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    Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    created by Elle O'Quent 1343 days 16 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Do you check any technology (laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, etc) before bed?

    Are you staring at a screen right before shutting your eyes?

    Are you aware of the toll this takes on your body over time?

    This video by Business Insider is about the Smartphone impact on your brain and body .

    Would knowing this information change your habits?

    I do not check my phone before bed. Usually I'm writing or reading. However, I often fall asleep on Skype with My Favorite. I know it's horrible for my body and my laptop. The struggle for being good to my body balanced with seeing someone I love dearly has become all to real after encountering this video.

    What are your "before bedtime" habits in regards to technology?

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Hey Elle

    I know playing around with electronics before bed time is not good for me but unfortunately I do it all the time. Strange enough I do not allow my nephews to have access to electronics at least an hour before bedtime so their mind can unwind but I do not do the same for myself. When they are visiting I do that and when they are in their resident state I pester my sister about doing that.

    I have a bad habit of playing a game when I am already in bed before falling asleep, before I used to read but I am not sure when that changed. I am not sure how much knowing about this information will change my sleeping habits because it is something I have being aware of yet I have not properly implemented.

    I might start making little changes and apply the same rules I apply to my nephews to myself. No electronics at least an hour before bed time and definitely none while in bed. The temptation is the phone is right next to my bed, I will have to find a new place for it.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Hi Elle! So glad to see some Voters still with us!

    I try not to look at my phone before falling asleep. However, if I can't sleep, reading stuff on my phone actually tires my eyes and brain out and I can then roll over and sleep. I probably do that once a week.

    I am doing grad school work up until bedtime every night so I am certainly not practicing good bedtime habits. You should be off the screen for the hour before bed. I just have too much work. Knowing the harm vs benefits of bedtime routines is good but I can't change my routine while I am in school.

    Good to here from you! Take care!!

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Hey Elle,

    Usually, I'm playing the Candy Crush Soda game before I go to bed, I actually just started doing this so this is becoming a bad habit. It takes of my night time sleep but I never have any time to play this game during the day. But from taking a psychology stress management course, I do know that the more we are doing things when we're laying down trying to go to sleep, the longer it takes for our bodies to get in that sleep mode. And yes, I do check my phone before I go to bed because I like to clear out all the notifications before I'm officially out.

    Some of the changes that I have to implement would be setting a automatic bed time which has not happened since last semester. Since I take online classes now, I feel like I spend more time on my laptop compared to when I took regular in class sessions. It feels so hard going to bed at pm because that means that everything has to be done by that time including time for me like watching a movie or chatting on the phone, ooVoo, etc

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Hi Elle,

    I typically look at my phone every night before I go to sleep, especially if it's a night where I'm feeling rather restless. I'll even pick it up & look at it during the middle of the night when I'm trying to tire myself out. I always watch random YouTube clips, read articles/stories/e-mail, scroll through my social media news feeds, send a few messages, and/or listen to some type of music.

    I know it's horribly bad for my eyes, and I'll admit that I've even dropped my phone on my face a few times when I was holding it above me. I've attempting turning it over, so that the screen is facing down, but I still end up picking it back up to check it. Plus, it's probably part of the reason why I sometimes wake up with a neck ache. I really should try to break the habit, but it's become a part of my nightly routine that's going to be hard to shake.

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Hi my name is KIm and I'm a cellphone ADDICT!

    Previously when I was working as a sleep technician, one of the worst habits listed in the bad bed habits to break list, was going to bed with any electronic gadget. So knowing the side affects to doing this form of bad habit, I'll keep the phone in the living room, because if I see it anywhere in the bedroom, I will find some excuse to get it.

    I guess another thing that helps me keep the phone at bay when I'm in bed, is to think about how BRIGHT the screen is, which in turn gives me a small headache and sore eyes. Who wants to go to sleep with a headache and sore eyes? Not this gal!

    Thanks for staying with us here Elle!

