When the child becomes the spouse...we've all heard about this and probably have seen movies on Lifetime about it as well. But from reading this article that I linked below, I just recently found out that the term "emotional incest" has nothing to with having any physical sexual intercourse with a child, it has more to do with the child playing the role of a surrogate husband or wife to a lonely, needy parent. This sometimes happens when there is an accidental death that occurs or maybe if the spouse leaves the family for another woman/man and the other person is extremely depressed. I don't really know exactly what facilitates this behavior, but I know that this happens more often than not.

I've only had time to read Part 1 which explains the different terms (covert incest, covert emotional incest) and what it is, but there are actually 3 more parts to it that go in depth. It is very interesting because there are different ways that this occurs, meaning that this does not just happen with the death of a spouse but this behavior is also breed within the Christian principles. The Bible is always interpreted differently which is fine, but it is also and has been for centuries, a significant influencer of revelations in addition to manipulating people into subjugation or coercing them to commit heinous acts.


So I'll probably finish reading the article later this evening and post more information that I found out and see what you guys think or heard of, or maybe knew someone who've experienced this. If you get a chance to read bits and pieces of the article, let me know what you think.

Have a Hopeful Wednesday Everyone!!!!!!