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    Any invention ideas?

    created by Pulsar 1233 days 2 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Any invention ideas?

    So last night as I was trying to fall asleep was particularly bothered by the road noise outside. Living in a mountain town none of the houses here have air conditioning installed so you have to keep all your windows open at night to keep cool. It's nice, but lets a lot of sound in.

    I live under a football field's distance from I17, Arizona's major interstate. This means I get the pleasure of hearing loud semi trucks all night long. This got me to thinking of how I could fix this problem, be it realistic or not.

    I thought about building a large acoustic barrier in between my neighborhood and the freeway that would block the road noise at night. It would be warped to reflect sound back at the road and it would be made out of clear material so it wouldn't block any visibility.

    Have you ever had an invention idea that you could apply to some aspect of your life? Inventions fix problems after all, so what are some problems that you've wanted to fix with them?

    Re: Any invention ideas?

    Heya Pulsar!

    I'm not a creative person so I never seem to come up with anything that hasn't already been invented. But I am pretty good at finding solutions to problems that might arise. So I thought I'd share my solution with you.

    I live in downtown Baltimore and the traffic noises are horrendous. Mostly emergency vehicles, but we do have idiots who inexplicably enjoy laying on their horns at 3am. Plus I too live near the highway, more specifically where the highway ends at a stop light. Semis are loud when they're downshifting!

    There's this website,, that lets you create your own white noise (also pink noise and brown noise?). There are all sorts of options like running water or a crackling fire or, more basic, just a static sound. They have all sorts of ways that you can calibrate it to cover specific sounds that are bothering you. For example, there's this dripping sound in my wall next to the bed when the heater is on. It drives me insane. But I was able to adjust the noise maker to a wavelength that covered the drip completely.

    You should check it out and let me know if it works for you!
    Good luck!


    Re: Any invention ideas?

    Hey Pulsar! Great forum! Hope you are doing well! Sorry to hear about you having to listen to annoyingly loud semis during the night. That would make it hard to sleep! So, one of my inventions would be a shower caddy that doesn't rust! I really can't think of any great inventions right now but when I saw your forum, it brought me back to the thought I had this morning during my shower. So I use bars of soap still. I just love barred soap more than liquid soap, always have. The shower caddy that we have only had for about 9 months now has nothing but rust on it in the areas where the bars of soap go. Every single shower caddy I have ever had has always eventually rusted and we have had to get new ones. This is so annoying because the rust gets on the bar of soap I am always using. It may sound stupid but it just annoys me to no end lol! It'd be great to get a shower caddy that really is water resistant and does not all and you don't have to worry about buying another shower caddy ever again! But, anytime you deal with water, you will have rust. That is just the way it is. Hope you have a great evening Pulsar!

    Re: Any invention ideas?

    Great question!

    I hate when I reach to grab ice cubes and they are fully frozen resulting in breaking semi-frozen cubes. Now you have to wait for them to fully thaw again. I know, first world issues here...

    But how it not be nice for this to not happen?

    I have thought since Coors Light can make their Mountains on the cans blue once it is a perfect temperature, why cant the bottom of the cubs tray turn a certain color once it is frozen?

    The problem with this is ice cube trays at best are worth a few bucks. Would it be worth it to put this invention into trays? Probably not but it would be cool!

    Re: Any invention ideas?

    I would love to invent headphones specific for those who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants. Ear buds are not going to work and regular headphones can put too much pressure on the ear.

    Regular headphones can also trap sweat, dirt, debris, and any number of small particles in the microphone (voice receiving part) of a cochlear implant. The only way to correct the problem is to buy-and change- a $250 microphone part that insurance does not cover.

    Regular headphones also don't work with the Neptune because the microphone is in the headpiece (the part that attaches to the magnet in my head). So there is nothing over the ear. Everything is off the ear with Neptune. But it is 100% swimmable and sweat proof, which is why I use during exercise. But to listen to music, I have to have my non-swimmable part connected, then a two way cable attached to my phone and implant. Sometimes it's bother some, but I tolerate it. It is also a bit on the heavy side.

    So, making headphones for cochlear implant users would be a great one. Yes, the pool is smaller than the general population, but think of how much relief and enjoyment the hard of hearing population would have!