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    What Are Your 3 Points?

    created by Arcane 1298 days 9 hours 51 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What Are Your 3 Points?

    Hello CNET!

    I recently spoke as the keynote speaker for the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity's Kappa League Beautillion. I had never realized how important it was to have 3 points at the end of the speech to wrap things up.

    My 3 points were:
    1. Your education is a weapon that you must utilize to the fullest potential.
    2. You are capable of doing anything that you feel motivated or inspired to do, do not let the naysayers prevent you from fulfilling your own destiny.
    3. Treat every success and failure as a learning experience throughout your own journey towards wisdom.

    If you were to write a speech about anything that you would like to talk about, how would you wrap it up in 3 points?

    Re: What Are Your 3 Points?

    Hey Arcane, great question, I wrote probably speak on professional development and my three points would be:

    1) Don't give up things don't go your way.
    2) Make sure you're academically stable.
    3) Investin yourself by having a strong resume and buying at least one suit.

    Re: What Are Your 3 Points?

    Very great points you two.

    I'd talk about going for something when you see a need instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

    1. Don't get caught up in what other people are doing, focus on your plan and how best to get there YOUR WAY.
    2. Find a mentor early
    3. Make time for yourself often, self care is the key!

    Re: What Are Your 3 Points?

    I would talk about how to have a successful Career after college.

    1. Set goals and make detailed plans on how you are going to achieve them.

    2. Learn to manage money now, so when you have a lot of it you know what to do.

    3. Network with people from all areas of life because you never know when you'll need a friend.

    Re: What Are Your 3 Points?

    Hello Arcane,

    This an excellent question that really makes you think. You all have thought up of wonderful speech topics and meaningful points! I hope to do the same.

    I haven't had the opportunity to give a speech, since stage-fright is something I am still overcoming. However, if I had to pick a topic, then I would pick one that I feel confident and passionate speaking about...

    Topic: Overcoming your anxieties

    1. Remember you are not alone and there are others who empathize; these people will give you help & support and it is okay to accept it.
    2. Find your purpose in life. This purpose can and will change at times, but you should always have one.
    3. There are many ways to cope & help you overcome your anxiety problems, but the ones that helps you truly relax and promotes your well-being is the best fit for you.