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    Do you listen to other culture music?

    created by Sammy 1054 days 23 hours 4 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you listen to other culture music?

    Hi Lovelies!

    I'm fan of music in general.The older I get, the more variety I like.

    I listen to radio and downloaded music mostly, but I also listen to Latin music, Bulgarian, Russian, Lithuanian and Arabic.
    I don't understand the words, but if I like the music and how the lyrics sounds, I'm digging it!
    I love Latin and Bulgarian A LOT. They have this beat to their music that just makes you move and gets your blood going. Those cultures have some of the most passionate and sexiest dance moves I've ever seen.
    I have a friend who likes Korean music, and he just loves the sound of it. Not so much for me thou :)

    Talk later!


    Re: Do you listen to other culture music?

    Hi Sammy,

    Aside from country music, my largest collections are Korean and Japanese music. I also enjoy listening to a little bit of Latin and find Russian very aesthetic to the ear. I have listened to some Arabic, but I much prefer the instrumental stuff directed towards belly dancing.

    I've never considered Bulgarian or Lithuanian, though. Is there a place you'd suggest starting if one should give them a try?

    Re: Do you listen to other culture music?

    Hey Sammy,

    hope you are enjoying your weekend! I have a friend who lives near Chicago, she said it's been pretty cold - stay warm!

    I LOVE Latin music. When I used to do ballroom dancing, my favorite dances were the Latin dances. Salsa, Rhumba, ChaCha,Samba, Merengue....they are such sexy dances! My instructor taught us this certain hip movement that you have to know for the Latin dances, I think she called it "Cuban motion". Well, learning Cuban motion took me a few weeks, but it's like riding a bicycle: once you know how to do it you will never forget it!

    That type of music puts me into a great mood, instantly. I don't speak Spanish, but I don't care, I just love the sound of the language.

    Fun forum!