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    Countryside? or Big City?

    created by ao12 1131 days 8 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Countryside? or Big City?

    If you had a choice on where to live, would you choose living in a small town? Where it's quite, or big city full of traffic jams and noise?

    Re: Countryside? or Big City?

    I'm not sure, because I like living in both areas, I currently live in a city and there are no traffic jams nor loud noises, the country side can get a bit annoying because there are no unique people walking around the side walks or streets.

    Re: Countryside? or Big City?

    I grew up and spent summer in a small town. Literally was not even on the map when I was a child. There was one traffic light, a flashing yellow light outside the fire station, that only turned red when they needed to get the fire truck out. There was one fast food place, Hardees, and it didnt come until I was about 10 years old. The good thing about growing up there was we could run all over town all day long and no one had to worry about us because town wasnt that big and every one knew every one so someone always knew where you were and what you were up to. The bad thing about living in a small town was town wasnt that big and every one knew every one so someone always knew where you were and what you were up to ;-0 The closest mall or movie theater was about 40 minutes away in the metropolis of Charlotte, NC.

    I have lived in the Metro Atlanta area for better then 30 years. I have to admit, I like having lots to do and all kinds of choices for eating out or shopping, or entertainment. Within 10 miles of where I love now there are 15 sit down restaurants, probably close to 50 fast food places, two movie theaters, several shopping areas, live music venues, bowling, golf, shooting range, parks, I cant even think of everything. ANd it takes a couple of minutes to get to any of it and only about 20-25 minutes to get to downtown Atlanta with oh so much more fun things to do.

    I much prefer the busy, hectic, always something to do lifestyle of the big city. When I need boring, lazy, downtime I can always go visit the little town where most of my mom and dad's sibling and their children still live.