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    What makes you different from most people?

    created by Cire7 1314 days 19 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What makes you different from most people?


    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    What is going on backwards Eric and everyone else who replies. Have a happy Friday!

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    "It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." (Audre Lorde)

    I'm sorry Eric I cannot answer your question because my Ne has already formulated multiple different possibilities for the meaning of your non-specific question and without knowing which is your real question I cannot honestly answer your question without delving into each of the possibilities which would make for quite a lengthy response.

    Perhaps within my non-answer you can also find an answer to your question.

    @Tishy - you remind me very much of one of my closest friends, the resemblance is quite uncanny.

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    Hey Eric

    What makes me different from others? hmmm the way I talk, dress, walk, eat, sleep or play. There may be similarities as to how I do all these things with people but no two individuals are ever the same completely. The way I deal with different situations and laugh are all unique to me.

    Not sure how else to answer this question so

    Have a wonderful night!

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    That is really the point guys.

    How do you answer a complex question with no direction.

    I mean whatever you think I mean and I want you to tell me what ever you think is relevant.

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    Hey Cire! Great to see you still on here...Well one thing that makes me different from others my age/generation is that I kind of hate technology. I don't have a smart phone, social media accounts, take selfies, or text people all day long. I am very old fashioned in many ways, but my hatred for most high-tech things is probably one way that it is the most evident. I'm like an old person who doesn't know how to work their fancy new big screen tv their kids bought for them. My siblings and cousins are all on "snapchat" and I love to make fun of them for it. They try to get me to catch up with the times, technologically speaking, but I like living my life this way and I'm going to keep doing it!

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    Love it!
    Have you ever been talking to someone and they ask a kind of vague question, so you reply with the type of answer that you think they are looking for, while they look at you with a confused and questioning look. Finally you stop talking and they explain what their question was really asking, and you realize what an idiot you must have sounded like as you rambled on about a topic that the person asking the question had no interest in hearing about?..... No?... That's just me?. damn.
    What makes me different from most people?
    Hmmm. *the sound of crickets*.... I have a big mole on my head. I usually keep it a secret because I think its kind of gross, but most people don't have a big mole on their head, so that's my answer.

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    What makes me different from most people? Well, my big toe on my right foot pops really loud almost every time I bend it. That's different, right? :) I'm not sure why it does that, I think I may have sprained it when I was a little kid. Sometimes I'll sit there at home and pop it until a family member notices. Lol.

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    Hi Cire7:

    Let's see! Hmmm!!

    I not sure about that....

    Let's ask my husband....

    I am more positive than most people.
    I am cuter than other people! Well at least I say that I am cuter more often than other people say it about themselves (or me).
    I am more educated than most people.
    I enjoy throwing parties or hosting dinners more than most people.
    I can sing better than most people.

    This is such a hard question because for each of these I can find a group of people that have these same characteristics. Maybe it's the combination of them all in one person that is different.

    Husband says I am more fun than most people and make people laugh than most people. I would never think that but I guess if I make him laugh that is all that matters to him.

    So there you have it! The amazing and unique....(drum roll)....

    fiveRoses!!! (audience goes wild)

    thank you , thank you, thank you!!! (as I humbly accept the accolades!)

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    I am usually very patient & kind. When things go wrong, I don't take it out on someone else. When I have to wait, I wait. Like at a store or restaurant, I have had many people say thanks for being so patient. Most people just start yelling & freaking out.
    I also don't judge people. I listen to their side. If I have a misunderstanding with someone, I listen to their side & try to reason with them. Most people just start yelling at me or accusing me of something. Then they see I'm not doing the same, & calm down. I just don't understand people acting like this. It is hurtful.

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    That actually a difficult one to me... my friends would say I'm quiet but sweet and loving. I'd just say I'm socially awkward but get along well one-on-one with someone. I definitely love my dog and he is absolutely my baby! Doesn't make me too weird, but I have a feeling I'm gonna be a "crazy dog lady" when I get older. :) That's what I'd say makes me a little different from other people. Instead of having kids or cats...I'll have as many dogs as I can handle.

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    What makes me different... For starters, I am going to request you answer the question as well, Cire

    It's interesting when you look at someone and can see their standout feature, characteristic, and/or personality trait clear as day.

    But it's neat to hear others' view of themselves too. We are often harder on ourselves than the general public, and so when you can recognize something of yourself that is unique to you, it's uplifting to your own spirit and confidence.

    I think I'm as Plain Jane as they come. Anything I want to say of myself that makes me different, my instinct is to quickly humble myself and to say that there are others who hold this view/trait/skill as well, and they are quite possibly better at it than me.

    Someting I find hard to explain to others is the capacity in which I feel things. I'm often not good with words. I also don't feel there are words defined in a way that can fully describe the depth of my feelings. It's not that I'm particularly sensitive or anything... to the contrary I'm quite level headed and calm on the surface. But inside, I'm sort of like a whirlpool of thoughts and emotions.

    In any given situation, I'm either feeling for it or I'm not. There is no grey for feelings for me. It's very black and white. If I'm moved by something, I'm touched deeply or I'm not at all. I don't know that most people feel things like that. I often hear "it's okay" which to me signals you're being tugged in a little, just not completely. For me, being touched just a little doesn't happen. I may be awful at expressing that at any given moment, but that's me. It's all of me or not at all.

    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    Hey Cire!

    What makes me different.....

    - I am the 13the person to respond to your forum! Ha!

    - I have a custom sleeve, or is it a sock since its on my leg....hmmmm...anyway a custom huge tattoo on my leg.

    - No one else is me.

    - I have a freckle on the palm of hand.

    - I am nobody else.

    That about sums it up.

    Glad to see ya!

    Hope you are having a great weekend


    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    Hey Cire,

    What makes me different than most people.

    Well I'm going to be a smart ass on this answer.....

    My fingerprints

    Palm print

    Foot Print

    My DNA

    Yep, I think that just about sums it up......

    I sure do miss you here on Cnet.......

    Hope all is going well for you and thanks for stopping by........


    Re: What makes you different from most people?

    I am an INFJ according to personality tests. INFJ makes up a total of 1% of the population. I'm just a rarity. Also I am an Aquarius which is hands down the best sign in my opinion haha.

    That combination makes me an introspective, sagacious, and caring person. Deadly combination of traits that have allowed for me to write a book aimed at motivating teens to apply for scholarships.

    Re: What makes you different from most people?


    We are all different in our own way. We know how we look physically, but what we most care is about our personality. We really can't tell by ourselves how really different we are..we always need the opinion of people to judge us even though it can bother us, but we humans are like that we like to get mad and have pain in our lives. In other words we like to be masochists.
    Though I can say this about myself. I have a freckle in the middle of my right hand palm, I have a birthmark in the temple part of my head, I tend to smile when I am around people I do not know, I have a dry booger on my hand which has dried up since I was about 4 years old, and I can't grow any facial hair. Many people might be the same as me, but is not very common.

    Ivan M.