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    I Made It To 5000 WoW

    created by Goober . 1423 days 13 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

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    I Made It To 5000 WoW

    I have or will hit 5000, (depending on when I create this forum) by the end of the day

    I was in a huge debate about doing a 5000 forum, mainly because I had no idea what to do for the forum idea. But I was told by important people (to me at least— on Facebook, that I needed to do it)

    I thought of multiples of 5…
    I am all about choices—please choose at least one.
    1) You can list 5 things about the person that posted before you
    2) Tell us 5 things you have accomplished this year
    3) Tell us 5 things you hope to accomplish by this time next year
    4) Help 5 people this week (Thanksgiving week)
    5) Have/cook 5 desserts (Thanksgiving week) – maybe one a day

    1—I cannot, so I will just take a pass on this one

    2— I have supported the company, although I was rejected for a major project.
    I hit 5000 posts… when I started I really was not sure of that… huge overwhelming number
    I started talking on video posts… (big for me)
    I completed a personal goal of — weight loss
    I have helped family— sometimes that is hard

    3— I would love my brother to get back on his own (helping family is important to me)
    See my sister-in-law sober (she is in rehab right now)
    A date… just one with a good fellow… that is a hope
    Help one of my kids (the group I volunteer with) graduate high school
    Find some comfortable shoes that will not end up hurting my feet by the end of the day

    4— I should be able to do it, I am going to a local tourist spot, “Temple Square” On Wed. Plus work 2 days.

    5— Diabetic… although for cnet I will at least have one of the pies, cakes, and brownies I will be cooking

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW


    what an achievement.


    I left my 5 things I hope to do by next year on the video..

    but let me tell you 5 things I like about you!

    1..of are a goob. and you do the snoopy dance without any cares of the world. that's awesome! are amazing. I think I have learned a lot about you this past year or so than I did before that time.

    3.. you are generous. what more can I say than that? are a fighter. you are still beating up that speech ting and taking care of your diabetes. are a contributor to the world, life..and collegenet. Glad to have you aboard as a friend!


    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    AWESOME 5000 is BIG!! CONGRATS Goober!!

    So for me I will choose to first tell you all five things I want to accomplish by this time next year:

    1. In my own apartment

    2. Working a part-time job along with cleaning more houses regularly.

    3. Having my 3 year old start Pre-K or "head start"

    4. Having at least 1 or 2 of the few surgeries/operations I need in order to be able to at least eat more than liquids and semi-soft foods...

    5. Be done with my Bachelor's degree (current program) and on to further my degree's :)

    As far as helping others for Thanksgiving, I also choose this in a way. Each year, I set my own goal of 3 people on Thanksgiving and 1 person each day of the week, heading up to Thanksgiving... So I definitely will be taking this on again this year. I was too late for signing up to volunteer at the homeless shelter this year, but am on the "back up" list in case they need more help :)

    Thanks for a great forum!! Looking forward to hearing more responses on this & seeing what others will choose :)

    CONGRATS again!! Good Luck to you all in each election here & all you do daily :)

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Congratulations Miss Cari!!! 5000 is huge and such a grand accomplishment!! Celebrate!! ((Snoopy Dance))

    Let's see here, I'd like to actually choose two of the choices to write about. First the goals I'd like to accomplish by this time next year.

    1.) I'd like to be out of this wheelchair of course and back on my feet. Which means I need to have this spin surgery ASAP and start physical therapy to basically learn how to use my legs again.

    2.) I will have petitioned for my next degree of Sociology and receive my actual paper degree to hang someplace. I take great pride in my degrees because it's been a wild and almost at times seemed like an impossible ride. But I've accomplished it and they will forever be on my wall as a reminder that you can achieve what you put your mind to.

    3.) I'd love to have found a bachelor program and started taking classes. A bachelor is a dream of mine in which I've never let go of and won't. That degree will also be on my wall someday.

