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    House Hunting

    created by Mince 1054 days 19 hours 36 minutes ago

    Category: World

    House Hunting

    Greetings everyone! I need your help, CNetters.

    I've been living in the dorm for a full semester now and have started the second semester there as well. I'm not necessarily unhappy here, a lot of good has come of it, but I'm not the biggest fan of it either.

    So, I've been looking around for places to rent/rent to own and am having very little luck finding anything. I have used craigslist, general search engines (which pop up with a lot of "register to see" sites), bulletin boards, and driving around.

    Do you have any websites or general tips that any of you would suggest using in my search?

    Re: House Hunting


    I'm not sure what your city is like, but I live in a pretty populated area with lots of apartments, condos, and houses for rent. My roommate and I got together and decided on a maximum price we were willing to pay for rent, and talked about what we were looking for in terms of size, number of bathrooms, location, and other amenities. We were also limited by ease of commute by bus to my roommate's job, since he doesn't have a car. We ultimately expanded our price range slightly to see some more options.

    We spent lots of time looking on craigslist,, and to get an idea of the market.

    Anything that looked good on paper, we would drive out to see in person. We gave ourselves several months to find a place, and the condo we're renting now just happened to open up on craigslist about three weeks before our deadline.

    If you're picky, it could take months. If you're open to whatever, regardless of the roughness of the neighborhood, or the state of the apartment, you should be able to find something fairly quickly.

    Good luck!

    - Meg

    Re: House Hunting

    Collegenet just did something weird with my links. Let's try that again.

    Re: House Hunting


    I live in a pretty rural area in Amish country. The nearest actually city is about 15 miles away. I'm not really all that picky. I just want a place that is cheaper than what I'm currently paying and preferably allows pets.

    I did check out the two websites you suggested and they actually helped quite a bit due to the fact that I'm willing to commute the 15-30 miles to school.

    So, thank you!