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    Do you coupon?

    created by justjared07 1344 days 2 hours 46 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you coupon?

    Okay, so today's topic is pretty straight-forward.

    My one friend is particularly good at couponing. In some cases, she leaves the store with a positive balance, instead of owing an money. I always try to use one or two coupons, and I swear the things never want to agree with the register when I use them. I always ensure it's the right product, yet I almost always have to have some other person approve the coupon for the cashier. I just get annoyed with them.

    The only luck I have is the ones that offer free products, and/or ones that I find directly on the product packaging. I also have success with online coupons on I have no clue how my friend & "extreme couponers" manage to save so much, because most of the coupons have strict stipulations, but they must know something that I don't! I'm trying my best to cut my budget and save money, so I'm looking for advice from successful savers.

    So, do you coupon? How often? If so, what is the most you've saved in one transaction? Do you have any other tips or tricks for saving money when buying groceries and/or personal goods?

    Re: Do you coupon?

    JJ (had to bring it back... okay--Jusjared)

    I do not coupon
    If I am buying something big, new car, laptop, house, anything over $100 I will shop around for the best deal. But I do not coupon. I really should, I just do not.

    I have seen shows (various ones, and there was a Bones) that showed people couponing. I am all for it, except I do not...

    Why do I not?

    Because I do not want to be that gal at the store, pulling out all of her coupons and having everyone behind me sort of groan (either out loud or inside) I feel bad for the people in line, I feel bad for the cashier that has to deal with it. So since I feel bad, I will not coupon

    I will get into that line that I see people groaning, and sliding out as quickly as they can, and hang out with a person that does coupon. I am not against it, I just do not do it myself

    Re: Do you coupon?


    If I could, I would use a coupon for everything. I receive the coupons in the Sunday paper, cut them out and place them in my binder. Yes, I said binder. My coupon binder has plastic divided sheets inside to hold all my alike coupons. I plan my coupon shopping on how the store is set up so that I can shop efficiently. There is an art to couponing. I swear everyone in the grocery store sees me coming before I even enter the store.

    If you have ever watched the show "Extreme Couponers", that is me. I just love walking up to the counter and finding out what my total is at the end of the transaction. I have saved over $200.00 on using coupons. Heck, there has been a time or two that the store should have gave me money back, but they changed the couponing rules so now I have to pay for the tax at least.

    The store in my town offers double coupons and I am in heaven. I have mass amounts of shampoo, conditioner, OTC's, cereal, household cleaners, toothpaste and so much more stockpiled. I will say that I rarely get coupons for meat so that is usually what I pay the most for. Meat purchases I do separately because it takes away from the fun of my coupon transaction.

    I love coupon and Groupon........

    Re: Do you coupon?

    Ahhhhh Joyce...If you know the secret to couponing, please share!!!!! I have always wanted to be like those people on Extreme Couponers, but I don't know how they do it! How do you get enough coupons to do that?!

    I use coupons whenever I can, but I usually have only one or two that I can use. I have never saved hundreds of dollars or had a negative balance. Jared, I am in the same boat as you..How do they do it?!

    I try to find coupons online and usually like to buy things when they are on sale, and I think I get good deals on things, but I'm not at that extreme level yet I guess. This is such a good forum. I mean, I can't really add any tips, but I hope others do because I have been wondering about ways to do this forever!!

    Re: Do you coupon?

    Hey Jared,

    I coupon whenever I can, but "extreme couponers" go from store to store and they collect coupons not only from online but also from paper coupons (sometimes they steal coupons as well because they'll take neighbors newspapers from off of their gates). It takes a really long time to be an extreme couponer, it's a full time job. This one lady had certain binders for certain coupons (green for groceries, pink for makeup/cosmetics, blue for baby, etc).

    I only have time for grocery coupons and coupons I get out of the Sunday newspapers or the pennysavers. Other than that, I rely on my reward cards to do the rest.

    Re: Do you coupon?

    I tried couponing. I have a friend who always coupons and she gets great deals. In fact, she too often leaves a store with them giving her money instead of her owing them. I have never been that good at it. I do use coupons pretty regularly but have found that you really have to be careful - sometimes a non-coupon brand item is actually cheaper than an item with a coupon. Or, I have found myself purchasing something with a coupon that I probably didn't even want or need. I just bought it because I had a coupon - not sure that was really a good deal. And couponing, really good, extreme couponing just takes too much time. My friends spend several hours a day looking for coupons, clipping, sorting, and filing. By the time I work 8 hours, drive to and from work 2 hours, coo and eat dinner with the family and clean up 1 1/2 hours, do a little school stuff and spend any time with my girls, there just are not several more hours in my day to coupon. So I am a 'if it's on the list of things I need and I have a coupon I will use a coupon, if not no problem" kind of shopper.

