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    Talking to inanimate objects

    created by HisChosen1 1484 days 21 hours 53 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Talking to inanimate objects

    Hi C'netters Happy Election Day :D

    So my sister bought her first car after leasing Hondas for a long period of time. She now owns a Chrysler Sebring Convertible which she named "Connie" (Yes Connie the Convertible.... Get it?). From now on she (the car/my neice) will be referred to as Connie.

    On many occasions I would hear my sister say "Connie don't worry mommy will take care of you and make sure you get your timing belt fixed, oil change done etc." I thought to my self "this girl is going know damn well this car wont answer you"

    **I don't have a car of my own so I share Connie with my sister and help with gas and the necessary expenses associated with taking care of Connie.**

    One day while going into the car, Connie hit me.... (Yes she did... well actually the door closed on my foot). In disbelief I screamed "Connie how dare you after all that I've done for you and to top it off I just fed you(bought gas). I guess I was going bananas too lol. **The car didn't answer** -___-

    Do you fuss at inanimate objects? Perhaps banging your small toe on the bed frame?
    Do you get even more angry when that object doesn't answer?

    Share you stories :) I Look forward from hearing from you all

    Re: Talking to inanimate objects

    I totally talk to inanimate objects all the time. Sometimes I start out talking to myself and then somewhere within the monologue it ends up turning into me talking to an object. This happens with my truck, utensils, food, pretty much anything.

    I have never named anything except for like stuffed animals. My truck is still "my truck" (although my roommate has named it "ol' faithful" due to the fact that its older than I am!) But I do talk to it sometimes. I personally think I'm actually talking to myself and just am replacing myself with an inanimate object as the listening party.

    I don't think I have ever gotten mad that something has not answered me back. Sometimes I do yell at things if I get hurt like your stubbed toe example but i never get mad if they don't answer back.

    Re: Talking to inanimate objects

    I talk to inanimate objects all of the time

    “Pen… I know you are not out of ink… you should work” and it does (8 times out of 10)

    “Pants… why are you dirty? You are my favorite pair of pants, and I need you today, because today is a going to be a long day” So I wear them wet… after washing them (yep true story)

    I have not given my car a name (Yet)

    I have talked with it (have not checked… do not know if it is a female or male… want to give it the privacy I believe it deserves)

    I have patted some things (laptop, phone, car) and told them they are good kids, plus I “encourage” them to please please work right

    These things are close to me, I need them to be on my side. They are only going to be on my side, if I communicate with them

    Re: Talking to inanimate objects

    @dessa:hahaha I love the name "ol faithful". I did name my stuffed animals in my imaginary classroom when I was younger

    @Goober: I'm the same way. It gets "real" when those objects start acting up. I'm sure you car will be a male. lol very rare would you find a male with a female car and vice versa.. The pat on the "back" is cute :) Everyone needs encouragement every now and again.

    Thank you all once again for replying

    Re: Talking to inanimate objects

    You know, this is an adorable forum!!

    I have noticed before I got this apartment full of plants I used to talk to things way more often. I also have had my two kitties for about 8 years, and they give me plennnnty to talk to as well.

    My roommate also has a three year old, which is an infinite source of communication, lol. I love how she talks to stuff, and the cats. "You are soo funny Mr. Tigre!" (my male cat) and he looks on, quizzically at her.

    When I am out and about I may talk to a stone before I sit on it, of complement a plant- of course, internal dialogue if someone is around. Oh the embarrassment a few times when someone was standing outside of my periphery!

    Usually I talk to my things when I cannot find them, or they are doing well, "oh shoes you are really rockin my world!" Or my guitar, "okay dear, let's try that again," haha.

    Thanks for this one, very light and warm!