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    How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    created by ChocolateLover 1297 days 4 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    Hello Hello Hello!

    It is a beautiful day here in Chicago, and I hope you all are having beautiful days and enjoying the weekend too!

    In case anybody was wondering, today was/is my due date, and I am still pregnant - no baby yet! So we will see what happens! I will definitely keep you all posted though ;)

    Today I was thinking about old friends. One of my best friends recently reconnected with a friend we had around 8th or 9th grade. She was very close friends with both of us, but then she moved away, and we kind of fell out of touch. My best friend kept in touch with her a little more, but I haven't spoken to her in YEARS - probably 10 or more. She has moved back and now they are talking about all of us getting together and catching up.

    So I was just thinking about how situations like this are so weird. You are so close to somebody growing up, have all these memories with them, but then after not seeing them for a decade or more, you are both probably completely different people. You might get along, you might not...

    How do you all feel in situations like this?

    Are you nervous to see friends you haven't seen in years? Excited? Hopeful to rekindle the friendship?

    I am always nervous! I don't know why!

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    Hey Chocolatelover congrats on the baby on the way I hope your delivery goes well!

    I love seeing old friends it's like we always pick up just where we left off. I had this old best friend when I was a little kid. We were best friends and saw each other almost every day and we were inseparable. Then she moved to Florida and I didn't see or talk to her for years. Then on a family trip we went to Florida and we stopped by there house as soon as I saw her it felt just like the good old days.

    I think the best part of reconnecting with old friends is that first moment when you see each other again and all the great memories come back. Then you and the friend can reminiscence on all the past things that happened, and catch upon how your lives turned out and what your up to now. I don't think there is a much better feeling than catching up with old friends again.

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    Hi ChocolateLover,

    Keep us posted on the baby news! That's so exciting. :)

    I usually enjoy seeing old friends that I haven't seen in years. In fact, it almost doesn't seem like we've been apart for so long. It's always fun to have a good laugh about old memories from the past, and to catch up on the days, months, and years that have quickly passed by in between the friendship gap. My best friend moved away from the area a few years ago, and I have been incredibly busy with traveling for my education. I usually just send her a quick text every now and then to stay updated with her & the family, but it's always better when I get the chance to see her in person. We can always pick up our friendship right where we left off, and it's always a really fun time! :)

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    Hey Chocolate,

    Thinking of you and wishing you well as you wait for the arrival of the newest member of your family.

    As for meeting up with old friends...I have a similar situation to what you've described. A group of us lived in the same apartments many years ago. We were very close, always together. After a few years we started marrying or moving and drifting away. Several of us have stayed in touch over the years, but we pretty much lost touch with two. In the past 14 months, both have resurfaced via Facebook and we have all re-connected keeping in touch through social media, texts, and email. We are planning for everyone to get together next summer.

    I am so excited I cant stand myself and its still a year away. I mean these were like brothers and sisters to me. We have some great times. And most of us are married and I believe we now all have kids. I have missed these guys so much and thought of them often over the years. It will be so much fun to get together again and catch up in person.

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?


    No baby yet.......

    I've been checking everyday for updates....

    I'm sure your ready for it to be over. Please keep us posted...

    In answer to your forum, I have been able to catch up with old friends on facebook and have even went back to California and met up with a few...

    I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect, but in the end, it was like we picked up were we left off 20 years ago. We all have now agreed to get together every time I visit California.

    It's just crazy how old friends just drift apart. Lives are so crazy these days that we all move around so much that we simply just lose touch.


    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    Hey ChocolateLover!

    I love getting together with old friends. It has been awhile but I do remember the last time I saw an old friend.

    I was excited and a little nervous. I knew we would have stuff to talk about, it had been close to five years since we had seen each other. A lot had changed in those five years for the both of us.

    When we got together, it was like just like old times. We talked non-stop. It was great to see her and be able to catch up. And since then we have stayed in better contact and have visited each other a few times.


    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    lt's funny because I recently saw an old friend from high school yesterday. I think it can be really awkward to see an old friend from a while ago because you never know what that person has gone through and what feelings they could have toward you.