    4.) I'd like to be able to say in the next year that my health is significantly better. Now how this is going to happen I don't know to be honest but I'm hoping for the best. I just know I have to remain strong, brave, and look ahead to strive for the future.

    5.) I'm also looking forward to being here with Cnet and everyone and continuing my journey to pay for schooling. Plus, I kinda like you guys. Okay that's a lie...I freaking love you all!! You've all been such great motivators and inspirations. I thank you all for everything I've experienced and learned here over the past almost 6 years!!

    The next choice I'd like to do is saying 5 somethings about the person above me. NICHOLE!!

    1.) You are so sweet and carrying. You've got a heart of gold and it shows through and through.

    2.) You have shown such braveness in everything you do and all you've been through. You truly inspire me and I thank you for that.

    3.) you can definitely put a smile on someone's face at the best times. Another thing I'm personally thankful for because those smiles are needed and appreciated. Especially when it's a total surprise like a random message!! :)

    4.) You're a fighter and tough as nails. After all, you have birth and was writing on Cnet!! Like really?? Girl you're awesome!

    5.) You're a complete sweetheart, caring as can be, an make anyone you talk to feel blessed. Thank you for reaching out to me at one of the toughest times and helping me reconnect with Cnet.

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Hey Goober!

    Congrats on your 5k! That is a huge deal.

    Hmmm I am going to go the same route as Nichole and pick 5 things I hope to accomplish by this time next year:

    1) Graduate from university!
    2) Get a job!
    3) Move to Japan!
    4) Have more of my novel edited!
    5) Make new, real life friends in my new home!

    This upcoming year is going to be HUGE for me. Fingers crossed the transition goes well :) I am so excited to finally be done with school!

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Well I for one am glad your around because I must say your a pretty awesome gal :)

    We are friends on Facebook and I kind of really like you as a friend even though I have never met you in person.

    I hope you get all you want and more :)

    Here are mine:

    1. Raise the money to go to Mangochi Malawai in June. Return safely. (two part one)
    2. Have a really great date (day) with my husband today. (we are due to drop the kiddos off at the in laws in about an hour.
    3. Help my friend over in Tanzania with his ministry of raising money to get orphans in school and sponsored. He's named me the American contact for people who want to help. That's pretty cool.
    4. Keep in the word every day... and in prayer. Don't lose heart when things get tough.
    5. Stay married for the rest of my life until I or my husband are called home :)

    Those are all pretty long term goals as well :)


    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Cari: CONGRATULATIONS!! That's an amazing accomplishment. You've been a staple on this site since you've started, and I admire your dedication to the CNet community.

    Karliereyrey: You're helping orphans get educated and cared for. I just want to take a moment to say that you are a wonderful human being. Don't ever forget that. And don't ever stop. I think that's quite amazing of you.

    Helping 5 people this Thanksgiving week is a personal challenge I'd like to take on. I'll have to report back on my experiences next weekend.

    For now, I shall follow suit and post the five things I'd like to accomplish by this time next year:

    1) I hope to find a job willing to work around my insane course schedule... This year I had to quit my well paying job that has been supporting me and my family in order to transfer to an intensive, accelerated program to finish my studies. It's been the scariest thing to do in my life so far. I'm going to need a job soon or risk being homeless with a 4 year old - that's not an option. I will find something and make things work. I refuse to be any less positive about that.

    2) I'd like to have beaten my running goals in timed races for a 10K and 15K.

    3) This time next year, I'm going to just have surpassed the one year relationship mark with My Favorite. I think the first year of relationships are trying. It's where you're still learning about one another and determining if you'd like to stick together in life for the long haul. I already know I want My Favorite around for many many years to come.

    4) I hope I'll be submitting my completed applications to the graduate programs of my dreams with confidence.

    5) I want to have found my home with a volunteer organization. I'm finding myself wanting to give back to the world more and more as time goes by. I'm currently researching local volunteer opportunities, and I hope by this time next year I'll be a regular face at a certain charitable group.

