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    Are you better off as an adult?

    created by rosine 1225 days 3 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Are you better off as an adult?

    Do people become happier the older they get or do they become miserable?

    What are some advantages to getting older other than drinking, smoking, and voting?

    I have to wake up very early tomorrow. I am sitting here in the dark, thinking about my last post before I try to sleep and I could not help but wonder what is so great about getting older.

    So what do you think are you happier today than you were a year ago? Why or why not?

    Is the happiness of experienced as an adult that much different than what is experienced as a child? why or why not?

    What do you wish could be different or what could make you happier?

    Would you do anything different if it means being happier than you are today? Like what?

    Willing to trade anything for your happiness?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Have a goodnight!

    Re: Are you better off as an adult?

    Hey Rosine,

    I think getting older and how you feel about it is all about perspective and your mindset. I think that becoming older right now is really cool, especially moving my stuff into my new apartment, getting to do what I want with my time all the time.

    I guess the not fun part is having to pay for everything by yourself, but I think the accomplishment of being able to pay those bills (hopefully) is really neat as well.

    Sure being a kid is fun, you get to play around all day, go to school and hang out with friends, but I think I would rather move on with my life at some point and not be paying to go to school anymore.

    I think a cool aspect of being an adult is being able to be who you want to be on your own, and I guess this is sorta weird, but I get to have my boyfriend over or living with me without anyone saying anything... because we are adults. So I guess something I am looking forward to doing when I am an adult is moving in with my boyfriend who I really like and am serious about!

    I am definitely happier now then I was a year ago. I guess there are always aspects of life that you will miss from a previous time. I am so happy with my boyfriend and also the progress that I have made professionally and in terms of knowledge this year. I feel like I have doubled my knowledge since last year which is awesome.

    I was really sad this summer because I missed being at camp, there is nothing I love more than being at camp and I got lucky enough that my boss will take me for 2 weeks this summer. It is the best of both world because I finally will get to take the edge off of not being at camp and I am so happy.

    I think when you are younger you get more excited at things, but I cannot seem to remember anything specific, but I feel very excited about life on a regular basis!

    I think if I could change anything, it would be just living with my sister as a roommate, although that would mean paying more, but I have a friend of a friend living with me and he's very alright, ha.

    Also I wish I could make more money at camp because I love camp so much, but I also like making money ha. :]

    Sleep Well!

    Re: Are you better off as an adult?

    Good Morning Rosine!

    I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I had to leave my last husband and find a new improved model to get there though. Husbands can sap our lives from us. The wrong spouse could do it to anyone!

    So that has given me the foundation from which to live a stable and healthy life. I was able to live the same way and had the same feelings before but they were difficult to reach through the mire of conflict! Raising children with a difficult spouse is hell.

    I am pursuing my dream now and am very supported.

    The second important thing I did was to begin meds for depression. I have to mention that although now it seems so simple. Too many people don't realize that they are miserable because of serious long term depression. we weren't meant to not be happy! I see a counselor every two weeks just to keep me grounded!

    I think the last important reason I am happy is because I choose to be that way. I choose to see the good as more significant as the bad and challenges are opportunities to shine! I love people and I love helping them. I do that in little ways. Mostly by being heard!

    Have a great day Rosine! Blessings of happiness to you and yours!


    Re: Are you better off as an adult?

    Oftentimes, as we become older we lose our imaginations, adventurous nature, and our ability to question anything and everything we see or hear. We gain more stressors, lose friends, and are consumed by societal, personal, academic, and familial pressures. We stop enjoying moments and start worrying about the future.
    I am excited to live on my own or with roommates. I have already spent so much time with my family under one roof that I finally have the opportunity to move out and I am gladly taking it. Also, as an adult, I can travel places on my own and make my own schedule.

    I have to wake up early tomorrow also, but I’ve been getting up fairly early almost every day now for the past month. Maybe I will get to sleep in a little bit once August comes…

    I guess I am happier now. I have a clearer vision of what I want to do with my life and I am taking the necessary steps to seek out what I want. I am not just waiting around for something to magically happen; I am actively doing something to ensure positive results.

    I think children and adults do differ when it comes to certain feelings. Children don’t necessarily understand all of their feelings and don’t always overanalyze them like most adults tend to do. They act freely and live freely. They are probably happier for different reasons than adult, but there may also be some similarities between the two. Good question! I never thought about how they might be different.

    Honestly, I don’t know what could make me happier. If I add or delete something from my life, would it really affect my happiness?

    Good Questions Rosine ;)

    Re: Are you better off as an adult?

    Hello Rosine!

    Like marteenclearly that whether you feel happy or sad is all about how you perceive your current situation and life. This is influenced by your previous experiences, upbringing, and many other factors. So my answer: it depends!

    Another advantage is the freedom to travel! Kids have a lot of difficulty traveling on their own to new places, and I think that parents who don't travel with their kids are putting them at a huge disadvantage. Therefore, becoming an adult gives us the experience & freedom we need to travel to new places and experience new things!

    For me personally, I am definitely happier today than I was a year ago! Within this last year I completed my dream of studying abroad in Japan and traveling to new countries, I graduated from my undergrad & received my degree, and I finally got an engineering job working for a small company! I have completed so many great things there is no reason I shouldn't be miserable. I feel so blessed, and I am happy that I am able to realize that!

    I do think however that children are able to experience happiness better than adults. As adults we tend to let ourselves think that we don't deserve happiness or I can't be happy right now because XYZ. Kids don't have this mindset! They brained isn't wired this way (at least not yet), and if something makes them happy, they embrace it and let their feelings show.

    Everyone thinks the grass is always greener on the other side. We think if we get that pay raise or buy expensive items, then it will make us feel better. I think that if I lost a little weight and have that beach body, then I will feel much happier. However, that is not the case. Me having a muffin top isn't the reason I am unhappy & eating ice cream from the carton.

    I think when I feel unhappy its because I don't give enough time to my family & time to improve my body's health. If I give more time to those two things, then I think I will feel much happier!

    There is nothing in this universe or the next that I would trade away for my happiness!!!