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    I'm definitely someone who spends way too much time on her cell phone, and it's usually the last thing I look at before I go to sleep. I'm usually either playing a game, on Facebook or on some kind of forum. I tried to get in the habit of reading before bed rather than spending time on my smart phone but lately I haven't been very successful. I need to get back in the habit of reading though, because I know it's better for me and I know it's bad to spend so much time staring at my phone in general, let alone before bed.

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Hey Elle!

    Well according to the guy on the video, I have a "serious, serious, problem."

    I always finish my CNet postings after my kiddo falls asleep. If I finish before my bedtime, I usually scroll through Facebook right before bed.

    I can see how that could possibly make me less feel tired when I finally crawl into bed. It seems I have a hard time falling asleep, maybe it's from being on the computer so close to bedtime.

    But then how does that explain this. Every night to get myself to fall asleep, I play CandyCrush in bed. My phone is literally 8 inches from my face. By the time I play through my five lives, I am tired. There have even been times where I have fallen asleep while playing.

    I think CandyCrush makes me fall asleep because it shuts off all of my thinking. My mind sort of relaxes and I am able to focus on CandyCrush aka meaningless garbage, and fall asleep.

    Maybe I should try a week of no technology after nine like mentioned. I would be interested in seeing if my mind would be clearer during the day. I typically have pretty busy days where I am pulled in many directions. It would be nice to be able to think more clearly and be able to problem solve quicker. Hey it's worth a chance. I would have to try it when I am not competing on here, the evenings are my only free time to post.


    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?


    I am exceptionally guilty of this. I will check facebook, youtube, see if any of my comics that I follow have updated, or texting friends. I know this is bad, but I'm so used to being connected that if I lay down and I still have enough energy to let my mind run instead of falling asleep right away, then I will drive myself crazy thinking about checking my phone until I finally do it. I've learned that as bad as the habit is, I am worse off if I don't do it, and here is why. I have a hard time getting my brain to shut off/shut up, I work a job that requires a lot from me mentally, and I find it difficult to unwind from that. If I go to bed, I end up wasting an hour or so thinking about checking my phone, then I'm on it anywhere from 5min-1 hour, so now I've lost even more time to sleep, and it is limited enough as is.

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Hey Elle!

    This is actually a very pertinent and important question, because I really do thing it is in ways like this that technology is negatively impacting health. I really do not look at my phone before I go to bed, and I don't have my computer or tv in my bedroom, so I don't look at those either. The only thing I do before bed is turn my phone alarm on. If I have any texts or calls, I usually just ignore them until the morning haha. I am aware of the toll that these things take on our body, and while I don't actively think about that when I'm not looking at my phone (I do it more because I am too tired and want to "unplug" before bed, do not want to deal with anything on my phone), it does somewhat impact my choice of not looking at my phone before bed.

    Of course, I have even heard that having your phone close to you when you sleep is bad. Now I'm not sure about the specifics/how much truth there is to that statement, but I would not be surprised to find that to be true. And as I stated above, I use my phone for one of my alarms, so it is pretty close to me at the side of my bed, hopefully I am not harming myself too much by doing even that!

    And I understand your situation completely, I would ALWAYS talk on my phone or text right before bed to my boyfriend while doing the long distance thing...But it is a sacrifice you make for somebody you love!!

    Re: Do You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

    Good evening Elle O'quent,

    I notice I wake up with a headache after that last glance at my phone before going to sleep while the all the lights are turned off except my phone's. It is not that I stare at my phone for an hour, it is just a couple of minutes to check my email or check my alarm just in case. I think those "few" minutes are enough to damage my eyes and eventually my head.

    The technology I use more often before the process of getting ready to go to sleep, would be my laptop because I am finishing some last home works or just making sure I did not miss anything for the next day.. we really can't avoid the light of any technology one hour or so before going to sleep. As we change the environment changes, forcing us to be more dependent of our technology which brings us negative impacts to us later on.

    Have a good night.

    Ivan M.