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    Personality and the spaces we live in.

    created by en24 1598 days 11 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

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    Personality and the spaces we live in.

    I think that the physical spaces we choose to live in can, to an extent, reveal some information about our personalities.

    So CNET, if you were a house/space what type would be you be?
    1) a loft
    2) a townhouse
    3) a single family bungalow
    4) a single family multi-storied house
    5) something else...(I don't think I've listed all the types of living spaces people have so feel free to add one of your own).

    Then explain why you see that house/space fitting your personality.

    Happy Sunday


    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    It is in my personal opinion that each person has a different personality and that personality reflects the space they live in. some people are the type of people that must have everything in order, organized, and in a specific way while on the other hand you have people that really don't care about the spacing they live in. I'm the type of person that likes a little organization to my living space, nothing brothers me more then to come home and the house has not been cleaned. some people cant control the way the spaces they live in are set up, they might have been forced to live with someone else and may not have any say so a to how the space is run. Based on my personality type I would be living in a townhouse with enough room for my husband and I. With the townhouse I know that I would be able to keep it clean and organized just the way I want it.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    Hi EN24,

    You are quite correct in our personal spaces revealing something about our personalities. When I took ecology a few semesters back the instructor spent a good amount of talking about niche space and what it reveals about an animals habits. Our assignment on this series of lectures was to think about our own niche space and what it tells us about our own personality.

    As for your question, I would be a small cabin the woods. I am a very introverted person and I love my personal space. I strive off of time by myself and actually prefer it. My mom often calls me a recluse, because I don't hang out with my friends as often as she thinks I should and I often avoid family functions as much as possible. I also love nature and find it quite invigorating to go hiking through the woods. Nothing can beat the sound of a stream trickling through the trees while birds call out to one another, squirrels scurry about in the trees above, and a mountain line yowls in the distance. I find these sounds soothing and a good way to recuperate.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    Is a penthouse apartment allowed?... :)

    I would be a penthouse apartment in the middle of some big city--I am constantly surrounded by other people, but isolated at the top and without easy access to interact with others like I would if I was near the ground floor. I also have a lot of people supporting my lofty (and sometimes unrealistic) goals as my foundation. Another reason is that I am often not-quite-grounded, and my mind is usually somewhere else besides the moment before me (my head is in the clouds, in other words).

    I would have a nice little courtyard with several plants and trees in there, around a pool, because I am open and receptive to the environment around me. Also, I like to have different ideas and concepts growing in my mind, bearing different types of fruit or flowers. The water would be there because at my core, behind the sturdy house around me, I am very sensitive to the atmosphere around me--to draining and I will disappear, too much and I will overflow, too cold and I will freeze, too hot and I will boil.

    Interesting topic.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    Denise, welcome to CNET and thanks for your response to this forum.

    Yes often the space determines how easy it is to organize and clean. I imagine that the bigger the space, the more difficult it is to clean and keep organized because of the fact that more energy and time is needed to cover all that ground.

    But some small spaces can also be difficult to maintain especially if one has a lot of belongings and not enough room to organize it. And again there are people who live in bigger spaces like single family multi-storied houses and organization/cleanliness is not an issue.

    I think the townhouse can be a happy medium because most townhouses are not as big as single family double stories or too small. So you can actually organize the space and keep it clean without feeling overwhelmed.

    By the way, in the forum I was mainly thinking about the actual structure of the space and its relation to personality types. So Denise for your townhouse, would you rather an open-floor plan or one which is compartmentalized? Would this correlate with a personality that is more interactive than closed?

    Here is another example: I know some people who don't like lofts because they say they are too open as live-in spaces. Yet some of these people also tend to be more private in their own lives. Would this show personality matching taste in physical space?

    These are the questions I was looking to answer but didn't formulate very well.

    Looking forward to other Cnetters' perspective on structure of space and personality.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    Mince, A cabin in the woods does sound sort of like a nature-loving introvert ;) Very well picked. I was like you when I lived with my parents. I preferred staying home to read a good book or watch a good movie than be surrounded by many people making small talk. And after interacting with so many people, introverts need to get away and rejuvenate which ties into why some people make cabins. They are that place you can get away to rest.

    LaNeira, a penthouse is very much allowed. You have really thought about the structure of this space and how it connects to your personality and nature. I like how you said that just like a penthouse is held up, so too do you have people as the foundation holding up your "lofty goals." You have a lot of insight on your self I must say. To feel isolated and yet surrounded by many people is exactly what the penthouse feels like. Sort of like an attempt to rise above it all except in your case you say that tend to stay rising i.e. "not-quite-grounded." Very interesting indeed.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    I would definitely choose a loft. A loft has this sort of classy, artistry vibe to it. Most once served industrial purposes, because of that, the exterior design is usually constructed from brick or concrete; this adds a more intimate and almost introverted feeling to the loft. In addition, most are usually built around cultured metropolitan areas such as New York, New York; San Francisco, California; and Chicago Illinois.