    Again, congratulations Cari!!

    To everyone - hope your weekends are progressing phenomenally.
    - Elle

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Yay, congratulations!

    Woo hoo! Choices!!

    1) You can list 5 things about the person that posted before you

    Elle!- Ashley is awesome! She is

    a Momma
    a dancer
    a good friend
    and I already said she is awesome!

    2) Tell us 5 things you have accomplished this year

    got hired at an awesome job that I love
    got a 4.0 this summer
    only lost one friend this summer- could be worse!
    started and continuing my final stretch of undergrad
    helped moved one of my best friends to chicago

    3) Tell us 5 things you hope to accomplish by this time next year

    full time job
    improved health & wellness
    solid on grad school apps
    planning an awesome party for man of my dreams graduation
    can cook at least one meal

    I don't understand how to answer the last two...list the things and people?

    Happy Thanksgiving season, everyone.


    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Gooooo-ber! Yes! Yahoooooo!!

    I am thrilled for you! You are one of the rocks of this site and you are as such an encouragement to me and I am sure many others!

    I am about to hit my 1000 and need to keep accumulating those thousands!

    Here are my five:

    5 things I hope to accomplish by this time next year:

    1. I hope to be out of all credit card debt (I will have a car loan, mortgage, and student loans still)

    2. I want to have taken a great vacation with my husband- like an island resort or go to the Galapagos, or mountain climbing, kayaking cross country, something wonderful and different.

    3. Since my daughter is getting married in May, I want to know next year that I was a great help to her in all the planning for the wedding and am a great support to the new couple after it.

    4. I need a new job and have been hunting for almost a year. By next year this time, I will have a new job even if I have to move for it.

    5. I hope to have made enough money to pay for grad school without having to dip into my own funds!

    There you have it! I am still coming over to celebrate with some pumpkin or apple pie, so pull out the forks!! I'll be there in about a half hour! ;-)

    Congrats my CNet sister!

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW


    5 things about Fiveroses.


    1. She has a great husband
    2. She is a Latina
    3. She is very nurturing
    4. She is a good mother
    5. She is going to make an amazing Doctor.

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Congratulations Goobster! I was just thinking the other day how strange it is how long I've been on Collegenet, yet it just doesn't seem that long either. The numbers do say wonders though, isn't it odd? Not in a bad way, just in general, haha.

    Also, I always am at loss as to what to do for my party forums, you know? I have one coming up I believe, yet I have no idea what I will be doing for it. (If I remember at all, haha!)

    Alright, here goes!

    2. (I need a chance to bring myself up a bit… I've been in a shit mod today, excuse my French, so I just need a bit of a pick me up. It’s good to be proud of yourself and remember even the smallest of accomplishments, you know?). I have (Now I’m having trouble finding anything…. How sad.)…..:
    - Developed more of a sense of self control. (Maybe in some areas more than others.)
    - I have kept up with Collegenet for the most part. (This may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but to me it is.)
    - I have distanced myself from people who are unhealthy for me. And I am still in the midst of this process. I need to surround myself with people who are good for me…. As selfish as this may be, it is a form of self-help.
    - I have reached out and am seeking help for the first time in a professional manner.
    - I am me! That is always an accomplishment!

    - Maryham

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Congrats Goober! That is a great accomplishment!!

    OOOOhhhhhhh!!!! I got Eric!!! YES!

    1. Funny
    2. Extremely patient
    3. Poet
    4. Caring
    5. Will make an amazing case worker

    I'll add a bit more.

    1. Paid off my truck
    2. Ran a 10K
    3. Learned how to sew
    4. Won CNet scholarships
    5. Passed my evaluation at work to get a 2% raise

    Congrats again, Goober!

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW


    Being goal-oriented, I'm accepting the challenge to list 5 things I hope to accomplish in the next year:

    1. Graduate from high school (scheduled to occur early 2015!)
    2. Start college
    3. Get my first job
    4. Get my driver's license (long story but that hasn't happened yet)
    5. Get some practical experience in recording and music technology

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Big achievement! Congratulations. Cnet would definitely not be the same without you!

