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    All nighter

    created by Dreamchaser 1436 days 22 hours 7 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    All nighter

    So I couldn't sleep at all and pulled an allnighter. I feel fine now but I'm sure I'll feel horrible later on. And since I have a lot to do I can't sleep
    during the day. So my question is can you pull of an allnighter and still function properly?

    Re: All nighter

    I normally cannot, but hope you were productive in your all-nighter! The most recent time that stayed up for most of the night because I couldn't shut my brain off, and had a Red Bull later than I should, was around Black Friday. I stayed up and worked on my online errands, so that was cool. The problem is, is that when I wake up the next morning, I feel completely hungover and I'm like a walking zombie. See, in my family, the women including me, my mom, aunt, and grandma all get flu-like symptoms if we don't get enough sleep. It is weird. That also means that I have to make sure I get enough sleep, and I start to get a migraine in addition if I don't.

    However, if I want to stay up purposefully, I take a short nap, and then drink a Red Bull and take a B-12 pill. Red Bull is amazing and makes everything feel like it is moving up and down. Plus, I talk at the speed of a madwoman! Amazing!

    My best bet though, and what I have found to be most effective for me is to go to sleep and wake up at 2am, let's say. That way, I trick my brain temporarily into thinking that I have slept enough. This will later come back to haunt me between 10-12 as my brain realizes that BLAST! I WAS BAMBOOZLED. And then, the uncontrollable laughing spells come until I get my pretty little ass back to sleep.

    So; can I function? Yes, but I act like a blithering idiot. Nothing more than usual, I guess. :)

    Re: All nighter

    I am not sure I have said this yet... if I have not. I am sorry... anyway

    Welcome to CNET

    All nighters? It has been a long time since I have completed a true all nighter. I have done it, a couple of times at camp (girls, diabetic) and at sleep overs.

    There was one time I was out until 5am. Playing with friend, I was stupid. I had school the next day. My parents were of the frame of mind, that if you played you need to pay. That I could not call in sick, just because of a party, or I was up all night. My mom was sitting right there in the chair when I got home, telling me I had an hour I could sleep, but I had to be up and ready for school and go to school she would check up on me with it.

    Some of the times I was up all night, was because I get so engrossed into my books (I love to read)
    My mom would make sure I went to school.

    The idea of if I play I need to pay. Is so ingrained into my brain that if I stay up late, or if I cannot sleep (which is often) that I still have to work.

    The past couple of weeks I have not slept well (for various reasons--stress at work, life experiences, medical worries) But I have still gone into work. I feel I can still function.

    I sometimes load up on caffeine, but I still function