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    Do you drink soda?

    created by en24 1510 days 17 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    Do you drink soda?

    1) Do you drink diet soda?

    On Tuesday, at the Clinton Global Initiative, Cola, Pepsi, and Dr.Pepper companies committed to reduce the calorie count in their beverages by 20% over the next decade.

    By reducing portion sizes and raising consumer awareness about drinking water, these soda companies hope to contribute to healthier lifestyles.

    Note that beverage consumption has dropped by 15% since 1998. Plus, consuming soda has been thought to contribute to obesity.

    2) What do you think about the soda companies' commitment?

    3) To become healthier, would you:
    a) cut back on soda and just take these lower calorie sodas
    b) would you remove soda completely from your diet?

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    Oops I forgot to post the article where I gathered this information. My apologies! Here it is:
    Soda giants to cut calories 20% by 2025

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I have completely cut soda from my diet and I only drink water now. I have a good amount of weight just from stopping the soda intake. I don't think soda is ever going to change. So many people drink it religiously and I used to do that as well.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I very rarely drink soda. Every once in a while I will get a craving for some but even then I drink very little and don’t want any more.
    I don’t really feel that these companies will stick to their commitment only because the people that do drink soda on a regular may not like the change and will find substitutions. This will cost the company money that I am sure they don’t want to lose. So I think they may try to make the change but in the long run they will be forced to resort back to how it was before they made the change.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    Diet soda is actually worse for you I have heard.

    Would I cut back... there isn't much for me to cut back on. I have a Pepsi once in a blue moon. You just happened to catch me on my blue moon today :)

    I don't drink a lot of soda though. I mostly drink, coffee, water, or wine :)

    I am not a picky girl either. I love me a Mountain Dew though. I also like seven 11 slurpies ... mmmmmm.



    Re: Do you drink soda?

    Hi en24!

    My mom works in a dentist office and of course, as all dentists do, she hates soda. I mean it only makes sense, soda rots your teeth right? Well, it does more than that. Not to gross anybody out here on CollegeNET, but my mom's dentist office uses Coke to clean out their sanitation basins. Blood, guck, all of that shit gets eaten right away by none other than Coke. Gross. I don't want that stuff in my body!

    Until I left my most recent job over the summer, I had a pretty overweight boss who brought a soda to work everyday. It would interchange between regular and diet, but day in day out he'd have a soda to himself, if not several. I always thought to myself that if he just cut that out of his diet he'd loose weight instantly. In fact, cutting out sugary drinks is usually the one thing people need to do to see instant change in their waste line!

    Not to mention that by cutting out soda you're doing your pancreas a huge favor. No diabetes for me! Which, diabetes runs in my family anyways so I need to steer clear of pop. Which brings me to a quick side topic that my roommates just today taught me about.

    So people have this preconception that Naked Juice is good for you. Fruit in a bottle right? Well, not exactly. The sugar content of Naked Juice, even if it happens to be fruit sugar, is 3 times the amount of sugar intake someone needs in just one serving! This also goes for active people. I have a large bottle of Naked sitting in my fridge at home and well, my sink will be drinking it later instead of me.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    Wow, what a temptation to drink soda again!!!

    I love drinking soda, but I stopped because of weight problem and because of the damage it can cause. I am 36 years old and my body feels different, I need to take care of it. :)

    If they could find a way to keep the taste of the soda and make it healthier, I will probably start drinking soda again, but not as much as I used to. i tried diet soda and I do not like it, it really does have a different taste to it, and it is not healthy at all.

    Re: Do you drink soda?


    I still think the calorie content is way too high.

    If you examine how much sugar is contained in a soda it is mind boggling, when that amount of a solid can be dissolved into a liquid.

    I am not sure what this reduction does in the long run.

    After my first dentist appointment I have significantly reduced my soda consumption.

    I use to drink like 5 sodas a week and I probably have drank 5 sodas in the last 2 months.

    I drink diet soda but the name implies it is a heathier choice and my teeth would disagree.

    At one point carbonated beverages were seen as a healthy choice.

    Hell they use to sell them in pharmacies and they had all sorts of claims attached to them.

    I think removing soda is the best option, with the exception of being sick or settling my stomach I don’t see a need for it.

    A lot of these drinks are just terrible for you.

    Like Gatorade is good to a certain extent, but it is also packed with sugar.

