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    Collegenet post limit

    created by Dreamchaser 1435 days 15 hours 31 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Collegenet post limit

    Do you wish you could post more than 5 times per day? Do you wish you could create more than 1 forum per day? I sometimes have multiple topics I want to discuss but I forget the topic the next day.

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    Re: Collegenet post limit

    Hi Future,

    Having to post 5 times a day is killing me; I just cant. I think the problem for me is that I post late at night and at the time I'm usually sleepy. Never thought I would say this but the 5 posts are "perfect". Some days I'm on a roll and wish I had more posts or think "damn I used my posts already" lol. ...... But give me my 5 posts :)

    It's funny because I thought to myself, "Would if C'net decides to increase the post limit" I would die..... Literally


    Re: Collegenet post limit

    I always love this topic!!

    GREAT Timing too...

    I really do have these moments everyday - wishing I could post more than 5 posts or more than one forum :)

    Yet, as a Veteran and being here so long, I have really learned to appreciate the 5 posts and only one forum. I look at it on a deeper level and more long term, as could I really commit more than the 5 I do now daily? Would I like to know others are posting more than me because they can?? Would we put as much thought into our forums each day if we could post 5 a day or so?? Etc.. Etc... I could go on...

    Either way, there are also days I barely make the 5 and it seems like a a lot when writing almost an essay 5 times everyday, it definitely adds up and can take a toll on you and become a big part of your life.

    I put a lot into assuring I get my posts in and I narrow my topics down, or browse my thoughts before posting, to assure I use my forum of the day for "the one" I really want to... instead of posting the first thing that comes to mind, or not thinking on it a bit more (which I admit I do this sometimes with regret and sometimes without regret)...

    AWESOME Topic!! Looking forward to hearing from more of you on this and Good Luck to you all... Believe me for those of you who are "newer" it gets easier to get into a routine and fit CNET into your day to day schedule posting everyday and what not... and I wish all of you the best with this and hope to see you all stick around :)

    Good Luck to everyone here in each election and all that life throws your way :)

    Re: Collegenet post limit

    I think five is sort of the perfect number.

    I admit there are days when five is hard to reach. Sometimes, I'm not interested in the topics being discussed. Sometimes, I do not have the time or I am simply too exhausted to read through the many stellar forums and think up suitable responses.

    There are days where five is certainly not enough. Sometimes, I have a lot to say.

    But limiting us allows us to strategize. It makes us pick and choose which forums we want to disperse our thoughts to.

    At this point in time, I am finding it hard to drum up forums that create responses. There are many great forums being created every day. If the forum/post limit were raised, I fear my own forums would be buried quicker and receive less responses.

    I just fine with five.

    Re: Collegenet post limit

    Hey Nichole, thanks for the reply. Yes I guess it will take some getting used to. I really do like CNET it has great people and great family. Thank you.