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    Painted Nails

    created by MaryHam 1511 days 23 hours 9 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Painted Nails

    How often do you have your nails painted? If you do, what is appealing about it? If not, why?

    I know most males don't really wear nail polish, but as a male... Why not? Would you ever consider wearing nail polish or have you ever? What if it was considered more socially acceptable? Would that change your mind?

    Thank you and may the votes be with you!

    - Maryham

    Re: Painted Nails

    I actually have my nails painted quite often when I have time to paint them. Painting your nails is like wearing makeup. You have a blank canvas and you want to make it beautiful. This adds a pop of color or intricate design that you would like to incorporate to make you look better. Some girls paint their nails to make themselves feel sexier.

    Re: Painted Nails

    I typically paint my nails when I am bored or my daughter decides that she wants me to do hers then of course she has to do mine too. It doesn't bother me to walk around without polish on my nails. I am always filing them and making sure they are still clean and presentable but having color on them is not a necessity in my eyes.
    I definitely think it is fun for holidays and occasions to get designs and fun colors put on.

    Re: Painted Nails


    Interesting topic.

    I rarely paint my nails anymore now that I have two little ones.

    I don't mind nailpolish it just comes off way too fast... so it seems like a waste of time for me.

    If my husband wore polish... that'd be odd. I do know some men who wear clear polish lol.



    Re: Painted Nails

    Hi MaryHam!

    I actually have a story about nail polish that takes me back to my boyhood. Interesting that nail polish of all things would do this haha.

    I have a little sister. She's about a year and a half younger than I am, so when we were growing up we were pretty close. Well, she being a girl, my mom introduced her to the world of nail polish and other beauty practices. My sister got to make her nails be pretty colors and I didn't! The coolest thing that I got to do with my dad in terms of beauty and hygiene was using a fake razor and some shaving cream with him. That was just foolish and useless in my opinion.

    But making your nails different colors... That looked so fun to me! I thought that my nails looked so boring compared to my sister's, so I had to get in on this. I asked my mom if I could paint my nails too (remember I was pretty young at this point, probably 8 or so) and she just laughed! She thought it was funny that her son wanted to paint his nails too. Well, being the great mom she is, she made a compromise with me.

    She promised that I could paint my nails too, but that I should consider painting them with clear nail lacquer rather than actual nail polish. She didn't say this to me, but she was protecting me from getting teased by the other boys at school and just people in general. I had no intention to cross dress, I just wanted to have rad nails like my sister!

    Well, I don't actually remember ever painting my nails with clear polish, but I had the desire too for a while. I think it was really just a matter of wanting to fit in with my mom and sister. I'm glad my mom stopped me because as an eight year old boy I had to prove my manliness right?

    Re: Painted Nails

    Hello Maryham!

    Darn, your forum brought back some repressed memory from my childhood. My sisters loved painting their nails because they found it stylish and cool. They bought several dozen different shades of nail polish so they can have different colored nails every week. Even now, I can find an entire box of nail polish stashed away under their bed.

    Now, I don't care what they did with their nails. They could paint it clear, bloody red, or even dirt brown for all I care. However, it started bothering me when they began asking me whether they can experiment with my nails. Initially, it was just asking me politely. Eventually, they began demanding me to be their guinea pig for their nail-polishing needs. I began to avoid them in my house because I was scared they'll gang up on me and force me to let them paint my nails. However, they were craftier than that. They waited until I fell asleep, and then painted my nails to their heart's content. Everyday, I will find a nail or two painted with a horrible color. This occurred over a period of several weeks before I told my parents of it. Darn, I was hoping to suppress this memory, but this forum brought it back to the surface!

    While I don't paint my nails, my sisters and mother still do. They have walked away from the different shades of red and blue, and simple used only clear nail polish. Now, this may seem overly dull, but they put in unique designs on it. Maybe a bead or two on one finger nail and a nice stripe on another. It looks pretty nice and better than using the various shades of blue, red, or green.

    Although I don't paint my nails, that doesn't mean a guy is prohibited from it. Several of my friends like painting their nail black because it expresses themselves. Although they do receive weird stares, I find it pretty neat that they're not afraid to wear it and are proud to show it off. Regardless of your gender, if you're comfortable wearing nail polish, by all means go for it!

    Have a great day!

    Re: Painted Nails

    I paint my nails to feel feminine and it's a nice pop of color.

