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    How Do You Choose Titles for Your C-Net Forums?

    created by EKC 1423 days 7 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    How Do You Choose Titles for Your C-Net Forums?

    The tabloids in the supermarket check-out line crack me up with their sensationalism. But, they certainly catch my eye.

    It got me to thinking about the Discussion Forum Titles here on C-Net. Of course, when any of us start a forum, our goal is to encourage others to participate in discussion. The first part of any forum that we see is the title, so it seems to me there's nothing wrong with working to make it engaging. But, would it be legitimate to tend toward the 'sensational' in the title to make the forum more readily noticeable?

    I'm not speaking of being inaccurate or of embellishing, but I'm sure you know what I mean when I say the same information can be conveyed in multiple ways - and some are more interesting or eye-catching than others. Some words are more compelling, for instance, and punctuation or even ALL CAPS might be tools worth considering.

    What process do you go through in selecting your forum titles?

    Re: How Do You Choose Titles for Your C-Net Forums?

    Hi EKC ^_^

    It actually all just comes to me. Sometimes I'll be walking to class and I ask myself a question in my thoughts and then a light bulb hits and i'm like "that should be a CNET question!"

    That's basically it, haha, or i'll see a sign that reminds me of something. For example, I think it was last week that I posted about keeping my head out of the gutter. I got that from a McDonald sign that sounded very inappropriate, but I think only people like me would read in-between those lines.