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    How Do You Plan For Your Vacation?

    created by 3blackdogs 1597 days 20 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How Do You Plan For Your Vacation?

    Erin made a forum on who do you take a vacation with. I wanted to expand from that topic. How do you plan?

    I'm leaving Saturday morning to head to Colorado and Utah. My mom came over this weekend with printed directions. On the back, she wrote the directions my aunt told her she and my uncle take when they come home to visit.

    In addition, we went to Barnes and Noble and bought a printed map of Texas and New Mexico. We will also have my GPS on my dashboard. Then, of course, I will have my phone and laptop with me should we get lost or take a wrong turn.

    How do you plan your route? Do you use a printed map? Or directions printed out from Google? GPS? Your phone? I'm hoping by using everything available, we won't get lost!

    Re: How Do You Plan For Your Vacation?

    Hi Sarah!

    Wow, it sounds like you are definitely prepared for your trip - you have like every possible variation of a map ready at your disposal!

    When I go on a trip, I usually like to plan everything out beforehand. In fact, I almost always err on the side of over- preparation. I like to worry about all of the details beforehand so I can just enjoy my vacation time and not spend it figuring small stuff out. Like I usually plan out the route I'm going to take, where I will be staying, expenses, etc.

    I don't usually come as prepared as you, though! I typically just have a road map if it's a long trip - typically I don't really care if I lose my way for a little bit as long as I have a general idea of where I am and where I'm going. For shorter trips, I'll usually just memorize the route or use a gps. I'm also pretty good with directions and finding my way so that helps.

    I hope you enjoy your trip! Have a great time!

    Re: How Do You Plan For Your Vacation?


    Great forum! I think you meant Michelle made a forum, it was me :) (But Erin is a good friend)

    The way I plan for vacation is usually looking at deals on the internet. When we went to Mexico last year, my family found a deal on Costco's website. We used are miles on our Visa cards for the plane fare, but found our hotel on red It's a site that rents out time shares. It worked out really well. The trip didn't cost us very much, when we used our air-miles. We try and save them up for a couple years and then go somewhere as a family. There is 4 of us, so it can get spendy for 4 tickets.

    As far as maps. In Mexico our phones wouldn't work, so we had to print area maps from Google. But if we are vacationing in states, we always navigates from our phones.

    Have fun in Colorado and Utah!


    Re: How Do You Plan For Your Vacation?

    Wow, you are very prepared!

    Usually I will just make sure that my smart phone is charged and ready to navigate for me, because I am terrible with maps! I do try to keep a map of Washington State in my car though, and utilize it when I can--trying to get better! When I travel internationally, I try to be more prepared than this, but since I am more of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of person, it helps to have a level-headed travel buddy more than anything else. :)

    Rabbitt, I have been looking at deals to go to Mexico through Costco as well! Do you mind me asking where your family went to? My boyfriend and I have never been to Mexico, and our biggest obstacle is deciding: where?!

    3blackdogs, have lots of fun on your trip! I'm sure it will be beautiful, I have always wanted to see Colorado.