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    What's healing for you?

    created by PikeMaschall 1062 days 1 hour 13 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What's healing for you?

    I suppose I came to the rescue today for my wife which makes me feel really good. She is a stay at home mom and the kids and life were just wearing on her today. She text me when she was at work just saying she felt like she was going to have a nervous breakdown.

    I came home from work and told her I would take the kids to my parents house so she could do whatever she likes to do that makes her happy.

    My wife cracks me up. She cleaned. She went through closets and organized. She worked out. My gosh she probably got a million things done and was happy as a clam when I got home. It was just what she needed.

    So what do you do that's healing for you when your about to have a nervous breakdown? How often do you take time for just you? What does that look like? When was the last time you felt you couldn't handle one more thing and do you have someone who steps in to help you?


    Re: What's healing for you?

    I'm so glad you were able to help your wife before it was too late. You sound like an increadibly husband.
    When I panic, I panic hard. I just breakdown and cry on the floor. At that point, laughter really helps me so I will watch a funny video on YouTube or play a funny video game. I find that laughing, or even just smiling automatically makes me feel happier and lighter.
    Another thing that helps me is anything really that requires strategy to take my mind off my melt down at that moment. This includes video games, card games, and especially chess. Chess really helps me ground myself and I focus on what I can control, rather than what I can't.

    Again, I'm glad your wife is feeling better!
    Lots of love, SC

    Re: What's healing for you?

    I think you responded to that situation very well! It seems to have payed off.
    I'm a very energetic person so when I'm feeling overwhelmed I've found that it helps to expend a lot of energy. Maybe I'm releasing all of my anxious energy? I do things like play drums, skateboard, or rock climb! Exercise I know is great for dealing with things like anxiety and depression as well. I often keep this in mind and share with friends and colleagues that tell me they are dealing with these ailments.
    Glad everything worked out!

    Re: What's healing for you?

    Hey Pike,

    you did a good thing by stepping in and helping her out! I've been at that point, when the kids were little. Raising toddlers and pre-schoolers is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. I'm glad you were able to give her the break she needed. And she knew how to make herself feel better - working out and creating order around the house! That makes perfect sense to me.

    When my three kids were that age (3 and under), the house would get so messy. Just the act of cleaning up helped me relax back then. And working out gets endorphins going, which relieves stress.

    What heals me: if I really want to recharge big-time, I need to be in nature. I love going for a walk alone, and just looking at the trees, the sky and the lake. Family hikes are also great; climbing up a mountain, enjoying the view from up top..

    So, nature is number one in the healing department for me.

    A quick refresher for me is watching something funny; a comedy, a stand-up show etc. Reading also helps me a lot, my mind totally relaxes by escaping into a story in a book.

    Happy Friday!