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    Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    created by 3blackdogs 1594 days 59 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

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    Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    I was wondering how many of people from CNet have formed friendships with other CNet members and talk to each other every now and then.

    I have come to know a few people, and we talk about random things. It's good to know that people on this site will become your friend and talk to you outside CNet.

    Are you friends with other CNetters outside this site? How often you ya'll talk?

    Re: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    Yahoo your first video I feel honored to be the first to respond to it
    You have an awesome southern (like) accent... fantastic

    I have become friends with a few people off of CNET through Facebook
    I have a few addresses that I will send birthday presents to and letters

    I like talking with others that have different ideas, cultures, and backgrounds than I do. Mainly because I feel better educated and I learn stuff from my friends.

    Learning from other cnetters is fantastic

    Re: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    I know a handful of people on here, but I met them all in real life before I ever joined.

    I found out about CollegeNET from a friend. His ex, who I'm still friends with used to post on here. And I met another cnetter who came to visit him a couple years ago. In the past month since I've joined and then won a scholarship, I've had (I think) three friends join as well. I think I probably know a disproportionate number of people for how long I've been here.

    So far I've really enjoyed talking to everyone. And normally I only become facebook friends or pen pals with people I've actually met, but I'd be totally interested in getting to know people outside this site.

    - Meg

    Re: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    Hey 3blackdogs!

    I do know a few people personally that are also on CNet. Of course many already know that I know Karlie and she's the one who got me hooked on this site.

    I also recruited a handful of people and they are on here competing. Great competition at that. Sometimes I wonder if letting them know about my little secret was a good idea. ;)

    Genevieve lives in the same city that I do. I don't think I have ever seen her, maybe I have. CDA is big, but not that big. I was just thinking the other day that getting a little get together with the CNet members of North Idaho would be fun, maybe coffee someday?


    Re: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?


    I don't physically know anyone on cnet.

    I am pretty open to extending my friendship to every person I encounter on cnet.

    Hit me up guys... I have my email on my profile...

    I am sort of a loser and just annoy people with pm stickers....


    Seriously I am like a 7 year old girl with stickers.

    I will have entire PM conversations with just stickers.

    I don't talk that much about Cnet other than to commiserate over minor annoyances or issues.

    People get the impression they now me well...

    I have only been back on cnet for 6 months.

    The only people I knew well when I came back was bear and woody.

    Some faces were familiar... and it looks like some of my boys are coming back @erinb0317!!!!

    I want to make sure I stress it doesn't take long to develop a friendship.

    Cnet allows a person to express themselves and you get to learn a person really well, really fast.

    Maybe one day I will even put up my real photo O_O

    My face is ummm....

    Sextastical or Freakalicious O_O

    I am not sure...

    Anyways I hope you like your laptop 3bd... and I agree with Cari great Accent.

    Re: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    3bd...congratulations on the clip. I know you have wanted to do video for sooooooooooooooooooooooo long!!!! I am so happy you got this!!! bear chacha cha.

    I came back to this forum just for that oddity. Is this camera in the notebook?? Just wondering.

    All of the people I have met on cnet I have met through cnet first, so I have no buddy system. I've done presentations at schools and such, to my students, and to other students yt that has not been a successful venture! Oh well.

    When I get life back on track..things will change, and I will do the adventure bear route and visita few friends from here I hope. I have a long list, so we'll see what happens.

    and not as Cajun as I imagined but still pretty awesome!


    Re: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    Oh my! Your first video Sarah! How awesome! So awesome I have decided to forego my usual forum (that's two days in a row...hehehehe) to comment!

    I know a few people in person and well, I live in an odd state and they live far away so we communicate via e-mail, text messages and Facebook. I have met Bear, Loren and, Mission in person. I do hear from Mission and he is doing well (for those who are curious), though I am not sure if he will come back to CNet. Loren I speak to about once a month, usually via Facebook messenger. Bear and I e-mail each other sometimes. I also hear from Tenk, who I have never met in person, via e-mail and I have been sharing his China Adventure with you all on Facebook (more photo's to come). And I also talk to you, Cire (the stickers are not annoying), and Cari via Facebook (though I am hardly on anymore.

    I love the fact that I can meet some really cool people from this site who have a lot in common with me academically. We had fun, especially Loren and I when she came to visit me with Lincoln in RI. We went to get oysters at an oyster bar. It was fun. We also got Brickley's ice cream - for those of you who have yet to go to RI Brickley's is the best homemade ice cream I have ever had! And Lincoln enjoyed cuddling with me, much to my amusement and Loren's dismay. Mission cooked curry for me when he let me crash at his place after a late flight from Alaska to Boston. And Bear and I strolled along 5th Avenue after a wonderful dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (thanks again for covering dinner Bear).

    There are so many more people I would like to meet from here and one day I will!

    Now that my summer job is over I will have more time for regular chats again, until I start working two jobs come September.....

    Re: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    Finally get to put a live face and voice to the words.
    Great stuff. :-)

    Unfortunately I don't know many people outside of the online interaction.
    I have only met one, and that has been a good experience.
    So I would really like to meet more people from CNET in real life.

    Unfortunately, not being that active on social media networks works to my disadvantage. I know there are FB groups with CNET members on there, but knowing my usage pattern of social media, I would probably be doing a disservice by joining but not really interacting.

    May be some day we can have a get-together of the Southerners :-).
    How about a meetup in New Orleans?!

    I vote Yay!

    Re: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

    Hi Sarah!

    I am friends with a couple of people on here. Eball actually turned me onto this site, and I'm not sure she likes that I'm on here now! She is competitive and wants to win, just like all of us! But I'm so thankful she turned me onto this site. It has been exciting to be a part of it. I am having fun posting and meeting new people. I also know nursemarie, she is a great friend also. We all live in the same area.

    I think it would be great to meet up with others on CNET. It would be fun to put a face with the posts! So if anyone ever comes to North Idaho, send me an email. I would love to meet up!