    A loft fits my personality, because I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a bohemian of any sort. But I would say that my personality is as you might say counterculture or unique. Also, I am introvert and love a small quiet intimate setting that the loft provides. Not to mention, that I would considered myself to be a pretty cultured individual, since a loft is usually surrounded by culture, I think it mirrors my personality.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    A single story house with a decent backyard, fenced. An apartment is not place for my 3 dogs.

    I don't want a multi-story house because I'm single. Plus, my electric bill was sky high this past winter because it is a 2 story. It was hard to keep the house warm because heat rises, so every time I built a fire, the warm heat just went straight up.

    Besides, I don't want to spend the majority of my time cleaning a 2 story house! :D

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    As I answer this forum I am watch House Hunters and am admiring the 100 year old colonial home these prospective buyers are touring.

    So, I would love either a townhouse or a multi-storied house. I want a house with character, what kind of house is really secondary to that. I think the location of my home really matters more to me than what kind. Along with character I would much rather live in the city rather the country, even though it would not be a deal breaker depending on the house.

    I really like unique things. That is why I am all about the character of a home. I grew up in a cookie cutter house and really don't want to have a house like that when I become a property owner. I love my grandma's house which is definitely NOT cookie cutter. Also, I would rather have a larger home rather than a smaller loft mostly I think because I lived in a dorm the past year (TINY!) so I want to spread out a little. Not too big though to the point where I cannot take care of it myself.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    Haha, I think Tenken and I could have a field day with this... Now I could go all architect on you guys and talk about how places effect us and vice versa... I'm itching to just go on and on about it, but that could take several days... so I'll just try to stick with answering the questions haha!

    I think I would most likely be some sort of studio or loft in the city. An apartment unit, with lots of windows... still part of the bustling city, but also my own space as well. I'd be light and airy, kind of a laid back space, but still compact and almost busy. I'd be located in a place where something is always going on... going going going. But I still acted as a retreat to few.

    I think a loft in the city reflects my personality in many ways. It's in the city, like me.... I love the city. It's part of the bustling go of the city, yet still is kind of it's own little thing, you know? It can be loud or quiet, bold or simple. It's small, yet is part of a much bigger thing.

    - Maryham

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    Alphosem, interesting choice going with the loft. I suppose because it can be a small space, a loft can be described as intimate. It is also an open-floor plan space right? That means you wouldn't have so many compartmentalized rooms as you would in a house. Are you more open rather than private?

    3blackdogs, I'm with you on the disadvantages of a 2 story especially if you live by yourself. So you would be the bungalow type of house with plenty of yard space. Nice.

    Deesa, I used to watch House Hunters! A house with character is very nice. Have you considered Spanish style houses? My parents and I lived in one of those and the details on things like door knobs, wardrobe wood, bathroom tiles, and the arch ways really gave the house a personality of its own. Interesting that you would like this character home in the city. I imagine that would be harder to find since most city homes are cookie cutter, right? Although on the HGTV show Love it or List It, there were some city dwellers with a gorgeous Victorian filled with character details. Everyone complimented the house for the fact that it was like a gem in the city. A very hard-to-find gem.

    Mary Ham, another loft person. :) You would like to be where something is always going on. May I assume that you are a people-person who loves to be where activity is? I like your description of the loft: "bold or simple; loud or quiet; small yet...part of a much bigger thing." Nice.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    En, interesting topic.

    Currently I live in a raised ranch style house in the sub-burns of South Eastern CT. Honestly I was not expected that and never saw it coming!

    My ideal home is a log cabin equidistant from the mountains and the ocean, on the east coast. There is only one state on the east coast that fits that description (possibly 3, but one I like a lot more than the other and one I have not been too) - that is NH and that is the state I expected to eventually live in. Maybe that is where we will retire. Or possibly Vermont.

    I can't be too far from the beach or from a town. But, I have definitely outgrown the city life. As you know I grew up in an apartment in NYC. Even when I lived in the city I kind of dreamt of moving to NH. I fell in love with the state when I first saw it. I was completely captivated with it's beauty.

    I am not sure what it says about my personality, but I can tell you that I value my privacy and I love nature. I have such admiration and respect for most living things (ticks and mosquitos and any insect with the potential to hurt my dog or cat are excluded from my list). Maybe that is what my dream home is saying about my personality.

