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    Believe It or Not?

    created by joyce580 1345 days 18 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Believe It or Not?

    So a little fun game for us all to enjoy and learn a little more about each other.

    First, state something about yourself, whether it is your favorite color, favorite ice cream flavor, a sport you played etc..

    The next person who posts will state whether they Believe It or Not, then state something about themselves and so on.

    If your curious as to how you will know whether that persons statement is believable or not believable, I will post a forum within a few days that will allow those who played to announce their truths....

    I'll go first:

    Fact or Fiction:

    When I was in elementary school, I played the violin..........

    Re: Believe It or Not?

    I am up for a game...

    Do I believe you or not... Hum. That is hard, I am a gullible person (and will believe just about everything and anything), but since you put it out there that you could tell an unbelief.

    So you playing the violin when you were in grade school... If I remember correctly I think you grew up in Cali.
    Hum... that does not help.
    You now live in Oklahoma... again no help

    I am going to go with... I do not believe it... (if I am mistaken and you were telling the truth, then I am sorry for calling you a liar)

    My little bit about myself

    When I was in 6th grade, I won a contest for the best written essay on the explosion of Challenger and what it meant to me. I beat out my whole school and made it to the district to read in front of an assembly (families and other students)

    Fact or Fiction?

    Re: Believe It or Not?

    Hey Goober

    Fact, in 6th grade you could have won that and you enjoy helping people so I do not think you will let shyness take away the experience of sharing an enjoyable educational time with family and friends.

    My turn

    If I am extremely upset I am likely to cry than to scream at you.

    True or False.

    Have a wonderful mid of the week!

    Re: Believe It or Not?

    Great forum Joyce!

    Rosine....I will have to say true....I am like that too, but if I get that upset to cry....Then I am about to lose my temper.

    My second toe on my left foot is longer than my big toe.....

    Hmmmm....Is it true or not?

    Have a great week everyone!


    Re: Believe It or Not?

    Ok Heather.....

    I do believe that your second toe is longer than your big toe because my sister's feet are like that lol

    My turn---I switched my major six times throughout my bachelor's degree experience.

    True or false?

    Great forum Joyce