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    What is your hometown "famous" for?

    created by Sirena15 1297 days 14 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Good morning Cnet. So, I'm home for a wedding and I had been thinking how boring it is but then I started thinking about the good things we have.
    I am from a small city in Michigan called Muskegon and while there is not much to do here we do have the amusement park Michigan's Adventure!! It has rides and a water park and prides itself on being 2 parks for the price of one (theme song). I actually had one of my first jobs there, taking pictures.

    So, who/ what put your city on the map?
    Is anyone famous from your hometown?
    Do you have any annual popular events?
    Is it something only residents know about?

    Do tell.


    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Hi Sirena,

    I come from a small coal mining town in Western Pennsylvania, so my hometown is not widely known or famous. However, it still has important pieces of history that have made it the town that it is today. As I've mentioned previously, my town was once a bustling center for coal mining. Although, nowadays, coal mining has been extended to other areas. There are also a few 'famous' people that grew up in the area including: Boyd David "Buzz" Wagner (flying ace in WWII), James Anthony "Ripper" Collins (Major League Baseball player), & Charlie Metro (Major league baseball player).

    Note: the website for my town is currently down for maintenance, so I've included a link to the Wiki page if you'd like to read more about it:
    Nanty Glo, PA

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Hey Sirena! I have a lot of family in Michigan, and I have been to Michigan's Adventure! And it is awesome :D

    I am from Chicago, so we are famous for a lot!

    Many kids of food - Chicago style hot dogs, deep dish pizza, lots of meat, etc.

    Some of our famous people are - Michael Jordan, Oprah, Al Capone, etc.

    We have so many annual events, we are so spoiled! There is the Taste of Chicago in the summer, which is very popular among both tourists and locals. Many neighborhoods have their own annual events and street fairs, and during the summer there are many festivals pretty much every single weekend.

    We have beaches, shopping, and diverse ethnic areas with every restaurants serving food from pretty much everywhere in the world!

    Of course, we are also known for crime, corruption, and violence, but you gotta take the good with the bad!

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    My hometown isn't necessarily famous for anything. So I'll use my birthplace as my hometown since I have deeper roots there.

    Detroit is known as Motor City for good reason too. There's the Big Three that have plenty of plants all around MI where cars are born. Unfortunately, Detroit has gained some infamy has being a crime-riddled city but I think there's so much more to Detroit.

    Detroit is amazing and we have the Pistons, Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings. There's so much pride in Detroit and there's so many reasons to have it. The city is beautiful from the concrete jungle that it is to all of the suburbs around it. There's famous singers and rappers that have come from the city. Motown originated in Detroit.

    Detroit is simply amazing.

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Hi Sirena!

    My hometown is this small logging community in Northern California called Tuolumne. It's a great spot nestled in the foothills of the Western Sierras. Tuolumne is famous for an annular event the town puts on called the "Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee". If that doesn't sound back woodsy to you, I don't know what will.

    The Lumber Jubilee has been going on for nearly seventh years and features a series of awesome events that people from all over gold country show up to to watch. Being the Lumber Jubilee, you can probably begin to assume that these events involve wood and axes.

    The events that go on include chopping competitions, chainsaw races, professional tug of war, and all kinds of other woodchuckin' fun.

    Tuolumne may be small and hard to find on a map, but it's Lumber Jubilee makes it a place worth loving for sure.

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Ha. I'm not sure my hometown is on the map yet. Its a very small town in SC.

    What put York, SC on the map was probably the 1994 jail stay of Susan Smith, the woman who reported that her two little boys had been abducted by a carjacker only to find out later she had killed her 2 sons because her lover did not want children and was going to break things off with her since she had 2 young kids.

    More recently, York,SC was in the news when a school asked a student to remove a large flag from his truck. The town rallied around him with many people putting flags on their cars or lining the streets with flags displayed. it was a big news story last week.

    There is a Yorkfest street festival every summer but its really only a draw for the locals since most people dont even know York, SC exists.

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Oh my, where do I begin.

    I really am not sure what my home town is famous for.

    I know that currently, that if you were to look on the news, we are famous for all the flooding that is occurring.

