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    Things you will do again!

    created by rosine 1344 days 6 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Things you will do again!

    Hello Everyone,

    This forum is inspired by Christy’s 5 things you’ll never do again forum. We all named the 5 things we never want to do again there so that got me wondering about some of the things we have done and will do countless times if permitted.

    What are 5 things you have done that have impacted your life for the better that you will do again and wish more people did?

    1.Say please and thank you (I think it is a sign of respect for yourself and the other person)
    2.Be mindful of the people surrounding you because your actions affect them as well
    3.Eat junk food in moderation from day one and never stop exercising
    4.Take the time to travel and enjoy life even if travelling means going to the south side if you live in the north.
    5.Appreciate oneself just as much as everyone else is appreciated because I deserve happiness

    Have a wonderful day and looking forward to hearing from you!

    Re: Things you will do again!

    Great topic!

    Hmmm I feel like this question is somewhat challenging.

    I know I'll :

    1. Eat more burgers and fries
    2 Milkshakes.
    3. Probably go to Africa again after my trip in June
    4. Help people?
    5. go shopping : )

    I know mine are kind of lame but yea that's all I could think of at the moment

    Re: Things you will do again!

    Hi rosine,

    I love the reversal of things from negative to positive! I actually found this one to be a bit harder for some reason, even with the positive undertone. I think it's mainly because it's hard to limit and/or pick out only 5 things you hope/wish to do again!

    Here's mine:

    I hope to....

    1. Make more happy memories with my family & friends
    2. Travel to as many countries as I can within my lifetime
    3. Make positive changes and/or help out as many people as I can
    4. Conquer whatever obstacles are thrown my way
    5. Keep working toward my education and career goals

    Re: Things you will do again!

    Wonderful forum, having us thinking on the bright side and bringing back positive memories I am sure. Or why would we do the things we've done again? I hope you enjoy the video with my answers in full detail, but they are listed below as well. Wasn't sure what kind of music theme to go with for this topic so I chose LEAN ON ME since I like to think of myself as a person who you can lean on when you need. Enjoy the video.
    1. Helping the homeless.
    2. Tell everyone I love, that I love them.
    3. Photography.
    4. Filming.
    5. Improve on my skill.

    Re: Things you will do again!

    Hey Rosine,

    Great inspiration!

    1. this semester has made me realize that you should always do something you are slightly afraid of uncomfortable with. I asked if I could override into a 400 level photo class when I had never taken the photo basics (however I am a film student, sorta the same thing) But I have realized how much I enjoy camping and going on adventures with my location photography class, and also how doing something I am afraid of has made me so much better then I use to be.

    2. I use to never feel the need to go to Vegas when I turned 21, however me and some friends went for Spring break and it was so incredibly fun. I will defintiely go again and not gamble, but hit all the night clubs and get some yard sticks... pretty neat place haha.

    3. I always surprise my boyfriend and I will keep doing it because he loves it. Even if it is little, I love doing it. The last time I really surprised him was when I came back from Toronto over Christmas break and I he was leaving the day I got back to go on a week long trip with his family. I ended up getting back a little early and surprising him at work before he left. He was so surprised and happy to see me and I loved it.

    4. Star photography and Portraiture. I absolutely love it. Every time I take pictures of stars it amazes me and that is why I do it. I also just started doing portraiture with Alien bee strobe lights and I love that as well. I love making people look great and I love it when they are happy with the pictures I am taking of them.

    5. Dancing and performing is my favorite thing ever. I am so glad to make the dance club team at school and our show is this weekend. I love performing to my friends and family and peers. Not to mention I love creating movements to music and feeling it out.

    Re: Things you will do again!

    Hey Rosine!

    1. Open the door for the elderly.

    2. Donate money to charitable causes.

    3. Teach small children respect and kindness.

    4. Bake goodies for birthdays for everyone in my life.

    5. Visit Hawaii and take my family (it's good for the soul)

    Have a great night!


    Re: Things you will do again!

    Hey Rosine,

    This is just what I needed tonight for some motivation.

    1. I will pray and seek God 1st.

    2. I will continue to compete on CollegeNet.

    3. I will eat a nice bowl of butter pecan icecream tonight.

    4. I will exercise for 45 minutes tomorrow morning.

    5. I will do my toenails this weekend.

    Have a Good Night Everyone:)

    Re: Things you will do again!

    1. I would totally date a redhead again. They're so saucy and full of dragon spirit or something. I've got my sister keeping a sharp eye out for ginger women she'd like as a sister in law. So far no hits, but hey, I'm young.

    2. Go into space! I'll grant you I haven't done this one yet, but if I did, I'd go again!

    3. I wish more people cared about climate change and were conscious of their part in it. I recycle and use as little energy as I can, if we all did that maybe we wouldn't be living underwater in 50 years. But as things stand...

    4. Have pet ferrets, of course. They're a handful, but they're awesome, and once you get used to the biting and the thieving, they're like the best pets ever.

    5. Live in Hawai'i. I have before, I will again once I'm done with this study abroad, but I also think that someday it'd be nice to have a small bit of property out there, for the times you want to escape the world.

    Re: Things you will do again!

    Haha. Nice twist, Rosine.

    I hope to:

    1) Own a puppy. I love puppies. So cute. But they pee a lot...

    2) Visit the Dominican Republic! Sooooo beautiful there <3

    3) Shower. Seems like a good idea...

    4) Learn another language. Definitely worth the effort. C'est tres interresant. ;)

    5) Give someone a hug. Sometimes the best thing you can do is give someone a hug... goes beyond words.

    Re: Things you will do again!

    1. Be a faithful Christian. It isn't always easy, but it is worth it.
    2. Visit Ireland. I went my sophomore year of college, and I fell head-over-heels in love with the country. I guess I was already in love with it to begin with but actually going there and seeing it just confirmed to me how beautiful it is.
    3. I will get back into working out more. It makes me feel so great, but finding the motivation is hard sometimes.
    4. Go back to school. It's time to get my teaching certification and fulfill my dream of helping students fall in love with history and learning all they can.
    5. Get back to work. My lunch break is almost over :(

    Re: Things you will do again!

    Thank you for your responses,

    Karlie and jared I know what you mean, once I started thinking about what to write I realized that there were so many things and I could not easily decide on a few. Great answers you two have.

    Tishy, helping the homeless is always a wonderful thing. What kind of skill are you improving on?

    Marteen wow, that is amazing. Photography class and camping, I will like to take photography class also but I am chicken right now. I would love for you to show us a picture of yours one day. I barely see any stars around here now. Those little surprises will keep you two young and in love for a long time.

    Erin, I love your number 3. It is absolutely important to teach children respect and kindness so one day they can pass it on as well.

    Erica, nice order with 3 and 4, seeking a higher power is always a positive thing. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Relaxation is important for the mind.

    Tenken, you will one day go into space. It is something you mention often so may that dream become reality for you. Living in Hawaii must be relaxing with the beach right there. Hope you enjoy yourself in china before heading back.

    Michaela, hihi you should definitely own a puppy, they are wonderful and get you to exercise a lot. You will fall in love overnight. Oui, c’est vraiment intéressant d’apprendre une autre langue.

    Lana, find someone who enjoy working out also to help motivate you, it helps and it makes the workout more enjoyable as well. Good luck getting back to school soon, you will be done before you know it.

    Have a wonderful night everyone!