    Re: Do you coupon?

    Hiya Jared,

    Extreme couponing is an interesting show to watch. I have much of the same experience as you do, and end up giving up on it. I would love to know someone who could get me into this though. Groceries are so expensive and if you could get all your basics for nothing, that would leave money to buy fresh fruits, veggies, and meats. Plus if you had a group of people to do this with, you could just slip the items up amongst yourselves and not end up with a mini-market garage. It would also take less time to get it all done too.

    Re: Do you coupon?

    I don't coupon, but maybe I should! I know it saves people a lot of money. Occasionally I will use a coupon or two if I come across them on the packaging but I'm definitely not someone who is into "extreme" couponing. Like others said, it takes a lot of effort and I am not someone who is good at putting in that much effort!

    Re: Do you coupon?

    Good evening Justjared07,

    I hope you are having a good day.

    I do not coupon, but I am planning to do it. I will more likely start doing it when I am more independent and start living by my own because I know I will have to manage my money very carefully. My "crazy savings" habit is starting to arise in me, I am starting to save money right now and I am trying to spend the least I can. If I do spend something, I will try to look for the cheapest offer out there. I think that is why I am starting to gain interest in coupons. Hopefully, people will start calling me the "Coupon King."

    Have a good night.

    Ivan M.
    ~God bless you.

    Re: Do you coupon?

    Hey Jared!

    I do not coupon on a regular basis.

    On occasion I will get a set of coupons in the mail or attached to a magazine. I will look through the coupons and set aside the ones I think I will use. Typically I forget to use the coupons and they expire.

    Part of the reason I don't coupon is because I typically buy all the same stuff at the store. Many items I buy never have coupons.

    Sometimes I will use a coupon to buy a new food that sounds good. Or I will use a coupon to buy a new cleaning item I want to try.

    People who are great at saving money by using coupons typically put in some time, effort and organization to save money. And a lot of times it pays off big.

    I've have seen people buy 10 tubes of toothpaste for one penny. I guess they will be set for the year.


    Re: Do you coupon?

    I used to make fun of people who used coupons when I was in high school. I actually dated a guy who always had some in his wallet, and I thought it was pretty tacky to see him pull them out and hold up the line wherever we were. Now that I'm a college student and a mother of three, I use coupons all the time.
    While extreme couponing might be a little much, there really isn't a good reason not to use coupons if you happen to have them. Who doesn't want to save $30 or so at the grocery store? Who doesn't have better places to put their money? Seriously, I even clip out of the newspapers when I find the time. I use coupons for grocery purchases, stuff at Walmart, admissions tickets for stuff for the kids...basically, if I find a useful coupon, I use it. It buys me just that one extra cup of coffee or meal on the go.

    Re: Do you coupon?

    I have heard stories like the one you describe, with people coming out and the store owing them money, but for the life of me I can't figure out how they do it. I'm like you, the coupons rarely work, it's always such a damn hassle for them to get the machine to accept them, it seems like you're barely saving anything...I know you can make incredible savings with coupons, but it seems like that's impossible for me!

    I stick with online sales, coupon sites that sometimes get you a percentage off your purchases from Amazon or something like it, and of course getting as much as I can for free. Usually that means books, movies, music....from places on the internet instead of in stores. I'm poor, sue me.

    Wish I could make coupons work for food though, so much...

    Re: Do you coupon?

    I do not coupon but I found I findnit interesting how some people manage to save so much money. I have indeed tried this method and failed in the process but deeply applaud the people who have the skills to save money and continue to do so in the near future.

    My neighbor recently got into using coupons and I am so grateful for Her kindness of wanting to teach me but I simply don't have the patience to cut each and every coupon but hope to learn in the near future. :)

    Re: Do you coupon?

    Hi Jared,

    My dad used to coupon in his glory days. He had two coupon boxes where he kept his coupons in alphabetical order. He would often call radio stations to win prizes too. He would go out of his way for any bargain. He was even known to pick coins off the ground at the drive thru. I used to be so embarrassed at how "cheap" he was. Years before he died, he spent his money on special trips to visit all of his family. When he passed away, he left 6 kids and our mom each with an incredible financial inheritance. He saved every penny for us. I don't coupon usually, but I have to appreciate those that do out of love for their families.