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    Would you buy Hitler's art?

    created by Genevieve 1485 days 23 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Would you buy Hitler's art?

    A 100 year old painting is going up for auction that was painted by Hitler. The auction house is expecting it to sell for at least 50,000 Euros, but could go for twice that.


    Would you want a painting by Adolf Hitler?

    Should this art work be preserved or destroyed?

    Re: Would you buy Hitler's art?

    Despite Hitler being every bad word under the sun, the art isn't that bad. Is it something that people would flock too with his name? I don't think so, but then again I do not have an eye for art. I'm actually a bit surprised that someone with so much hate was able to find it in himself to paint something of beauty.

    I don't know if it should be destroyed or preserved. I guess it doesn't matter. It is a cool thing and maybe could be put in a museum somewhere for people to appreciate. It reminded me of all the research that was done during the Holocaust and how the information doesn't get used because of the way it was obtained. I know this painting isn't anything like that, but it brought it to mind. It makes me want to have it destroyed just because he represents such hate and fear from his actions.

    I will be watching to see how much it goes for. I'm sure there is someone out there, unfortunately, that have the same belief patterns as Hitler and would love his art.

    Re: Would you buy Hitler's art?


    They also had Hitlers childhood home going on the market as well but for use like for business not for personal use.

    Would I use anything or buy anything of Hitlers? Nope.

    Poor guy. He destroyed a lot of people with foolish ideas. I don't care if it's history. It's not the kind that I want to support :)

    If I was going to buy something.. it wouldn't be something that someone who killed and hated a certain race or religious belief over.



    Re: Would you buy Hitler's art?

    I don't think I would want it, but I also don't think it should be destroyed. Art is art, and regardless of the quality of this work, it has historical significance.

    For anyone who might be in favor of destroying Hitler's artwork, I'd ask, would you also be in favor of destroying anything written by Hitler? It's perhaps easier to grasp why his writings would be historically valuable, especially to increase understanding about the man, why he did what he did, what his plans were, and so forth. Actually, since writing is no less a creative outlet than art, I'd say Hitler's artwork might provide clues to his madness.

    Re: Would you buy Hitler's art?

    I agree with all of you, shinny, Karlie, and EKC that I would not want to own anything painted by Hitler. I also agree that it shouldn't be destroyed either. At the same time, I don't really know what should be done with it.

    Karlie, I've never heard anyone refer to Hitler as a 'poor guy.' I'm still trying to decide what I think about that concept...

    Re: Would you buy Hitler's art?

    Okay now before I begin, I'm pretty sure that we can all agree that Hitler was a monster of a man and in no way should his actions be glorified or revered.

    With that being said, I think destroying any work of art is a shame and a waste, regardless of who made that particular work of art. Every work of art is like a child being brought into this world.You wouldn't condemn a child for the actions of their father, would you? I see nothing wrong with collecting his works of art, but I can see how some people can have trouble separating the man from the art.

    Re: Would you buy Hitler's art?

    Would I personally buy Hitler's art? No. I believe Hitler was a cruel person who committed a lot of bad deeds. As far as the art goes, I believe it should be something in a museum became it seems a bit historical. By putting it up in a museum you are not supporting what Hitler did. Art is art, regardless of how bad the person who made it is. In my humble opinion, the are should be put up in a museum NOT so Hitler can be praised or anything of that sort, but to shown the historical suffering of his deeds as well as show casing the art. Anything form that point, should be in remembrance that this was a human who cause so much harm to the lives of other human beings.

    Re: Would you buy Hitler's art?

    Well, if I had all the money in the world, maybe. I disagree with anyone saying the reason to not buy his art is because he is a cruel man. First of all, he is dead. Thank goodness he is, because he was crazy. With that fact said, buying art is not promoting that you are pro Hitler or supporting him. It isn't like he is going to get paid for the artwork. I, being an artist at an art college, appreciate all types of art. Historical art is probably one of my favorite! If I owned a piece of history I would be very happy. Yes, Hitler was an awful person for everything he has done, but I disagree that it is considered wrong to own his art, after he is dead. RIP to all the families who were torched or perished in the Holocaust.