    Unless you are actively sweating Gatorade is probably not a good option.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I drink sprite. Anything else is disgusting to me, sorry.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I do not drink soda unless it is the only beverage to drink.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    Hey En24,

    Because of my diet, I have cut back on sodas completely. Once in a while when I'm having one hell of a day, I'll get a sprite (my ex told me a long time ago that clearer sodas are healthier) but my all time favorite is Mountain Dew.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I drink Dr. Pepper a lot! Hopefully cutting back on the calories won't change the flavor or drink drastically. I'm happy the pop companies are trying to help society. I don't care that pop isn't the healthiest for you. I'm very active and I always brush my teeth. I think if you take care of yourself, having some pop won't kill you. Plus, it's so sweet! I love having it with a big bowl or popcorn....YUM!!!!

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    GREAT Topic!!

    Love the diversity in the responses here :)

    For me, I choose to drink soda knowing the heath risk and all that comes with drinking soda, but I choose to also limit myself and watch closely how much and how often I am drinking soda.

    The only soda's I drink is Pepsi and Ginger Ale. Ginger Ale is only when I am sick, and I settle for 7 Up or Sprite if this is not available while I am sick.

    As far as Pepsi, I have drank this for a long time and have became dependent to a degree on this for the caffeine and energy. I do not drink tea or coffee, so to me I even it out with a Pepsi here or there. I try not to drink Pepsi too often and to assure I am drinking other things a lot more than Pepsi.

    Cool Topic, looking forward to hearing more responses to this :)

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I completely try to stay away from soda especially dark soda. I just love to drink water. If companies do reduce calories there is always that hidden value that you don't see but you do taste.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    Honestly, I don't really drink soda on a regular basis...I only do once in a while.
    I don't think soda is that bad though how people make it to be. It only has like 100 to 200 calories right?
    I guess if people over drink it, then there could be health problems.
    I think it depends on people's body structure.

    I don't really drink soda, and I struggle with my weight on a daily basis.
    My boyfriend drinks soda, and he's naturally skinny.

    Soda tastes good. I don't like Diet drinks. Now, whenever I have it, I prefer regular coke, doctor pepper.

    Have you tried vintage sodas? Rocket Fizz soda is very delicious.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    wassup en24!

    eh I don't think that 20% is going to do much benefit.

    Soo, I will say no.

    I drink beer.

    I figure, if I'm going to calorie bomb myself on a Friday night, I might as well be having a good time.


    Sincerely yours,


    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I must admit a bit of "what the heck?" on this simply because in my experience I don't see almost any companies doing things that are bad for their business out of moral reasons. Usually it's them completely screwing over morals for business reasons, so this turnaround has me waiting for the other shoe to drop. Mind you that Coca-Cola owns companies that make bottles water, sports drinks, and a bunch of other things so that could be part of this. I bet they make a much higher profit on water that soda anyways, you just bottle water instead of taking all the trouble to pay for the ingredients for soda. Maybe that's what those shifty devils are up to...

    As far as health goes, I must admit that I virtually eliminated soda from my diet some years ago. Not for any health reason either, I just stopped having any real desire to consume it. Rather sweet, the fizzy stuff makes me burp and gives me the hiccups, far more trouble than it's worth. And good water is so damn refreshing, why would I waste time on coke? Bad for your teeth anyways! I still do have one from time to time, perhaps on the order of...a can of coke every 1-3 months, but that's pretty negligible right? Especially when compared to my coffee intake, ha.

    These days I'm looking to be healthier anyways, so this soda info applies even less than usual. Been trying to work out, go jogging, eat all my healthy food options, that sort of thing. For dinner I had orange juice, pesto, and tomatoes. Far less sugar, far more nutrients, yeah! And check it hear that....?? No hiccups! Damn carbonated beverages! Even you Perrier!

    Still, there's the distinct possibility that this initiative will both make money for the soda companies through higher sales of their overpriced water, while also helping consumers trim the fat by providing stuff with fewer calories. Could just be a marketing ploy, but hopefully it'll lead to a greater propensity of health minded people in the populace, oh yes.

    Tea is better anyways.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I only drink ginger ale, and that's once every 2 months when I have a stomach ache/nausea. And then sometimes I just drink my ginger tea for that.

    I stopped drinking colas, and dr. peppers etc a long time ago when I found out how much sugar was in them and how much it increases belly fat.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    1.) I don't drink diet soda. I do drink a Mountain Dew every once in a while and sprite.
    2.) I find it actually surprising, but I do not think that it is going to help with how many people drink sodas a day.
    3.) I would do option B, I noticed when I drink a soda I tend to eat a lot of junk food. When I do not drink one I usually eat less. I lose weight when I don't drink sodas and I know others that the same thing happens to them.

    Re: Do you drink soda?

    I drink just about any type of soda, but if i was on a diet; then i would cut it out completely. No matter what kind you drink, the sodium is still high. Which makes it bad for everyones health. Either way, I believe that soda companies do not commit. All they care about is customers buying there product.