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    Flat Tire Forum

    created by serenity789 1591 days 9 hours 40 minutes ago

    Category: Arts

    Flat Tire Forum

    How many of you have had a flat tire?
    Did you change it yourself? Had a friend help you out? A stranger?
    Or did you rely on AAA?

    Do you know how to change a flat tire?
    At what age did you learn it? Who taught you that?

    Side story:
    This is inspired by a real life situation we were in yesterday.
    My wife had a flat tire; the tire was literally ripped in multiple places...almost like someone cut-through it with a sharp knife at multiple places.
    Fortunately I was close, in another car. So I turned around and came to help.
    But the road as a 2 lane highway with high speed cars, and the shoulder was narrow with sloping, grassy ground.
    So I had some hesitation and figured I'd call AAA. After-all, this is exactly the kind of thing I pay them for!
    Just life any other service industry, the wait was excruciatingly long. And then the operator said she could not look up my information, so I had to give her everything again on the phone. Finally, she said she will dispatch someone, but it could be almost 2 hours before someone gets there.
    After waiting for about 30 minutes or so, and considering the fast-fading sunlight and more-cranky toddler in the car...I ended up changing the flat myself.
    But it got me thinking about flat tires, and also about renewing my AAA membership. Hmmm!

    Re: Flat Tire Forum

    Hey serenity!

    Sounds like a fiasco! Good thing you were there and able to change the tire. It's comforting to know that even if something like that happens (and AAA leave you out to dry), you can solve the problem yourself.

    When I was younger (probably age 10 or so), my dad made sure that I knew how to change a tire. He ran me through it a couple of times every now and then, and if there was ever an instance where he had to change a tire he had me help him out to ensure that I knew what I was doing. I remember one time back in high school my mom's car broke down on the highway. My dad drove me out to her and had me change the tire while he supervised. I'm really glad he did all that, because being able to change a tire is a really useful skill. I feel like it's just one of those necessary skills, especially for a guy. Plus, now I can come to people's rescue if they have a flat!

    And it paid off when I was driving home for winter break my sophomore year of college. I popped a tire on the freeway and would have been stranded but luckily I knew how to change my own tire and (again, thanks to my dad), I had all of the necessary equipment in my truck. I changed that sucker in like 15 minutes and was happily on my way!

    Re: Flat Tire Forum

    How many of you have had a flat tire?
    Did you change it yourself? Had a friend help you out? A stranger?

    I lack any technical mechanical skills when it comes to cars, so I am basically useless if I get a flat tire. The last time I had a flat tire was in May by this apartment complex. I had to walk about two or three blocks away to this Walgreen’s. Then I waited until someone would agree to fix my flat for $25. When I was younger, my dad tried teaching me how to jump-start a car and other similar things. However, I thought “when would I actually need to know any of this stuff?”

    Re: Flat Tire Forum

    This probably isn't going to be a very interesting response, but I have never in fact have had a flat tire... (I'm probably jinxing myself by posting this....). Then again, I have only been driving for about a year, so I haven't had as much road time as some other people..... I know it's going to happen eventually, and I dread it!

    I don't know how to change a flat tire in fact.... I assume if I were to get a flat tire I would call my parents. That would be my first call, and I'm sure they would come to my rescue, and then scold me for not knowing how to change a flat tire!

    I suppose I should learn..... I don't even know if my current car has a spare! I should probably check on that.... Boy, am I unprepared. This forum is probably a warning to me....

    - Maryham

    Re: Flat Tire Forum

    Hey Serenity!

    I am so lucky that I have never had a flat tire!

    Every time I have seen a person that is on the side of the road with a flat tire, was either fixing the tire themselves or had someone fixing it for them. It's nice to see others stopping to help strangers.

    I really feel like maybe I should learn how to do it. I wonder if there are any statistics on those who get flat tires and when or where. I bet the odds are against me. I am just going to rely on the fact that I can understand written instructions well. In the manual to my car is written instructions on how to change a tire. I know I have all the tools and equipment. But still maybe I should learn to do it. Knowing my luck I would be learning to do it in the rain.


    Re: Flat Tire Forum

    True story! I called my Mom and she called my Dad, who just happened to be 30 minutes away. Apparently, we both left at the same time from different places, so we were close to each other. He came and changed it.

    Another time, I was in New Orleans. I was getting ready to leave LSU to go home, and saw that my tire had blown out in parking lot. Luckily, my Uncle was nearby due to his wife's father passing. He came along with my cousin to change my tire.

    Then, there is a blow out in the garage about 4 years ago. I called Nissan Road Side Assistance. It is a package I got as part of my purchase of the truck. They called a company (whomever they contract with). Within 45 minutes, I got my tire changed and I was on my way to work. Come to find out, it was a blow out as well. How it happened, I don't know. I'm just very thankful that it occurred in the garage and not while I was on the road.

    My tires, currently, are 1 year (1 set), and the other set 7 months. Hopefully, I don't have to worry about blow outs for a few years to come unless I run over something.

    I still have Roadside Assistance with Nissan until next year, and I'm currently exploring my options for Roadside Assistance companies.

    Re: Flat Tire Forum

    Hi Serenity.

    Good thing you were nearby. That sounds like a really tricky tire change.

    I learned how to change a flat tire about four years ago when I ran over a nail (or something sharp, anyway) in the parking lot at work. An older couple let me know, as I got out of the car, what had happened. So I went into work knowing what would await me in the parking lot that night around 10pm when I got off work. I was borrowing my parents' car for the week while they were out of town, so it took a bit to figure out.

    With some help from my dad via text message, I was able to find the car's manual, which told me where to find the jack and the spare tire (both well hidden away from plain sight). I was able to get the spare tire out, and jack the car up, but the trouble came when it was time to remove the old, flat tire. No matter how hard I tried, or what angle, I just could not get good leverage with the lug wrench. I think the nuts might have been stripped, since the car was about fifteen years old at that time.

    I ended up calling some friends at the party I was already late to. I had three friends looking for an excuse to leave the party early, and one had a whole truck full of extra tools. Even with the added support, it still took several attempts to remove the stripped nuts.

    Eventually we had the tire changed, and I headed home. I had to make a trip to Les Schwab the next day to have the original tire repaired, but I was fairly confident that, on a less stubborn car, I would be more than capable of changing a tire on my own.

    I've used AAA before when I've locked my keys in the car or after an accident when I needed a tow. Fortunately I've never had to wait for them at night, though.

    I'm glad you were able to change the tire yourself.

    - Meg