    Even my current location is not bad. I cannot walk into my downtown area, but there is one close by. The ocean is a ten minute drive, and I live near a bay. The area with any topography close to me is about an hours drive, but that is not so bad. So, we most likely will stay here but that is OK with me.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    Good Afternoon/morning/monday to you en24.

    Oh man, If my house was a home :). We'll this is a very interesting topic indeed en. My personality has been labeled so many different intriguing and crazy adjectives. I have taken the Briggs Meyers test before, and I have gotten three different personality types each time. And that's while answering the questions honestly too. I have gotten Extravert, Introvert, Feeling, and Intuitive for all three results. People have called me everything from a liar, annoying, condescending, flaky, overwhelming, and the like. But to contrast the negative; I have been also called truthful, honest, genuine, crazy, strong-willed, charismatic, and humble.

    So, as someone who has lived and experienced more than most, I think my personality is out of the norm for what most people are used to in this very watered down and negative society. And to correlate, I would have to say that my personality scares people in a good way :). They just can't put me in one box, and so I really do frustrate a lot of people. I deal with it on a daily basis with those who are less than genuine unfortunately. So they usually just leave me alone or try to push me out.

    I say these things to give you a good idea of what I'm working with here.

    Okay, now to give you a layout of what type of house I would have to put my personality in/ or what I would be.

    *DRUMROLL* The Swiss Family Robinson Tree-House!

    Why? Because it was made from destruction, pain, loss, adversity, humbleness, and a lot of desperation at first. It also inhabits many amazing and useful necessities for the family to survive, have fun, be a bit wacky, and keeps them comfortable in a very uncomfortable place. I am someone who has been formed out of all of these things and more! And this tree house started out as a small shelter just for the family to stay out of the elements, but then it evolved into a very amazing and epic masterpiece! That is me and more.

    Great topic En24! I love it!



    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    This is interesting, especially en24's comment about lofts and privacy: I moved into a townhouse last year with two roommates, and one of the "bedrooms" is a loft. Since the other two rooms were, ahem, claimed before I had a fighting chance, I decided to make-do with the loft because I considered myself *such* a free-spirit and bohemian. WRONG. I learned very VERY quickly how much I value my privacy and relative quiet (at least within my own room space). I had to spend over $100 to buy Japanese-style screens for some privacy (though ultimately I love these screens), and heard every little thing from everywhere in the house. Even small things like someone getting up in the middle of the night woke me up. Ugh.

    So since my bohemian fantasy didn't work out....I'd love a single family bungalow, with maybe a basement area. Just enough space to not feel cramped, but not a ton of space to have to clean consistently. ;) I would love to be right by the beach somewhere, or at least within a short driving distance. I love leaving my now-apartment and being able to smell the ocean. I'd also love a yard area! I don't exactly have a green thumb, but always imagine that I would, "if only"! Maybe this shows that I have never-ending optimism and potential for growth? Really I just love being near nature--as much as I'm loving the IDEA of moving to the city in a year, I think that realistically I would sorely miss the nature I find even in the suburbs.

    Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

    Miles from the ocean and the mountains and a town sounds like a picturesque location. (Have you heard of the Hallmark show Cedar Grove? You description sounds just like this location in the show.) I hope you get to live in NH as you desire. Since you grew up in the city, I can see why you're ready for a change from the hustle and bustle lifestyle. Most people i have met normally want to stay where they grew up because it fits their comfort zone. So I'm pleasantly surprised that you want to do the opposite. Good luck!

    How long did you wait before taking the Myers-Briggs test? I think you have to wait like a year or so may be because it allows you to experience more and see how your personality adjusts to different life changes. Changing from introvert to extrovert sounds too extreme for me and, if it is possible, it normally takes a long time in which someone's social circumstances change to require more interaction with people hence creating a more outgoing personality. There ends my mini-psych lesson. Swiss Family Robinson Tree house my word! I have never heard or seen it before until I read your post. I looked it up is amazing. Thanks for sharing the story behind it, and what a good story it is. I think all of us can relate to being shaped out of all those elements you mentioned. Great insight.

    Yeah a loft is definitely not private though it has been described as intimate here. You can smell the ocean too? Just like Granite, you are lucky too. Since the "bohemian fantasy" didn't work out, I'd be careful about the yard too - just in case it's the IDEA you like. I lived in a townhouse with a small yard and guess who mowed the lawn? It was good for building muscle and feeling like an emancipated woman but it was also a lot of hard work. So thought you would want to keep that in mind. :)