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    What are your Memorial Day plans?

    created by kaycurt 1297 days 8 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What are your Memorial Day plans?

    Hello all~

    What are your Memorial Day plans? Are you going to do anything special to remember those who have died serving our country? Or are you going to do something relaxing, fun, or memorable on this day?

    Because the buses are not running & I am car-less, I probably will not be able to visit family. Most of my friends and my bf are out of town, so I am thinking of going for a bike ride to explore downtown to see if there are any special Memorial Day events that I can sit in or participate in.


    Re: What are your Memorial Day plans?

    Hi Kayla!
    That sounds like an awesome plan! I might have to go bike riding with you if I can find a bike haha.

    If it doesn't rain (fingers crossed), I plan on going to Detroit to get on my Dad's boat and eat bbq. We eat bbq right off of the Detroit river. I also plan on hanging out with a friend and watching Taken 3 and playing Just Dance: Greatest Hits.

    Who knows what the day may hold though, none of my plans are concrete. I don't usually do anything special on Memorial Day because I don't really have any friends or family who have lost their lives in combat. I typically relax on Memorial Day and attend BBQs.

    Re: What are your Memorial Day plans?

    Hi Kayla,

    Well my three day weekend has been pretty eventful. From moving my daughter to another apartment, to taking a trip to Tulsa to drop off my other daughter a washer and dryer. We really did not make plans to do anything spectactular because the weather was going to be horrible.

    We have had torential rain that has caused severe flooding and since I have been away, I have been told that I am not able to make it back to my home because the exits are blocked. So we will see tomorrow if I am able to make it back home to check on my house. I might need a boat or canoe to get to it.