    Re: Painted Nails

    Hey MaryHam,

    I love nail polish but i tend not to polish my real nails that often because it looks really disgusting once it starts to chip (and unfortunately I do dishes like everyday but my girlfriend has also told me that I need to invest in a pair of dish washing gloves). I always always always have time to do my toes though, I've even bought myself the whole kit from CVS and I adore it. I may not be polishing my nails every other day but I will definitely be checking on my toes lol

    Re: Painted Nails

    I hate nail polish. It smells nasty and so I never wear it. I've only worn nail polish once and that was for prom. It was the first time I had ever worn nail polish and that was just last year. (My best friend was so proud of me.) I don't have time to sit their and have enough patience to paint my own nails. I also would just ruin it within minutes anyways because of how much time I spend outside. I never have been to a nail salon. Way to expensive and I would rather spend my money on something more important.

    Re: Painted Nails

    I paint my nails about every two weeks. I am just into a lot of bright colors so I love showing off my nails, because they grow an extremely long length.

    Re: Painted Nails

    HI Mary,

    I dont paint my nails very often lately because I bite them. But, I usually wear gels in order to stop myself from biting them and then I can paint them. It usually takes a few weeks for them to grow out to a good length. It takes a while but its worth it.

    I love when my nails are long and I don't bite them but the stress usually gets the best of me and I cant stop myself for months at a time. I have this stupid cycle where my nails look amazing for a while until I get into an extremely stressful situation from my life or what I'm watching or reading and next thing you know, my nails look horrible and painting them would just make them work worse and bring more attention to it.

    I wish I could paint my nails more often. I think its really cute!

    Guys painting their nails is emasculating. It's just like boys playing with barbies. It all comes down to boys and girls roles.

    Re: Painted Nails

    Hey MaryHam :D Very cute forum.

    I used to paint my nails weekly, now-a-days I feel like it looks more professional to just keep them clean because I am not vigilant enough to notice they are super chipped until I see a client looking at them *whoops* being a young family therapist intern is hard enough, but then looking not put together just adds to it- some of this may be my paranoia, but I like to take care of what I can.

    I used to always have my toes painted, but a month ago one of my child clients ran over my toe and knocked my toenail off, so there goes that, LOL.

    I have been really craving a mani pedi and love the look of a French-manicure in particular, however sometimes I wonder if it's just too sexy. hmmm

    I think it's a great idea for men to get a clear or paint free mani pedi just go get their hands and feet all nice and clean and cared for.

    Who doesn't love a good foot massage?!

    I wouldn't mind bringing my beau, if he wanted a color I would be more worried about how others would perceive him for his own benefit, frankly I don't care.

    About ten years ago I used to date a guy that painted his nails black, but then, ya-know, we were pretty young.

    It is pretty silly that it should matter at all.

    Society arbitrary rules....

    The one caveat, I've heard, is that they hate it in the ER because looking at your nail bit after an accident Is a quick sure way to check your health and so on and so forth ~and they just don't have nail polish remover laying around.

    Let's just hope none of us get into any accidents regardless. Drive save!

    Happy feet!!

    You've inspired me, perhaps I will paint my nails this weekend :)

    Sincerely yours,


    Re: Painted Nails

    I don't paint my nails unless it's for an event or if I have nothing to do then I will paint my nails but only a color that isn't too showy but just something neutral and simple.

    Re: Painted Nails

    I like to paint my nails because it makes me feel feminine. It's a small thing that I can do to pamper myself a bit. I don't do it often though because I bite my nails and it draws more attention to them. So I guess it's kind of a love hate relationship. I always keep my toes painted though!

    Re: Painted Nails

    Call me low maintenance but I hardly ever paint my nails for worry that they will chip in a matter of days. I used to paint them when I was in high school. I used a silver shade that most people around me didn't use and i thought they stood out quite nicely. Then I would do the dishes, and the nails would chip in two or three days.
    So now, even though I want to, I won't paint them for this main reason.

    My second reason would be that I can't find a nice color to wear on them. I have not found a good silver shade in a while and other colors don't look as appealing given my skin tone.

    Thus instead of painting them, I trim my nails and keep them clean. That is enough to make them look decent and pretty in the interim.

    Re: Painted Nails

    In elementary and middle school I would get really stressed or depressed and start picking at the skin around my fingers. My parents would always get mad and threaten to send me to a mental facility, which is a threat they still use, so I started painting my nails to give myself something else to pick at that wouldn't cause scarring or bleeding. So now I paint my nails at least once a week out of habit.