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    Where do you look for scholarships?

    created by Pr04Tennis 1054 days 12 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Where do you look for scholarships?

    My thought is that, if we pool our resources, the entire community might benefit. So, what are some of the websites you visit when you are looking for scholarships? I'll start off with a few sites I found:

    * FinAid!

    * Federal Student Aid

    * Cappex

    * College Board

    Anyone know of any others?

    Re: Where do you look for scholarships?

    Nice idea. I'm sure it'll help others learn about resources they didn't consider before.

    A good place to look is under the "external scholarships" section of any college's website.

    Re: Where do you look for scholarships?

    Hi Pr04Tennis,

    This is a topic that pops up from time to time, but that is a good thing with the new users coming in everyday. Your list is a very good start and I have been using some of them for years. I would also add:




    I also highly suggest a book called The Ultimate Scholarship Book by Gen and Kelly Tanabe (who also have a scholarship opportunity available)

    Re: Where do you look for scholarships?

    Hey Pro4,

    I am looking as well my friend at the registration desk last week told me to look up the Ford Foundation. I am looking today try that..

    Re: Where do you look for scholarships?

    Hey Pr04 Tennis,

    I have used some of the ones mentioned above. However, I have found one that is based on Community Service.

    Here is the link:

    Finally, here is the list from my school: Fast Web – scholarship and college searches; financial aid tools – Free scholarship search, financial aid resources, education loans Fast Aid – Free scholarship search Finaid! – Scholarships, loans, savings, military aid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – online application/federal aid SRN (Scholarship Resource Network) Express – free scholarship search Free Scholarship – scholarship search, financial aid Scholarship Coach – scholarship search help
    financial aid & college scholarships Fresch! – Free Scholarship search National Scholarship Service Upromise - get college savings when you buy groceries
    and more wiredscholar (SallieMae)– financing college Educaid (Wachovia) - Student Loan information The Student Loan Corporation (Citibank) – paying for
    college, applying for loans National Association of Student Financial Aid
    Administrators – financial aid E Student loan – student loan information and
    applications Scholarships & College Search Scholarships, National & Local Financial Aide- The College Board - Apply Online for nonfederal financial aid from almost 400 colleges and scholarship programs. - U.S. Department of Education's Direct Loan Program - U. S. Department of Education and how to manage your student loans. Get free, on-site professional assistance completing the FAFSA

    www.studentaid.ed.govv Federal Student Aid – Funding you

    Re: Where do you look for scholarships?

    It doesn't surprise me that this topic pops up now and then, Mince. But, as you point out, new people come on all the time. And, may I add, there are new sites that pop up on the internet, too.

    It is too bad postings like this can be made to "stick" somewhere. I think they would be a valuable tool for not only for current Cnetters, but future ones as well.

    Re: Where do you look for scholarships?

    Thank you everyone for the websites, I think I will visit some today and check them out. I have checked out the ones that my school provides but alot of them on the internet are usually scams. I dont know which ones to trust and which ones are legit. I was lucky to come upon collegenet and at first I was ify about it as well.
    I hope everyone benefits from this post. I started one when i first started but didnt get many ideas.