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    What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    created by DirtyDeeds 1358 days 11 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    I think it is important to occasionally give myself affirmation. I think it helps me to stay grounded, be confidant and feel a sense of self worth. One of the ways I practice this (especially if I am feeling down, or life seems difficult,) is to occasionally write a short list about things that I love about myself.

    I love that I am focused on my goals.
    I love that I show compassion to others.
    I love that I show trust and respect in my many relationships with the people that mean the most.

    Do you think it is important to show self affirmation at times?

    Do you ever do this?

    What do you love about yourself???

    Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    wow what do i love about myself?? hmm well lets start off by saying that i love that i am passionate. i always have my eye on the prize and will climb mountains walk through fire just to make it to the top. i have the walk and the talk to do anything i set my mind to. im very determined and will never take no for an answer. i will always find a way and have the hard working diplomas to back me up. i tell myself everyday before i start my day that i believe in myself that i love myself. at the end of the day you have no one but yourself and who will treat your self better than your self.

    Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    Hey Dirty Deeds,

    I think this is a great thing to do. We are always so focused on the negative aspects about ourselves and really we should just stop and focus on what we have that is beautiful.

    What I love about myself? That I am caring, and loving and always show that to the people that matter most to me. That I can stand up for myself and also challenge ideas if I do not agree.

    I love that I am getting an education and that I am working on improving myself and my career.

    I also love that I can figure out how I am feeling and why I am feeling it. I like to write things in my diary and figure them out on paper when this happens. I am glad that I can make connections from past experiences to why I feel a certain way in the present.

    I love my strawberry blond hair and my ability to dance.

    I love that I can ask open ended questions and talk to people and make valuable friendships and relationships in my life.

    I think that is it for now :D

    I think it is great to do so and to also talk about it with others. I always like to ask people what they think their best quality is... usually not right off the bat, but when things get a little more serious (or on a deeper level) then definitely.

    Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    I think that this is a great idea, and I need to do this more often for myself.

    I love that I am patient, strong willed, and I try hard at everything I do. I always want to be the best version of myself.

    Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    I love how ambitious I am. I am currently studying a double major in ASL and Audio Design and Production. I also work at least 24 hours a week and maintain good friendships and a relationship with my boyfriend. I guess I know how to maintain my time.

    It is good too show yourself some appreciation, but don't be a cocky asshole.

    Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    Well first, I love this forum! ;)
    So I love that I am very positive. I love that I like going to school. I love that I am hardly ever grumpy or upset. And I love that I can see a few good things in myself and not only the problems.

    Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    One physical thing I love about myself is the fact that I look unique. I'm mixed with jamaican Chinese French and American. I love being a mutt :-)

    Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    Good morning DirtyDeeds!

    I love self-affirmation! It’s hard for other people to love and appreciate you, when you don’t show the example of loving and appreciating yourself!

    I love that I am an unstoppable force. If I want something done, it gets done. If I set a goal, I meet it.
    I love that I am compassionate and kind in the face of anxiety and anger.
    I love that I am strong and healthy through good eating and steady exercise.
    I love my ability to clear my future anxieties, and make room for flexibility and excitement.

    Thank you for helping us all to focus on the positive!

    Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

    AWESOME Topic!!!!

    I definitely agree with you, I think some times we all need to take the time to think about "the good" and to remember some of what makes us so special - affirmation...

    So here's my short-list:

    ** I love that I help others and have such a big heart.

    ** I love that I am persistent and dedicated in all that I set out to complete or accomplish.

    ** I love being a mom and watching my kids progress and become so smart so quickly.

    ** I love that I am a "hands-on" mom and have a hand in all that my kids learn or do

    ** I love that friends and/or family can call me when they need advice or just someone to talk to, being others confidant really can feel great :)

    ** I love that I am a senior in college and put so much of myself into learning and my education :)

    ** I love that I have such high hopes and aspirations, and can look "outside the box" sometimes - very optimistic in life :)

    ** I love that I can honestly say that I work very hard at everything I possibly can and give 110% everytime on each "task" or situation I encounter.

    I could keep going, but for now, this is a nice amount of what I try to remember about myself when looking to remember or think about some of "the good" about me, that I really am proud of myself for.

    I do not write lists like this often enough, though I do think of things on this list, in my head, whenever I may need some reassuring about myself and this really does help me. I don't like to brag or "gloat" so for me, I don't talk about myself as often as some do, so this helps me a lot to do on my own and just see in words "out loud"...

    Thanks, really needed this today :)