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    Cnet Errors

    created by Destinb 1300 days 7 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Cnet Errors

    Do you ever write a really good post on here but you press the create button too quickly and you notice you made a glaring typo. I made that mistake yesterday by replying to a forum with one sentence after I pressed some buttons on my keyboard on accident. It was a big deal because I had to repost on that forum to finish my thought essentially wasting a post. What I would love to happen is if Cnet could get an upgrade to allow for editing all posts after they have been posted. Which would eliminate all the silly errors that happen.

    Cnet would you be in favor of adding an edit button?

    What other upgrades do you think Cnet could add?

    Have a happy Saturday!

    Re: Cnet Errors

    If Cnet could have an edit button that'd be the best! It doesn't matter how many times I've proof read my post, as soon as I hit that button I notice an error.

    I would also like there to be a way to flag a forum that I want to post on the next day. Sometimes there are so many great forums and I don't have the opportunity to post to all of them because of the limit. So I tell myself, I have to remember to come back to a certain forum the next day... Then the next day, I'm left clicking through forums, trying to find the one that I wanted to post to... Our I forget about it all together.

    Re: Cnet Errors

    Point made...
    ** Or I forget about it all together..
    Not 'our'.

    Re: Cnet Errors

    Hi Destinb ^_^

    While that is a thoughtful idea, unfortunately people would abuse such a feature. They would use it as a way to post multiple times most likely.

    For example, let's say I posted on your forum and you posted back with a comment. Let's also say I didn't want to waste a post, so what do I do? I go back to my original post and edit it by adding a date to it with my additional post referring to your comment.

    "Hi DestinB, I liked your forum, thanks for sharing! ---
    05/23 - Just adding to what you said below, and I agree!"

    You know, something like that. Hope that makes sense lol

    I would like to believe that we wouldn't do something like that, but I know that we are not perfect and someone will eventually break the rules. Great idea, though!

    Re: Cnet Errors

    This happens to all of us, and I think we all realize that!

    This feature SOMEWHAT exists already, because when you have to enter those little code numbers thingy, there is an option to go back and edit or submit. But we all know that we don't always re-read our post at that point, since we just read it on the previous page and we think we are perfect haha :)

    And Christy has a good point. The other problem I see with this potential feature is that as soon as the post is made, you don't know who might be already reading it and already responding! What if you were to press the edit button, but then while you are fixing a typo or spelling error, you realize you had another point you want to make. Then maybe you realized that you could have worded the first part better...Then soon you are resubmitting a post that is quite different from the original one, and when that other person submits their response (since they didn't know that you changed it), it doesn't really make sense any more! Or if you make all these changes after you have multiple responses, and then again, those responses might not be as pertinent.

    But I agree, it is a good idea! Although sadly there is too much potential for abuse.

    Re: Cnet Errors

    Oh Destinb, I am so with you! More and more lately I find my fingers and eyes do not see / think the same way when I am typing and sometimes I don't catch all the little mistakes before I hit the submit button. Really pretty embarrassing as I have always prided myself on my spelling and grammar / punctuation. I hate when I make a mistake that should have easily been caught and fixed. I would LOVE to have an edit on Cnet, then if I got ahead of myself I could correct it and feel better about my cnet footprint.

    Re: Cnet Errors

    Hey everyone

    Tell me about it. I have done so a few times and I wish there was a button to go back and fix the error after you submit everything. Recently I was responding to a forum and my browser closed and came back and I thought I reopened the right one but I was wrong. I did not even realized it until later I posted the response to the wrong forum but the same person created it. I was like oh no but it was too late.

    The first few times I was a bit embarrassed then I had to remember everyone make mistakes.
    I cannot think of any other feature that I would like right now but as Christy mentioned if an Edit button is added it could be abuse by some.

    Have a goodnight!

    Re: Cnet Errors

    I think it's good that it challenges the writer to make less mistakes. My computer at least tells me when something is mispelled. I think it would completely defeat the purpose of having original, uninterrupted thoughts in the posts. Who knows what people could change to take things out of context and make the responders look like they're talking nonsense.

    Re: Cnet Errors

    Hey Destinb!

    I have always been in favor of an edit button. I never thought about ChristyFanco's idea on how a person could abuse it. Maybe if an edit button were implemented, a person could only edit their forum once and they would only have five minutes to do so after it was originally posted.

    I think if a person has more to add to what they have already posted, then they need to use another post. The edit button should only be used to make grammatical errors, but that is just my opinion.

    Another nice option I would like to see would allow us to post unlimited times to respond to your own forums. That way it would allow us to keep the forums going and make them more like conversations. But that might also cause conflict if a person chooses to keep posting on their own forum to keep it on the front page (I just thought about that abuse while typing this but thought I would still share the idea).


    Re: Cnet Errors

    Hey everyone thank you for all your replies. I have thought about some of your arguments against adding an edit feature and how you think people would try to abuse it. My counter argument for that is no respecting member of this site would try any tricks like that because the consequences are too great. For example if someone tried that and it was obvious the other members could simply not vote for them or report them for trying to abuse the system. I do wonder what changes Cnet will make when they do renovate the site.