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    Hair colors

    created by Karliereyrey 1340 days 8 hours 38 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Hair colors

    So I have been noticing celebrities these days coloring their hair from pink to purple to gray.

    My question is... are these looks really good?

    Would you ever color your hair purple... or green?

    Whats the boldest color you have ever chosen?

    I have colored my hair just about every shade there is. The craziest was after I had my son I put some hot pink underneath on the bottom of my hair and I actually liked it for a time.



    Re: Hair colors

    I have color my hair bold red before and I got a lot of likes on it. I thought that I would look weird but it didn't.

    Re: Hair colors

    I have little streaks of gray in my hair so maybe that will be my next! Not!

    Re: Hair colors

    What is really the point and fashion sense of coloring the hair because a lot of people be looking a hot mess with it.

    Re: Hair colors

    I am a huge fan of "off" hair colors. I've had my hair dyed many different colors and many different mixes at once of those colors. The video answers the questions you asked. Everyone I know who I haven't seen since the end of last year, when they see me now they can't help but ask, "where's the color in your hair?" or "what happened to your hair?"

    Originally I kept dying my hair because I noticed after the first time, people would compliment my hair instead of make fun of my weight. I found it was a way to focus their attention on something else. I liked the compliments more than the picking, so I continued to dye my hair. Now it's just a thing I do. Not now, but the video explains that as well.

    Re: Hair colors

    Hey there Karlie!

    I have had almost every color you can imagine. Some have been on purpose, and some not so much....hehehe

    Because of my job, we are not allowed to do the funky colors. I did on a vacation once, I dyed my hair a hot pink and bluish color the whole time I was off. I was such a rebel....HA! I dyed it back to a natural color for work when I returned.

    The funniest time on hair color was when I stripped my hair out from being black. It would only process down to a murky orange. I was starting a new job the next day, and had to go with the crazy orange color. You can't over process or it would have been really funky (worse than it already was!)

    I knew the owner very well (thank goodness), so when he came in...he had this crazy look on his face, probably a reflection of the crazy hair I was sporting. I just told him the master piece was not done yet....hehehe.

    One of my favorite colors to put in my hair is an auburn color. I love the way it looks on me, but after three or four washes, it fades out to nothing. I have tried to have it done professionally and still the same result. So I have given up on that color.

    Right now my hair is almost to its natural color, a dirty blondish brown. I still have a few highlights from the last hair coloring escapade. I have been in a rut, and not in the mood to color it. It needs it badly though, my greys are starting to take over!

    Interesting Topic! Hope you are having a great week!


    Re: Hair colors

    Hey Karlie!

    My hair needs dyed so bad right now. But I'm trying to save money, but my grays are driving me crazy. I'm not sure how much longer I will last.

    I have really never dyed my hair any crazy colors. I have done some darker reds and burgundy colors before.

    I do remember once in junior high coloring my hair with Kool-Aid. I think I tried some orange and purple. I also remember how colored my fingers got. I should have used gloves. That was before I knew any better.

    I did just recently get some highlights put in my hair, I guess it's been over a month, hence the gray hairs peeking through. I do like the highlights. It's something that really is bold for me. I usually just stick with a darker shade of brown, like my natural hair color. Plain and simple.


    Re: Hair colors

    Hey Karlie,

    Yeah, I've been noticing these colors lately. I saw Raven Simone's interview with Oprah a few month's ago and her hair was gorgeous. I think that when you do these bold colors, everything else has to be bold as well or it won't look right. For example, if I decided to wear purple streaks in my "extensions" for 1 month, then I would definitely take a mental note to make sure that my makeup was properly done everyday and that my hair was either curled, flat-ironed, or styled for that entire month. There would be no "I woke up like this" moments where I would just get up out of bed and throw my purple hair into a ponytail and expect everyone not to look at me strange or take pictures with their phone.

    I've done purple in high school as a 9th grader but this time, I think I'd like to try the light green with a little bit of pink---but not my entire head...just some streaks lol

    Re: Hair colors

    I love all the fun colors! My hair is brown, I've had it colored darker with red streaks. That probably the boldest Ive ever gone but if I didn't need a job and could do my own thing... I'd have fun colorful dreads... deep down, Im kind of a hippie. =)

    Re: Hair colors

    Great topic! If I was a little younger and had the face to pull it off I would probably dye my hair turquoise or hot pink or something. I dye my hair all the time but nothing too crazy. The craziest color I ever did was probably burgundy back was I was around 13. Oh, middle school!