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    Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    created by Tastam90 1359 days 8 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: World

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    Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    My boyfriend and I both hate Valentine's Day. It's pretty much the dumbest day of the year. I usually get my boyfriend a six pack of beer and make supper and he'll get me something little and trivial. I go to the store and buy my sister some chocolates since she is single, I don't want her to feel excluded. I'm not really into the holiday, I know some couples are. For all of you that are single out there, yes even couples hate this meaningless holiday!

    I was talking to my boyfriend tonight trying to figure out how low our expectations would go this year. We decided instead of spending pocket change on stuff neither of us need or want, why not save up and go half and half on an item we really want, a treadmill! We both need to be a little more active and in the winter it can be hard to get some cardio in. We agreed to split it 50/50 and I'm hoping if we both watch what we spend we can meet our goal!

    I know I'm a tad bit early, but:

    How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Love it, hate it?

    Do you have any traditions that you keep up with every year?

    Do you need to have a date to have an enjoyable Valentine's Day?

    Would you rather receive a romantic present or something more practical, like what we're doing?

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    Hey Teresa!

    Good idea! I like that you guys turned an event that doesn't really mean much into an opportunity to do something positive together, that's great! And yeah, I think it's much better to invest in a treadmill than just buy something small because you feel like you have to on Valentine's Day.

    I'm pretty ambivalent towards Valentines Day. I usually don't really have high expectations, and don't really end up doing anything special, so it just turns out to be a typical day but with more candy. Sometimes I watch a romantic movie because hey, it's Valentine's Day, but I don't have any traditions or anything. Honestly, it's the holiday I probably care least about, but I don't hate it.

    I kind of like hearing about the romantic things that people have planned on Valentine's Day.

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    I love Valentines Day if I had a girlfriend. I do not have any traditions on Valentines Day. Yes, you do need a date on valentines Day because if not then why the point to celebrate it. To be honest I don't know what I would be happy to receive.

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    Hi Tastam~

    Good to hear there are couples that hate Valentine's Day.

    I think Valentine's Day is a conspiracy. No, really, I do.


    Because after Christmas, the next holiday is Easter. The chocolate companies want to put emphasis on Valentine's Day so that they can sell more chocolate between Christmas and Easter.

    But hey, guess what?!? After Valentine's Day, all the chocolate is 50-90% off! Yes! A basket full of discounted chocolate!


    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    Valentine's Day can be stressful because so many of us become glass-is-half-empty people. If we don't have a significant other we feel unfulfilled. If we have a significant other and we can't spend the day with him or her, we are lonely. If last Valentine's Day we spent the weekend in a hot tub in a hotel room overlooking Niagara Falls, where do we have to go this year in order to not feel let down? Cancun? And then next year St. Tropez? Brother!

    A good husband shows his wife he loves her all year and Valentine's Day is just that: a day. I go along with it. Flowers, candy, write something nice in a card, dinner out. It's not rocket science, you know? But if you are going to make a big deal out of it and then be a so-so husband the rest of the year, what was the point? Isn't it disingenuous to make a big deal out of the holiday and then act like a jerk the rest of the year? And then by the same token, if you were good to your wife the rest of the year, there should not be much to prove on 2/14.

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    Tastam ^_^

    You're not early. I was just at the grocery store the other day and they already have that stuff displayed everywhere to stress everyone out already.

    My husband and I are kind of similar to you and your boyfriend when it comes to Valentines Day. We don't put any effort towards it; we don't even go out to dinner or any of that fancy stuff. We just spend time with each other at home... But I will admit that he does get me a cheap $1 rose. He knows i don't expect anything or care for this made up holiday, he just wants to.

    I have to agree with @3blackdogs, I think it's a conspiracy! It's a day where everyone feels pressured to spend their money or other people will be offended. Just like Christmas.

    Get ready for the Valentines day commercial re-runs.

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    I love Valentines Day. Its a day that you get yourself dolled up, and do very romantic things with your significant other. Romantic nights aren't special anymore? You gotta keep them special and make an effort to make your "love" special. Just like you used to. Dont stop now :)

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    Christy, we have had Valentine's Day stuff out in stores starting weeks ago! I have only ever been with a guy once on Valentine's Day. We didn't do anything aside out of the ordinary. I think I got him a card and ended up not giving it to him because he didn't give me anything so I didn't want him to feel bad by giving him something.

    One year, a guy friend cooked all of us ladies dinner on Valentine's Day and we had a dinner party.

    Oh man and my mom used to think Valentine's Day was for everyone and that children should do something nice for their parents on Valentine's Day. I always thought of it as a couple's day so I wouldn't get her anything and she'd feel hurt...

    3BD- So excited for half price chocolate!

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    Hi tastam,

    I think valentines day is cute and romantic. I like it. But it is rough being single at this time of year. I think that it is rough but after that day, you get over it.

    I don't have any tradition that I uphold every year. My mom doesn't do anything for me or my siblings, even though some kids have their parents do cute things for them.

    My dad and stepmom hate valentines day too because they think it's dumb that this holiday is basically made up so that you buy candy and jewelry.

    Happy valentines day ;)

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...


    Amusingly enough, I just had a conversation with my mother about my hate for how Valentine's Day colors thoughts, actions, desires, etc for a set amount of time during the year. For me, it's additionally irritating because it's right around the time it begins to feel like my Anniversary is right around the corner, and as my partner and I aren't married that raises the inevitable questions from surrounding parties.

