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    where do you consider a romantic spot ?

    created by Televiacom 1054 days 6 hours 54 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    where do you consider a romantic spot ?

    Hey guys,
    With valentine day around the corner, I was wondering about where I can take my boyfriend for a romantic evening..... we always go to a restaurant for dinner and then the movies so this time I want to do something different but I have no clue...... where would you guys go for a romantic date? My fantasy is to have a candle light dinner at a lake house by a lake on a summer evening.... just the two of us sipping on wine and eating good food underneath the stars. What about you guys ? I look forward to read everyone's posts. have a good night.

    Re: where do you consider a romantic spot ?

    Hello Televiacom,

    I think you and I have the same idea.....

    I would love to get on a four wheeler and ride to a secluded place where my husband and I could start a bonfire, lay a blanket on the ground, pop open a bottle of wine and look up at the stars.

    Yep, four wheeling, wine, stars and great company while enjoying nature sounds ROMANTIC to me.


    Re: where do you consider a romantic spot ?

    Hi Emilie,

    good to see you back, hope you've been well.

    I like your idea of a romantic dinner under the stars! Honestly, that sounds perfect. If I could pick any spot on earth to have a romantic picnic at it would be the beach, or the rocky coast of Maine. There are some places on the East Coast where you can watch the sun set over the beach. So, I'd go to one of those beaches with a picnic basket and a blanket!

    I'd probably bring some nice crusty bread and cheese, grapes, some good chocolate. My husband would bring his guitar and play.

    Fun forum!

    PS: thank you for your kind words on my forum yesterday, that was very nice of you

    Re: where do you consider a romantic spot ?

    Hello everyone,
    Since I live 40 min away from New York City I thought about having dinner at the restaurant and then take a right in the carriage around Central Park. Do you all think that a man might like that ? have a great day and thanks for replying.

    Re: where do you consider a romantic spot ?

    It really depends on the man. To me, though, that sounds increadibly fun and a beautiful evening. I personally think going out to a mountain over look in a car that has a giant moon roof so that you and you significant other can just lean your seat back and look out it at the stars sound like a really romantic time. I recomend coming to the Catskills which are really beautiful right now!

    Lots of love SC