some of the things they had to do were pretty gross. But doing those crazy stunts and putting up with gross things could get you $50,000. So, would any of you be willing to face your fears for money?

    I have a huge fear of spiders, so I would hope I wouldn't have to eat one or have one crawl on me. Still, maybe I would try to mentally push myself past the fear to win. Easier said than done though haha.

    Re: Fear Factor

    hi hi!

    I think I would be ok with everything besides eating. I don't care how much money they give me, but I just won't be able to place anything disgusting near my mouth. I could try, but I would just throw up right away.
    I'm also afraid of spiders, but I would be willing to have them all over me for money :) As long as I don't get harmed by them.

    Talk later!


    Re: Fear Factor

    Happy Sunday Murasaki,

    We used to watch this all the time at my house when I was little. Some of those things they ate were disgusting. It is hard to say what I would do in this situation, but if I really needed the money, I would probably find a way to get it down. Granted, you have to face your fears.

    I am like you. When I was younger, I was deathly afraid of spiders. I will never forget when I was real little, my sister told me there was one on my back. I started crying and screaming. Of course, she thought it was hilarious. Every now and then, she brings it up. Even now, I am not fond of them and avoid them if all possible.

    Wow, this forum was a blast from the past! Fear Factor - I was amazed at the things people did on that show.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Re: Fear Factor

    Greetings murasaki,

    Fear Factor used to be my favorite show!

    I think I could probably bring myself to overcome most of my fears for it. Most of my fears, such as spiders and snakes, are relatively small and not something that leaves me incapacitated.

    Re: Fear Factor

    hello there!

    I used to love that show so much! I'm not sure if i can face my fears, as i am afraid of a lot of things, so they would have a lot to use against me. The challenges they do seem impossible for me to do. I saw an episode once where the contestants had to eat a "smoothie" of bugs and nasty liquids. I'm not sure i can do that or anything like that.

    Re: Fear Factor

    Oh this brings back such great memories!!! My dad and I would sit and watch that show together. However, I don't think I would be able to conquer my own personal fear of spiders--no matter how much money they offered. I'm petrified of spiders and there would be no way that I would do anything that would have me associate with them. If I was lucky enough to be on an episode with no spiders and not eating anything disgusting, I would totally participate for cash.

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

    Re: Fear Factor

    Hi there!

    I just watched the British version of this called "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" and I'm am seriously amazed at some of the things these people went through. I just don't think I could hack it. I have an extreme fear of heights, too. Theres something about having things crawling all over me, ants biting me, and eating live cockroaches that just doesn't appeal to me no matter the amount of money. I guess I would try but I know I probably wouldn't make it too far!


    Re: Fear Factor

    Hi M!

    I remember watching that show, and being so impressed with these people. They'd eat crickets, sit in a tub with snakes and whatnot.

    I would NOT be able to do any of this! I jump when there's a mouse. I get nauseous when I see a worm. I can't sleep if I know there is a spider in my room.

    So, basically, I'd show up for the first episode, then leave :)

    Have a great day!

    Re: Fear Factor

    Hey everyone,

    I'm really amused by the responses I'm seeing here. Looks like a lot of us would have a hard time making it to the end haha.

    Re: Fear Factor

    I used to watch the show religiously... that being said... watching was hard enough! I have a slew of irrational fears and phobias - not that they hinder me on a daily basis, but when faced with it I'm sure my brain will say, "wait, this could be harmful if done wrong" and immediately the fear would strike. If I didn't think about it and was able to calm my head down, I may have been ok on the show. Except for eating gross stuff - like coagulated blood pizza they had on one episode. I'd lose it.

    Re: Fear Factor

    Hey guys ,
    My biggest fear is snakes I can't stand anything that crawls let alone crawls on my body. Another bigger fear that I have is fear of high, I feel dizzy just by stand on the edge or looking down from a tall building. I don't know how or where I got this type of fear from but oh well , I am human. Have a great days everyone.

    Re: Fear Factor

    Hey everyone,
    I have to say on thing I could never do was the food smoothie that Fear Factor had. They would put bugs and worms and one time they put in a blood sausage. I always admired the people who made it through without throwing up. I know that in that situation I might get through the taste, but the texture would kill me.

    Re: Fear Factor

    That show used to creep me out, I shrug now just remembering. I could never compete in that show, I'm such a wuss but I did enjoy watching it. I saw one episode where they had to eat deer testicles, that's just wrong on so many levels, I mean, who thinks of these things anyways?