    5 things I've accomplished this year in no particular order:

    My master's degree

    Having a baby

    Completing a graduate certificate in disability studies

    Getting my master's level social work license

    Starting a new career.

    Wow, I've had a big year!

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Cari, CONGRATULATIONS! WOOOOHOOOO. 5,000 is a huge accomplishment.

    1) You can list 5 things about the person that posted before you

    That is Gene so:
    Beautiful voice
    Super woman

    2) Tell us 5 things you have accomplished this year
    Experience as an adjunct professor
    Lifetime membership to AISES
    Mentor through AISES
    Hopefully the chance to see my brother gain control of his life

    3) Tell us 5 things you hope to accomplish by this time next year
    Paying down my student loan debt to the point that I can get pregnant
    Getting pregnant (hopefully it will not be too late)
    Convincing my brother to live with us to get his GED, license and some job experience
    Watching my cousin graduate finally (I am hoping he has not dropped out of college again)
    Having a larger reception for the friends and family who we were not able to invite to our wedding

    4) Help 5 people this week (Thanksgiving week)
    My friend who is cooking Thanksgiving dinner
    A former student with her personal statement and CV for a scholarship to field school
    A new mentee with graduate school applications and funding resources
    A current student with writing the 3rd paper
    Helping my brother with his transition into adulthood

    5) Have/cook 5 desserts (Thanksgiving week) – maybe one a day
    It's funny, I have never made a desert - no, that is not true
    I made a carrot cake once and my mother told me it was dry. In fact she made fun of the entire meal I cooked that night, so I decided not to cook for a long time.
    I did make cookies from a package once while I was in graduate school, so I am not sure that counts (especially since I ate them for more than desert)
    Then there were the two pumpkin breads I baked - but that was for breakfast and from a mix

    Moral of that story is I need to get better at baking! And I mean baking from scratch. hmmmm, maybe I can get my husband (the baker) to teach me how to bake pies.......

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Wow! 5000! That seems like an amazingly daunting task to someone who just passed 100! But good for you, that really takes dedication.
    It sounds like you really have a lot on your plate with school, work, and your volunteering, so it really is amazing you are as dedicated as you are.

    Here are the 5 things I hope to accomplish by this time next year:
    1. I will hopefully be ready to start student teaching by Fall Semester 2016, so hopefully I will be doing that.
    2. Go back to full time work: I cut down this semester because it was my first full time school schedule, but I really need the additional hours I am missing out on. This may mean taking less classes. I have not quite figured out yet what I need to do, so hopefully this time next year I will have a workable solution.
    3. Clean out my moms basement. I have promised to do this for years. I NEED to do it. Also I need to go through all my old childhood toys, and put anything that is sellable on Ebay. Again, this is something I have been meaning to do for years and I think it will help me earn a little extra money.
    4. Start writing again. I used to write a lot, and have had a few things published. Lately with school and work, I am always tired and not feeling very creative. I need to get back to it.
    5. Try eating gluten free for a few months. I am torn on gluten, some say it is a myth, some say fact, but I have heard for inflammatory diseases, (I have rheumatoid Arthritis) going gluten free is ideal. I do know, it is one of those things you can't cheat at though. YOu need to totally eliminate gluten. If you mess up and eat something, unlike on a diet, you have to start the whole thing over. So, I would like to get dedicated and start doing that.

    So Goober, good luck and here's to 5000 more!

    Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

    Hi Goobs!
    I am so proud of you! 5000 posts means you are dedicated!

    I know you didn't post this as a choice, but as you say we all have choices soooo... I think I will list 5 things great about YOU! Plus this forum is a celebration of you so I think it only fitting to get you in on this action here!

    1) A kind soul
    2) Funny
    3) Very caring
    4) A great friend
    5) Hard working

    Loves to you Goobs!