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    What's your favorite CEREAL????

    created by jawandaaa 1226 days 7 hours 2 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What's your favorite CEREAL????

    Good Morning Cnet,

    How are you all this morning?? As you all prepare to go on about your day I was wondering if you all had a favorite cereal and why??
    My favorite cereal is lucky charms.
    It's like a crunch that just melts in your mouth at the same time and the commercial is right they are deliciously good...
    So what about you all, I would like to know????

    Re: What's your favorite CEREAL????

    Dear jawandaaa,

    I stepped on the scale last night and discovered that I am back up to 208 lbs. ugh. Henceforth my favorite cereal is soft boiled eggs and I'm not touching an extra carb.

    I envy your ability to eat Lucky Charms! But you know what? I had my turn. Young people can wolf down anything and it doesn't seem to matter much. Live it up while you still can!!

    Re: What's your favorite CEREAL????

    My favorite cereal has always been frosted flakes. The sugary goodness of frosted flakes is unmatched by any cereal I've ever tried. The frosted flakes that I eat have to be the name brand from Kellogg's. The store brand just does not taste the same at all to me. Frosted flakes to me are more than good they're GREAT!

    Re: What's your favorite CEREAL????

    My favorite cereal is Cheerios. When I was little I would put some in my pocket, run upstairs, and hide them under my pillow. I would then eat them all at night. I am surprised I never had any ants or weird bugs crawling around on my bed, considering all the times I probably rolled over a Cheerio and spread its crumbs on my sheets.

    I like regular and honey-nut cheerios. It’s one of few cereals that I will eat with milk, typically skim milk. I prefer to eat all my other cereals dry. A couple years back, I started putting bananas in with my milk and cheerios. And now it is all I ever do when I have Cheerios around. I have my old roommate to thank for that idea.

    I feel like I could make a good commercial for Cheerios, considering all my memories associated with it and my devotion to their brand.

    Re: What's your favorite CEREAL????

    Hey jawandaaa!

    I have to warn you before hand but I am slightly upgraded with cereal. I like it more than dessert. My favorite kinds are cookie crisp, waffle crisp, French toast crunch, s'mores cereal, and Reese's puffs!

    Now I'm hungry....

    Have a great week!