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    What Makes Your House A Home?

    created by Tastam90 1424 days 12 hours 8 minutes ago

    Category: World

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    What Makes Your House A Home?

    Today my friend came over and she helped me unpack and put away all of my kitchen stuff. She has helped me move everytime I had to. This time I had to do it without her and I felt a little lost. I was glad she came over to help me put everything away. With my kitchen fully put away and food in the fridge and cabinets, I finally feel like my house is becoming a home! I can cook meals and am starting to feel a little more comfortable everyday! I think Russle is starting to get more comfortable in the house too!

    What makes your house or apartment feel like a home?

    Re: What Makes Your House A Home?

    Seems we are running alot on our wifi today. My videos are slow. So glad you and your man bought a home!! Congraulations, lil mama!

    I completely agree that organization makes a house a home. It is so important to know where things belong and have a clean home. When things are in disarray it is difficult to feel comfortable and make the space your own.

    We're still working on it. I have so many clothes!!


    Re: What Makes Your House A Home?

    I think it's who is in the place that makes it feel like home!

    Two of my guy friends stayed over last night. They did not really know each other before but it was nice to hear them talking about serious things. This morning, I woke up to one of them making eggs and the other making tea. It really made me smile to have my friends getting along. The apartment just felt "full".

    I call lots of places "home". I have friends that share an apartment and throw dance parties every month. One of our friends is almost finished with culinary school and he comes over and cooks and/or bakes. One of the residents is the bartender for everyone. Whatever these people have, they share. Lincoln is invited to these parties. Lots of my friends show up. It just feels like home.

    Tastam- I think you are right about the groceries. I go home to my house and there's like no groceries there. It just doesn't feel like home that way. In the past, the fridge would be brimming with groceries and my mom would cook up a storm. I'd have friends over and she'd insist on feeding people.

    P.S. You are lucky to have that friend!

    Re: What Makes Your House A Home?

    Hey Teresa!

    Man, moving into your own house must be awesome! You probably feel all accomplished and stuff, huh?

    I haven't really had my own place, but I imagine that the only way to make where I'm living feel like a home is to have family and friends over and start making memories there. I think no matter where I'm living, as long as I'm spending time with the people I love it will have a homely feel.

    There's this quote from John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars" (I know, I'm essentially a teenage girl) that is, I think, an articulate way of expressing what I'm trying to get at: "the weird thing about houses is that they almost always look like nothing is happening inside of them, even though they contain most of our lives."

    Re: What Makes Your House A Home?

    I was going to say something to the effect of doing personal things in the house. When you've cooked and cleaned and showered and watched a movie and walked around in your underpants, you start to get this nonchalant camaraderie with your home that makes you feel settled in. Time can get you to that level, but so can farting loudly in the living room or spending at least one hour prancing about naked. It's important to have rituals that make that place feel like your personal space, whatever they are.

    I have yet to have an apartment that really feels like a home, insomuch as I never actually owned the place, so that's sort of a thing for me too. If I'm living in an apartment, I know I need permission to smash down a wall or change the floor or something like that, whereas in my home I can actually do what I want because it's my space. Wherever I end up really living, I eventually want to be able to call it mine and have the deed in my sock drawer.

    Actually a big thing that would make me feel like the place is mine, that it's a home, is if it's got some land around it too. The more the better, because I don't like not having a yard, and actually am not a huge fan of neighbors either. Lookin in my windows and stealing my newspaper, oh hell no! I want an orchard of blossoming trees, to be able to do my own landscaping, have the sense that I can essentially do what I'd like, it's my property and my home and there's nobody around. Perhaps one of the things I like is privacy, knowing I can be left alone, and having that quality to a place really lets me be comfortable? If I feel like I have privacy in a home made of glass, I'll be cool.

    But really it's a million things. The memories you have there, gatherings of your good friends over tequila and nachos, watching a movie, being really scared of the fridge when it starts a cooling cycle when you're getting a glass of water at 2am. Stuff like that. By all means warm the place up, do the fart thing I talked about or crap with the bathroom door open, but really you just gotta open yourself up, be personal with the place, and give it time. Homes come out of accumulated experiences.

    And smells from the kitchen! Food this time, not farts. I want Italian!

    Re: What Makes Your House A Home?

    Love and family. Isn't that the most cliché answer ever? But it is true. I think the experiences and the people within your house is what makes it a home. I have been in some of my friend's homes and they are like cold, quiet museums. Everyone is tucked away in their rooms, doing their own things. My home always has stuff going on and everyone who lives there is involved. It should be a warm, welcoming environment. Homes should be a safe haven. It makes me uncomfortable to be in homes that are not like that.

    With that said, I love when homes looked like they are lived in. I don't mind there being children's toys in the hallway or messed up blankets on the couch. A small degree of disorganization is okay with me. Also, like Tenken said, the smell of home-cooked food is always wonderful! Especially if it from chocolate chip cookies!

    Because I live in an apartment with my partner, we made our area "homey" by putting up pictures everywhere. We have dogs as well so they kind of keep things interesting. We are really into things smelling nice, so there is usually a candle burning. Smells play a huge role in forming memories for me.

    Re: What Makes Your House A Home?

    Our family moved into a new house a few months ago, but it took a while to get furniture arranged, art on the walls, etc. I was away for several weeks and when I came back, it really felt like our home because all of our "stuff" was there and "in place."

    Of course, shinny is right that it's family and love that makes a house a home. But I agree with the others too - a place where we feel comfortable hosting our friends. Our home is an extension of who we are and in a very real way, we introduce and "disclose" ourselves to our guests by letting them experience our home.

    Re: What Makes Your House A Home?

    Thank you for responding! I agree with all of you on what you listed as necessities to make a house a home. Right now I'm laying in bed full of some chicken stew and watching Eastbound and Down. Sunday nights are the best! I feel so at home! It's so nice to finally feel at home!

    Thanks again for the responses!