    I mean, if you meet someone or reconnect with a friend on accident, what if they really didn't want to in the first place. I don't necessarily keep in contact with a lot of people because I'm not the most social butterfly. However, I can say that if I really enjoy the person's company, then I'd love to keep in touch with them. Then again, if I really enjoyed talking with the person, I'd probably never lose touch with them in the first place.

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    I think that seeing old friends is sometimes awkward. Because people change and the memories of what you used to have is gone. I did not really fit in high school and middle school because I was looked as a nerd. But some of my teammates from the sports I played are good to see. I get happy when I see my friends at college and it's only been a week.

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    Hey everyone

    I always enjoy catching up with old friends. I always believe that true friendship never dies regardless of how long you have not seen your friends or spoken to them.

    I had childhood friends that we were close then I moved and we lost contact. About a couple of years ago we reconnected on Facebook all three of us, created what’s up group and we talk every day. Although we are all on different continents right now and did not speak for a long time our friendship is like it was never interrupted at any point.

    We have all grown and we are matured and have different things going on but our personalities, the things that connected us as friends did not change.

    Enjoy your catch up with your friend, it might be awkward for a minute but it will pass in no time.

    Have a wonderful day and your bundle will arrive in no time.

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    Hi everybody, thanks for responding! And thank you all for the well wishes! I started having contractions early this morning, but they are still pretty far apart, more than an hour, so I am not really in labor yet...But I will keep you all posted!

    Like most of you have mentioned, I have had certain times where I have met up with old friends and it was like no time had passed and we just picked up where we left off - that's the best! And every now and then my elementary school classmates (K-8th grade) will have informal reunions at bars and such, and those are so fun and awesome because although we might not all be close now, we basically grew up together as children so it is so fun to see each other! But no matter what, in any of these situations, even though they all end up being fun and I (usually) have a great time, I get so nervous before hand just thinking about it!

    Destin - Thanks :) and that is so awesome that your family made the effort to stop in Florida to see your childhood friend! And I agree, catching up with an old friend can be the best feeling in the world, it really gives you the warm fuzzies!

    Jared - I will, and thank you! And it sucks that you don't get to see your best friend as much anymore, but it seems like you really put in the effort of staying in touch! That goes a long way in keeping the friendship alive!

    Dee Dee - Thank you!! Facebook has made rekindling these old friendships so easy, hasn't it? That is one of the perks I will begrudgingly admit Facebook has, haha. That is so exciting though, I know it will be so awesome for you to see all these people you grew up with, no wonder you can't wait already!

    Joyce - Yes I am ready! So hopefully he will be here sooner rather than later! And your California story is so awesome! You're right, it is so easy to drift apart, but it's just so touching when you have those friends like yours that you can just pick up where you left off and start a new chapter of friendship with.

    Erin - Yes, excited and nervous, that sums up how I feel! I don't know why we are nervous, like you said there will always be things to talk about, but for some reason for me at least, it's like in the back of my mind I am worrying, what if we have nothing in common anymore or they don't like me anymore, etc., etc. Of course things never turn out that way, but I always get a tad bit nervous!

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    Arcane - That is funny..Gotta love when somebody makes a forum on something that directly related to your day! And I think I am always worried about the awkwardness you mentioned when seeing an old friend. It doesn't always happen like that, but I always think it is going to!

    Educator - Yes, I also sometimes wonder if they remember everything I remember. I feel like there have been times when I have met up with an old friend and tried to reminisce over the past, just to find out that they don't even remember the incident that I brought up!

    Rosine - That is so sweet, I love hearing stories of old friends like that! And I agree with what you said, that if it was a true friendship then what connected you in the first place will always be there in some form. And I am excited to see my old friend, I hope that will be the case with us! And thank you!!

    Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

    I feel like when someone moves away or goes away it is harder for you to keep in touch with that person because, life goes on and as people, many variables to into play with our lives. Whether those variables are personal or public. And I think sometimes it may feel awkward at first when you have not see someone for a long time, but if you and that person where really good friends then well that friendship will rekindle and be either the same or become something newer and better. I for one am going to friends that I have not seen in a year or so, in a couple of days and well, it might be weird because time changes people. Some people can change and become total strangers, and hopefully that is not the case ,but if it is, then well that is life. Best of luck with your baby and have fun meeting up with your old friend!!!!