    Similarly, my partner and I never celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day (too expensive), and usually just reserve a date day rather than actively recognize the day of Valentine's death as being overly significant. We don't really expect anything from one another other than a day we can both enjoy. Gifts are moot, and we'd rather receive those spontaneously through the year... for us it's just an excuse to set aside a day to be together.

    As for if we do get gifts, it would vary based on the year. Last year, I tied practicality and cliche together to buy my partner the kind of gum and the kind of chocolate bar he eats regularly and buys one-pack-at-a-time. To save money, I found some in bulk and purchased it, and he hasn't had to buy it in about a year now. It saved him over $100 in the long run, given the inflated prices for single bars/packs, which is more the gift than the items themselves. So usually there's some financial or practical benefit, though usually some whimsical or romantic quality to any of the gifts we get one another at any point of the year.

    This year, though, I think our gifts to one another is a day together and otherwise money to spend on classes/books/etc.

    Again, good luck and congratulations on the future engagement!

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    My video is hilarious and awesome and terrible.

    My point: I do not care about Valentine's Day and other contrived holidays that exploit human emotions especially to drive revenue and promote capitalism.

    and i'm out!


    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...


    Even though I've never had anyone to celebrate with before, I've always liked the holiday. I always enjoyed making valentines for my friends to hand out. And my parents usually get me chocolate, even if I've never had a boyfriend to celebrate with in years past.

    One year I made cookies to hand out to all my friends. Another year I handed out those sweet heart candies. And I still remember my first Valentine's Day of college (already eleven years ago), where I hand wrote little encouraging notes on scrolls for everyone in my acting class.

    In high school we used to put on benefit shows where a bunch of local bands would come out and play that night. Then all the proceeds from the show would go to a women's shelter or some organization that was fighting violence against women.

    In college, I used to go see the Vagina Monologues performed every year on Valentine's Day. I thought it was a fun tradition.

    This year I'm kind of excited. I actually have a boyfriend to think about. But I am terrible with dates and deadlines. I'm just looking at this as an excuse to work on a project I've been thinking about for months. But who knows if I'll actually be finished in time for Valentine's Day, anyway?

    I try to show my boyfriend how much I care about him on a daily basis. But sometimes it can be nice to do something a little extra. And why not do it on Valentine's Day?

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    I see a lot of mixed emotions on this post, and I completely understand.

    It was awful when I was single! I used to call it "D-Day". Everybody would talk about their Valentine's Day plans, and all I kept thinking was how I usually ended up crying and eating something I regretted. LOL! Sad, but true. I would watch Bridget Jones' Diary or another chick flick, (That was the one time a year when I would watch chick flicks.) and snuggle among a bunch of pillows with cookie dough and/or Coldstone. I would also buy myself something pretty to make myself feel better.

    One year, I got a carnation-gram from a secret admirer who I had never spoken to. That was creepy.

    The only time I truly looked forward to Valentine's Day was in grade school. This was the one time of year when everybody passed out candy and you found out how people felt about you. I remember getting offended if someone got a fantastic personalized message and I didn't. One year, somebody passed out pennies as a "treat". LAME! I rarely got candy as a child, so I would eat as much candy as I could and then hoard the rest.

    And those little chalk-y hearts in a box are NOT candy. Those things are a waste of effort.

    With my husband, we never celebrate it. I agree with @Liss that it's such a Hallmark holiday simply meant to make money. Or to eat lots of candy. And have a good cry. ;)

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    I can't remember ever celebrating Valentine's Day in a proper way.

    I like what innocenceproject says above: if you're treating your partner well all year long, then Valentine's Day is just another chance to do so. And I'm not gonna lie -- I would enjoy having someone do the traditional Valentine's things for me on Valentine's Day. Not every year, but... just once would be fun.

    For everyone who wants to read about St. Valentine, check out the wikipedia page . TL;DR: There were 3 Saints Valentine, though their stories were similar enough that they may have all been the same person. There's so little information about St. Valentine that some theorists believe that the Feast of St. Valentine as we know it today was fashioned after Lupercalia, a Roman springtime festival. Betcha won't see those fun facts on a drugstore Valentine!

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    I think Valentines Day is just a simple tradition meant to celebrate love for others (be it a sister, brother, uncle, back-door-across-the-street-neighbor, etc). It is simply a time to remember who is in your life and make a little extra time for them.

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    I love Valentine's day pretty much because my girlfriend does, and I love to see her happy. I think that Valentine's day is just a day to remember and celebrate love. I buy my mom something every Valentine's day too, just to remind her that she will always be my one true love! We don't really have any traditions other that we try to spend the day together if possible, depending on work and life schedules. I don't think it even needs to cost money. Just a gesture can go a long way.

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    Omg, you just reminded me of the days in NYC during Valentines day! The worst experiences ever. I couldn't even keep count of how many balloons that hit my head in the subway trains, or how many huge teddy bears that knocked me over on the streets near Times Square while getting off work.

    If you hate valentines day, don't go to NYC on that day or you will hate yourself.


    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I enjoyed reading your point of view on this holiday. It was interesting to read why some of you like this holiday, and why some of you don't. Everyone seems to have had some pretty interesting Valentines day experiences. I hope everyone has an enjoyable V-day this year!

    Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

    I LOVE Valentine's Day! It's actually one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because about 36 years ago someone really fabulous was born...ME!

    Having Valentine's Day as a birthday has always been really fun. When I was little, I got to have parties at school and everyone made a big deal. Now, I get spoiled all day and people still make a big deal.

    I don't have any particular traditions, I just like to whatever I feel like and as I mentioned above, I enjoy being spoiled rotten. My husband knows the expectations and indulges me.