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    Nervous Tics

    created by jdominic 1233 days 2 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Nervous Tics

    I lost my glasses last weekend. I with with a couple friends and I leaned over a railing to check out some baby ducks and they slid right off my face and into the Baltimore Harbor. Sunk straight to the bottom never to be seen again.

    Since then I keep going through the motions of pushing my glasses back up my nose, except my glasses aren't there. I didn't realized how often I actually had to push my glasses up until I caught myself doing repeatedly reaching up and touching the bridge of my nose.

    I have a friend who is constantly twisting a lock of hair in her bangs. I had an ex who constantly nervously applied chapstick. Another friend says "oh boy" all the time. Weird the habits we form.

    Any of you have any tics you'd like to share?

    Re: Nervous Tics

    Hello Jdominic! I am so sorry to hear about your glasses, that is a major bummer.

    My major tick is i twirl my earrings in my left ear. I wear two studs and whenever I get nervous I start to twirl them in circles. I don't know when it really started, but now I always do it!

    I also will take my rings on and off. I wear a bunch of rings, just for fun, and I'll twist them on and off whenever I feel awkward and such. Some of my friends know me so well they can totally tell from these ticks how I am feeling at a certain moment.

    Have a lovely day, by the way I have so enjoyed your responses on some of my forums! They are always so interesting to read.


    Re: Nervous Tics


    That sucks that you lost your glasses! I know how expensive that can be haha. Great question, I really had to think about my daily habits to come up with something to post.

    For the first time in a long time I have decently long hair on the top of my head. I find that I am constantly running my fingers through it in an attempt to fix it. When my hair gets long, it gets curly and wild. That means I use a whole bunch of pomade to keep it looking fresh. If I don't run my hand through it from time to time it likes to puff back up and look like I just rolled out of bed.

    I also have a problem with unnecessarily fixing my hats. I can't go five minutes without taking it off and putting it back on. I have a difficult time deciding if it looks better forwards or backwards, and the angle at which it sits is always changing. Yeah it's sort of ridiculous haha.

    I think I really just can't stand that still in general. Every moment needs to be filled with some sort of little movement. I'll find myself doing little dances if I'm waiting around for something, or I'll tap on anything to create a beat. I suppose I'm just always looking to expel excess energy!

    Thanks for the question, hope your weekend was awesome!

    Re: Nervous Tics

    Hello JDominic!

    I am sorry to hear you lost your glasses. I wear glasses too, and I would have been extremely pissed if they fell off. Being the huge idiot, I would have probably dived to catch them, which would leave me soaking wet and still missing my glasses. Luckily I have never lost of my glasses because I am a blind bad without them. I hope you have okay vision without your glasses because that would have sucked having to go back home without them. Hopefully you have an extra pair or get a new pair soon!

    My nervous tick is cracking my knuckles. I guess this started when my parents yelled at me for cracking them the first time. As a pre-teen, I liked to rebel against my parents because it showed I am a "boss." Thus, I kept cracking them every time I am near my family members. Well, this act of rebellion quickly turned into a nervous tick of mine, where I crack them just for the sake of cracking them. If I am about to eat dinner, I better crack them. If I am driving in the car, better crack them when I hit a stop sign. Thus, I have been associated as the "guy who always cracks his knuckles for no reason" by my friends.

    I hope you have a great day and that losing your glasses didn't bum you out too much. Hopefully you'll get another pair soon!

    - Jason

    Re: Nervous Tics

    Hey Jdom!

    Sorry to hear that your glasses are now a fish habitat at the bottom of the ocean... That sucks because glasses can be really expensive. Hope you get another pair soon! Also funny to hear that you're still go to push them up on your face even though they aren't there anymore. Nervous ticks persist!

    One tick I have is playing with my ears. It's usually my right ear and what I do is I pinch my ear between my fingers and bend it back and forth. I'll do this a lot when I'm sitting down and have an arm rest because I can reach my ear easily without having to lift my entire arm up to do it.

    A similar tick I have is when my hair is longer and the sides of my head have long enough hair to almost touch my ears, I'll grab that tuft of hair above them and pull it down over my ears and just play with it. I don't know what it is with me and ears... I must have a fetish of some kind!

    When I was a kid this habit sprung up and my grandpa told me that if I kept playing with my ears they'd eventually stick out really far and I'd look funny. I don't know if he was right or not about that because my ears don't stick out a ridiculous amount, but they are a little more out there than average, I feel.

    Eh, at least my nervous tick isn't lighting a cigarette or something, right?

    Re: Nervous Tics

    I think my worst nervous tic is playing with my hair. I will twirl it around my fingers while I am busy doing stuff.

    I notice myself doing that a lot when I am at work. I guess it is soothing and helps me concentrate on the task at hand.

    I will also catch myself tapping my foot, especially if I am tired. It helps me stay alert...hehe

    I hope you were able to get replacement glasses. Thanks for the cooll forum.

    Have a great night!


    Re: Nervous Tics


    I do this exact same thing when my glasses are not on my face, especially whilst I'm wearing contacts. I have a habit of pushing my glasses up from each side, where the stem connects to the lens frame. When they're not on my face, I'll still reach my hands up to adjust them. It's kind of awkward. I also shake my left leg when I get nervous. I have no idea why, but it will just get jittery. I also run my tongue over the back of my front teeth and clench my jaw, without really bringing much attention to it. I've just recently started doing that when I've been getting anxious, and I'm trying to break the habit. I'm afraid it'll result in wear on my front teeth, and I'd hate for them to chip or something!

    I've broken and bent plenty of glasses, but I don't think I've ever lost a pair. That sucks. :( Hopefully a replacement pair won't cost too much. My eye doctor provides a year of free replacement for the frames, but I'm not sure about the lenses. They can definitely get pricey though! When I was a child, my other eye doctor always charged me for replacements and pieces. I'm glad I switched to a different one!

    Re: Nervous Tics

    Hey JD! Hope you're doing well. So, one of my ics was a nervous one...I hate to say this but I used to smoke cigarettes. I have high anxiety and something that I felt like helped calm me down a little was smoking a cigarette. I fell into smoking when I was a teenager (14-15) and it was one of the worst things I could have ever done. The chemicals "relaxed" me and I found myself with a cigarette in my hand any time I was nervous. I have broke this habit over time and now something I do when I get a nervous tic is chew gum. Unfortunately, my want to smoke a cigarette never really went away. That's something that no one will understand unless they have been addicted to nicotine. Some days, I will go through a whole pack of gum. It depends on how high my anxiety is for the day. But taking my nervousness out on the gum seems to help on my worst days. It may be an annoying tic I have but it's the better alternative to what I used to do!

    Re: Nervous Tics

    Hey jdominic,

    Great forum, I think we all have our weird twitches about us! I would have to say that mine is my constant pushing my hands through my hair. I started to notice it a lot when I cut my hair and no longer had as much to rub my hands through and it is odd to think why that would be my nervous tick, but it is!