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    Why can money bring happiness

    created by Educator96 1225 days 12 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Why can money bring happiness


    I wanted to post a question that I think would spark some interest. Why can't money buy happiness? Why are people always chasing money? Does money have value?


    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Hello Educator96,

    Great question!

    I took this philosophy class when I was studying abroad in Japan. In this class we talked a little bit about happiness and what makes us happy. Through much research published there is a general thinking that happiness is loosely correlated to freedom. If we feel constrained, whether by physical chains or by society norms, then we feel unhappy. Freedom is one of the many things that contribute to happiness.

    I think that one of the reasons people are always chasing money is because they believe it will buy them freedom, which in some ways is true! If we don't have money then we wouldn't have food, a place to live, or access to healthy environments. Not having these essentials constrains us and makes us feel unhappy. Therefore, money does have value within our society and gives us the means to remove those chains and give us freedom & happiness. Money, however, can't solve all of our problems. Most of the issues/constraints (whatever you want to call them) that we feel are making us unhappy, have to be overcome by our own means & not by money.

    Therefore, I think within this society we need a little bit of money to achieve some freedom and some level of happiness. This level plateaus off & more money won't make you happier.


    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    There is a saying in Arabic that says heaven without people is unbearable.
    There is a lot to say as a response to your question, so let me start by saying that money definitely increases happiness to an already happy person. But does not cause depression and it can't simply buy happiness.

    Money is valuable, but an unstable one in comparison to gold, but that's not the point.

    I think the key to life is having a strong connection with the Devine and feeling loved by people you care about. If someone who is wealthy without any of these 2 components, loneliness will soon take over him. I've heard plenty of real life stories about filthy rich men who have countless sex with different women every day, can buy anything they want, but deep inside, there is an emptiness that they can't fill, which then leads them to a spiritual route. If someone who has a strong bond with their family and friends, and is somewhat spiritual or religious (hopefully this will not offend anyone on here) then they have their lives together, but life will throws hardships that most likely concern money, therefore if money wasn't an issue to that person, life would be much better.

    Life can go from happy to happier with money. That's it.

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Hey Educator,

    I think the reason money can buy happiness is because when you are living a comfortable life with a good amount of money, you can focus on other things that do not have to do with money issues. I think that the reason money does cause problems in a relationship is because it is stressful not being able to have enough to get by, and stress creates tension in a relationship.

    When you are not worrying about a money you can focus on your relationships and the things you love doing. Why can't monte buy happiness? Well I thin when you are working too hard and you don't have time for the things or people you love, then money isn't worth it. You can't spend money on the things you want to do with the people you love.

    Money makes the world go round, we all want to be able to have enough to buy anything we want, and we all need a place to live which costs money, food costs money and necessities in life cost money.

    So of course money has value! :]

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    I agree that money cannot bring you happiness all by itself because it is just a tool. Rich people kill themselves all the time because when you do have a lot of money you don't have to chase it anymore and all that's left is yourself what you do. A lot of people feel empty inside because they don't know how to get happiness and just having money will just present different problems.

    However I do think if a person is already happy before they get a lot of money can be made happier by money. I say this because they'll use money as a tool and will be able to use it to accomplish they goals and dreams instead of focusing on being happy which will in turn bring them happiness.

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Hello Educator!

    I don't think money itself buys happiness. Having money doesn't necessarily mean you're happier. But it certainly does reduce stress in people's lives. I think what matters more is the way a person spends their money.

    Yes, you could save it and become rich and all that, but most people will not derive happiness simply from having it. So in that way, it doesn't buy happiness.

    I think if the money is used towards things that bring meaning to a person's life, then, certainly, money can "buy" happiness. The joy of buying a new car or house or something material like that is only going to be temporary. Happiness is much more than just pleasure.

    So I think what matters most is the way a person spends their money, and not necessarily how much of it they have.

    Have a great day!! :)

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Hello educator!
    Interesting topic. Money can't buy happiness but it certainly helps. At the end off the day, a truly happy person will be happy no matter what, but for most other people I think having money would tip the scale towards happiness. I was watching a Ted talk that asserted that if you want to be happy, you should be grateful. But many people harp on what they don't have. But if you could always buy what you want that problem goes away. So I think that is why many people think money buys happiness. Perhaps because it might minimize wants and ungratefulness.