    People are stranded on their roofs and emergency rescues are happening all over. We have lost one firefighter in the state due to all the flooding. Many cars are stranded due to people trying to go through high water. There are even cars, train containers and other debris that is being swept away.

    I can't even get to my house if I wanted to. I have been out of town and the creek that divides the town has overflowed causing all exits to be blocked by the Highway Patrol. I am not sure how going home tomorrow is going to play out. I hope and pray my house is not flooded.


    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    My hometown is Akron, Ohio.

    Perhaps you've heard of us?

    Haha. Well, I'm sure you've at least heard of Cleveland. We're about 30 minutes south of Cleveland and were at one point, larger than Cleveland. We were the "Rubber Capital of the World." Hehe yup. Goodyear started here and still has their headquarters here. So rubber made us famous. And then most of the companies moved to Cleveland mid 1900s.

    More recently, we co-hosted the 2014 Gay Games with Cleveland. So that's something too.

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Wow so many places represented here on Cnet! Thanks for sharing, is
    There anything you would like to change about your city?

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Dear Sirena,

    I'm from Rochester NY the home of Eastman Kodak company. George Eastman established the company here because it is so cloudy. He wanted some place gloomy and we won. True, the weather is lousy but the community was a big winner. The money that came into the region is just mind boggling. Even now when Eastman Kodak is on the rocks and the butt of lots of jokes, there are scholarships granted, universities maintained and pensions funded by the money we earned through his inventions.

    If there were one thing I would change, it would be to consolidate government into one metropolitan government rather than the city and each of the suburbs going it alone. It is wasteful in the extreme for each town to have its own supervisor and in some cases its own police department. All of us pay higher taxes as a result. But wealthy people in the suburbs don't want any part of the city. Partly for that reason, Rochester is the fifth poorest city in the country.

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Hello all,

    I am from Grand Rapids (GR), Michigan, which is the second-largest city in Michigan (had to look that one up haha). The Grand River runs straight through the city, and is the reason for its name.

    Back in the day, I know we became famous as the Furniture City; we have a whole exhibit on display at the Van Andel Museum. Gerald R. Ford also grew up in GR and is buried here. There is a presidential museum here in his honor. Our city is also known for its huge Caulder sculpture placed in the heart of downtown. This sculpture is found on our city flag.

    Today, the city is now known as Beer City USA, the home of Founders Brewing Co. and GR Brewing Co. Every year since 2009, we also host ArtPrize. This is an international art competition where artists display all of there artwork across the city outside, in shops, and in city buildings. The artwork is literally everywhere, and all of the locals try to make it downtown to see some of the during this three week competition. The one I found most memorable was a sculpture named Nessie on the Grand which was submitted in the first competition. Nessie was around 2 stories tall and was actually placed in the middle of the Grand River. It didn't win, but it was pretty cool. :)

    I definitely recommend anyone to come and visit in the summer when its warm and sunny!


    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    My hometown is Warren Michigan and we are popular for being the third largest city in Michigan.

    Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

    Hi All,

    This is a great question, Sirena!

    I'm from a small town in PA too, but I'm a bit more in the center of the state, so I doubt Jared has even heard of us.

    The only thing we're really famous for is kind of a local fame. My hometown hosts a carnival which sort of honors our area's Pennsylvania Dutch(aka Amish) roots. It's been going on for 47 years now. There are local delicacies, like whoopie pies, and traditional dutch food. At the end of each night, there's a drawing for prizes donated by local businesses.

    The part I think is really cool is the Quilt. A group of local crafters works on it throughout the year, so that the previous year's quilt is ready to be displayed during the event and then auctioned off on the last day. Over the few days the carnival takes place people pay a few dollars and submit their names to be embroidered around the edges of the next year's quilt. Some people pay a lot of money to buy it, so that they can commemorate big life events. I know one couple who bought the quilt from the year they got married, and the years their kids were born.

    As for if there's anything I'd want to change about my hometown? If you had asked me when I was growing up there, I probably could have given you a list a mile long. But now that I've been away from home for a while, I wish things had stayed just the way they were.