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    Let's Try This Again

    created by Mince 1063 days 1 hour 54 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Let's Try This Again

    Hey CNetters!

    So, let's try this once again. I've popped in and out several times with the intent of sticking around, but then a few weeks go by and then things just get away from me.

    Anywho, an update on me:

    • Moved to Maine for school

    • Transferred my job to Maine and then transferred it back to New Mexico with it put on academic leave of absence

    • Living in a suite with three other girls, we had two move out last semester and one move in this semester

    • Started dating the boy next door

    • Been job hunting ever since, also internship hunting (neither going so well)

    How about everyone here? How have you been? Anything exciting happening?

    Re: Let's Try This Again

    Hi Mince! I'm part of the new people wave to CNet.
    I am a high school student attending college to complete both my home school requirements and my first 2 years of college at the same time. I am 16 next month and I am really looking foreword to starting to drive. I love animals, especially dogs, of which I have 2. I also travel quite a bit because my mom loves to travel. I have traveled over seas and across country. I have never really dated anyone, but congrats on finding someone interesting enough to spend a lot of time with!
    Anyway, lots of love,

    Re: Let's Try This Again

    Hi SC! Welcome to CNet!

    That's pretty awesome that you're only 15 and already working on college courses as a way to complete your homeschooling and Associates. Driving can be fun. I'm not big on the driving short distances, but I do enjoy the drive from Maine to New Mexico.

    What kind of dogs? And where all have you been in your travels?