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Money does not buy happiness. Money brings the ability to pay the bills and take care of yourself and you family. It bring peace of mind. And you have to admit, it is much easier to be happy and enjoy life when you have peace of mind (money) than when you are always stressed about how to pay the bills or where the next meal / shoes ./ etc will come from. But once the bills are paid and you have a little nest egg for a rainy day or retirement, then money becomes just another thing. I dont think that more money beyond the ability to provide for yourself / family really makes anyone happier.

    I make about half as much today as I did about 4 years ago. Personally, i feel less stressed most days. My bills and necessities are covered and I have less responsibility and stress in my current position at work so I truly believe its the peace of mind that i can provide and not the money that makes me ahppy.

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Money can bring happiness due to it's ability to make more things available. With money your bills are paid you have money to splurge and some left over. Many say that money can't bring happiness but it can for a while until you've had everything that you can't take and it means nothing so you start looking for much which cause depression in some, but overall money brings happiness :) People are chasing money bc it's a way of life with money more opportunities come available..

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Last time I mentioned Abraham Maslow on this site, I learned that he's out-of-vogue. But at the risk of quoting someone who is passé he came up with a neat hierarchy of emotional needs. Money works quite nicely for the lower level ones. Try getting food, clothing and shelter without it. It can help with the mid-level stuff too. The higher level needs can't be bought. Here's a URL if you'd like to read more. It's not earth shattering research but it makes sense to me.'s_hierarchy_of_needs

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Hello Educator!

    This is a very interesting question. Personally, I believe that money can buy happiness in certain aspects of life. For example, if I didn't have bills or loans to pay off I would have less stress, and as a result I would be happier. Unfortunately, the loneliest are among the richest and I think I have an idea of why this might be. Since the majority of the world's population are not millionaires, the rich may feel left out, especially since they do not have to deal with the typical financial situations that sometimes come up in conversation. If I were to win the lottery I would be happy for a while, but then I would start to focus more on what I don't have. Instead of obsessing over what money can buy, I would begin to seek out things that money cannot buy. Such as, being a leader in my community, or simply being talented in a certain area. A person can buy an instrument, but without the skills to play that instrument it might as well be worthless.

    Great topic!

    Ninah H.

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    I think when people say money can buy happiness I think they mean in terms of healthcare, paying off loans that may cause stress, the ability to treat yourself more often, being able to pay for homeless people's meals, etc.The reason why money makes people happy is because it affords you an opportunity for a better life in all aspects. It may complicate things for you due to people always wanting some from you. Or, people don't ever offer to help you with anything because they assume you dont need anything because you have money.

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Money can buy temporary happiness, but not complete inner and outer happiness. Money allows us to buy what we want when we want it. We think that if we can acquire everything we have ever wanted in life then we will be happy, but that is not always the case because our wants change as we grow older.

    Well, money has numerical value, but to some it may also carry an emotional value. The country Bhutan uses Gross National Happiness (GNH) to measure their successes rather than Gross National Product (GNP) like all the other countries. Their value and worth isn’t based on consumerism and wealth, but rather the overall happiness of its patrons.

    Have a nice day! :)

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Money to me has value but I focus on success and I find that money will come.

    can money bring happiness


    I believe money has value, because people make it have value. Otherwise, it's just a piece of paper with a really cool print on it. Therefore people chase money because it was given a value and in my experience, people want things of value.
    Money can buy happiness because it reduces the stresses that others create. You can also buy really fun things and do a lot more activities with a good chunk of change.
    Money cannot buy everything, such as family and friends but it can help facilitate a good time with the people you want to spend time with the most.

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    I believe money can buy happiness .. but the happiness it buys doesn't last long it's only temporary. Some people feel chasing money can bring them happiness from past experiences of not having money., being spoiled , or just not being able to have access to money , financially wise. To me personally money doesn't have a value ANYMORE , i believe it had more value in the 50s 60s 70s and 80s .

    Re: Why can money bring happiness

    Hi Educator! I think that money can buy happiness in the sense that money often equates to time. Free time. Time to chase your dreams or your passions. Time to spend with your family. Time to enjoy what you have. Time to develop a hobby. Time to volunteer to a cause you care about.
    Now certainly all of those things don't demand money. Money just makes it easier to do those things.
    So why aren't all rich people happy?
    Maybe it is the dream instead of the reality. I think if, once you have money, you are just worried about keeping it and amassing more, that is where the dream goes awry.
    But I could be wrong, I'm broke:) lol