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    Uh-Oh forgot to slow down

    created by dedee818 1224 days 20 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Uh-Oh forgot to slow down

    Well... just received a not so happy call from my daughter. She has been living in Virginia for a month yesterday. Today, she called to tell me she had just gotten her first speeding ticket. Ouch - she is killing me with this insurance stuff. Bad enough she is just 18, then she moved out of state (add more $$) and now a speeding ticket (there goes a few more $$$). But, such is life and this too shall pass.

    How about you...
    When is the last time you got a speeding ticket?
    How old were you when you got your first? Or have you never had a ticket?
    Do you pay your own insurance and know how age or a ticket affects the rates?

    Re: Uh-Oh forgot to slow down

    I've had my license for almost 5 years now and luckily haven't gotten a speeding ticket yet (AH, hopefully i don't jinx it T-T),

    But! I have been pulled over only once about 2 years ago - and it was a real dumb reason too....for not signaling a change in lane! AND he gave me a ticket for it! nonsense....I thought he was going to let me go since it was my first time ever getting pulled over, and for such a small little thing. Nope. The officer had no mercy that day T-T Sometimes I actually wonder why I don't ever get pulled over because I kind of drive really fast .__."

    I don't pay for my own insurance yet, but I'm going to try and get my own plan once I graduate and get my career started. I actually want to work in insurance so I do know a lot about the happenings of the insurance world. Age definitely rises the prices if you're younger and tickets do so as well. But one thing that you can look into is that, from what I know, many insurance companies offer a student discount type of thing where if one of the people under your policy is a student and/or they have a GPA over a certain number (usually I think it's around a 3.3-3.5? Not sure, don't quote me on that). Not 100% but you can tell your daughter she better do well in school if she wants to keep driving! lol!

    Have a great day deedee :)

    Re: Uh-Oh forgot to slow down

    The last time I got a speeding ticket was actually my first time receiving one. I decided to get my driver’s license a lot later than most (age 21) due to my immense fear and anxiety dealing with driving. So, I had only been a licensed driver for about two months when I received a ticket. Obviously, I am not the best driver, but I do have somewhat of an excuse why I was going so fast. It was the morning of October 2014 and I was on my way to work at the elementary school. The drive there is very hilly, so while going down a steep hill, I failed to press my brakes; therefore, my speed increased even though I wasn’t even pressing on the gas pedal.

    I ended up getting a speeding ticket for going 15 miles over the speed limit, almost reckless driving but not quite… (thankfully). Now, I always go the speed limit no matter what. I don’t want to have to pay that much money again due to my carelessness. Also, I get more nervous around cops even if I am obeying the law completely. My leg starts shaking and hands begin to sweat. It is pretty bad, but subsides once the cop car is out of sight. I hate cars that look like they could be undercover cop cars because they always throw me off and make me extra nervous for no reason.

    I currently do not pay my own insurance, but compared to my other family members, my driving ticket made a very small dent in the rate. I have yet to get into any major car accidents, though almost everyone in my family has been in two or more car accidents. I swear it is the city we live in. Whoever engineered the layout of the roads and street lights did a horrendous job. It is the most difficult city to drive in. There are always accidents occurring during all times of the day. There is no rest for anyone driving here. That is one of the reasons I want to move elsewhere. I want to live somewhere that doesn’t require me to drive far distances. It would be nice to have places in walking distance or have some sort of public transportation.