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    how do you prepare for the new week?

    created by eskay 1233 days 22 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    how do you prepare for the new week?

    Hey CNET Friends! :)

    As expected, the weekend is slowly unfortunately coming to a close T-T (not to mention it is raining a lot over where I am - and it's cold! boo! lol)

    My question for you today is: what are some things that you do on Sunday in preparation for the week? Is today the day you clean? Do laundry? Do any schoolwork you've been pushing off? What's on your to-do-list on Sundays?

    Mine is all of the above that I mentioned lol. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Let's keep our head up and make it a strong finish to June! :)

    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?

    On these days I relax and reflect on my week, and I clean and do laundry for the next week. I also try to plan out what is going to happen this week and where I can find time to spend time with people or just some me time. Sundays are meant to relax and enjoy life.

    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?

    Hello eskay! Great forum, now that it is summer for me I feel like my end of weekend routine is a bit different than during the school year but here is what it is now.

    I like to go shopping for food on Sunday's, stock up the fridge a bit before the start of the week. I also enjoy doing an exfoliation scrub and a Lush mask in my face that night, it always makes me feel so refreshed the next morning. I will work out pretty hard on this day because I might not get as much time during the week. A nice rented movie and some dessert may be in my end of weekend plans as well.

    I actually love Sunday's because I do get to prepare for the upcoming week. It is quite relaxing and I can get a lot done. If there is any work I've been putting off I shall do that as well.

    Have a great Sunday! And a happy Monday tomorrow!


    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?

    Hey eskay! It's about 10:00 pm and I've just finished my preparation for the week. Finally! Like Mariah, I go to the store on Sundays. I'm vegan so most of my meals require a lot of time to prepare. That's what Sunday is for; I make a bunch of meals for the week and stash them in the fridge/freezer so when I'm running around all week I don't have to worry about what I'm going to eat.

    That's pretty much the only thing I do to prepare or the new week. I don't really have weekends in the sense that I have two days in a row off, Sundays I usually only have a quick walking tour that I lead and that's all, so it's usually my "prep" day.

    Here's to a great upcoming week!


    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?


    Looks like I am still preparing for the week and it is 10:50 PM. I have been doing laundry off and on all day and there seems like there is no end in sight. However, I have been able to finish my grocery shopping, and press my clothes for tomorrow.

    The house is cleaned from top to bottom and the last thing I really need to do is shower and crawl into bed. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow after a very relaxing weekend. I have a four day week and then I will have a three day weekend for the upcoming holiday.

    Hope you had a great weekend and HAPPY MONDAY.....


    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?

    Hey Eskay! :)

    When I was in high school, I always did my homework Sunday night.... Sometimes Monday morning on the way to class. Haha!

    Usually I would do laundry and sleep a bunch on Sunday afternoons because I only ever got like 5 hours a night at most during the school year.

    This summer though, I haven't been working so I've not been doing much of anything, weekend or not. It's kind of the worst... Weekends aren't fun when they're the entire summer long! Though my boyfriend does work, and we're in a long distance relationship so I usually try to see him on the weekends. :)

    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?

    My Sunday is my day of rest. Saturday I do all of my yard and house work, including mowing and gardening outside, and cleaning, laundry, and general tidying inside. Sundays I like to rest out by the pool, go hang out with friends in the evening, or just chill at home with Netflix.

    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?


    Difficult question to answer... The days seem to just melt together often times! The only thing weekends have meant to me for the past few years is that more people will be out drinking haha

    I guess what i'm trying to say is that I have some sort of responsibility every day of the week so instead of mentally preparing myself each weekend, I mentally prepare myself each morning.

    I really do enjoy being busy though, it does wonders for my mental and physical health to always be on the move. I still enjoy my Netflix binges and stuff of that nature, but it's usually the thing eating into the wee hours of the morning when I probably should be sleeping. I wasn't all that good at experiencing all that life had to offer for my first couple years of college, sleep always took up too much of my time! Sleeping less and doing more has been amazing (especially with the help of espresso).

    I do have to admit however, that my lack of organization can occasionally become an issue. I like to think I can keep all of my commitments locked up in this head of mine but it can't always hold everything! I'm thinking that a calendar will be on my list of things to get whenever I go out to run errands next.

    Solid forum, hope you had a good weekend!

    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?

    I try to reserve Sundays as rest days. I will wash / iron any clothes I might need for the following week and I will get some things ready for lunches so I wont have to worry about that when I am running around and get home late during the week. I might make a run to the grocery store if there is something we need. And if I didnt get to any of my chores earlier in the weekend, I will finish those up on Sunday. But years ago I found that if I do a little along each day, there isnt as much to do over the weekend and then I really can have a day or at least a several hours to spend just relaxing and hanging with family / friends.

    Re: how do you prepare for the new week?

    Hey there Eskay!!

    As a fellow student on this forum, we all know how hard it is to keep up with the schoolwork and our other activities. The weekdays are long and hard. There are always stuff to turn in and events that you need to keep up. So on these days I try to keep my head up and make sure everything is set and done by the time weekends roll over although procrastination definitely restricts some things.

    As a teenager, I tend to loosen the days up on Fridays nights and Saturdays. Relaxing on those days is a must for me. I need a time to stretch my legs and shut down my brain, and the day right after the school week has ended is the best time to chill.

    For me, I use Sundays to get my mind and body back into school mode. I've done the relaxing and playing so now I have to get my Friday homework done. Also I use Sundays to study up for tests that I need during the week.

    Thanks for reading guys!!