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    1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    created by serenity789 1621 days 17 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

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    1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    When I first joined CNET about 7.5 months ago, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if this site was legit, or how long was I going to last on here.
    Thankfully, it was one of the best decisions I made...for reasons more than just of scholarship.

    Little did I know I'd be here for my 1000th post, and counting! :-)

    So, CNET...I'm hosting a 1000-post party and you all are invited.
    Only rules:
    1.) Dress to Impress
    2.) Bring a CNET member as a date.

    - So folks, tell me about your outfit. "Who" are you going to wear, what color, what type of outfit?
    (You know you're going to be asked all this on the red carpet!)

    - Who are you going to bring as your date?

    Happy partying!

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    Wow, I just joined CNET a few seconds ago and this is amazing !

    Let's see... I'm no fashionista but I'm going to wear a very elegant black and white with turquoise accent cocktail dress from Ross paired with a simple black clutch , and turquoise wedge heels from Charlotte Russe. And since I'm new I'm going alone :/ (I'm such a loser :p )

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    I wanna come!

    I love post parties

    I love the rules. Fantastic!

    So dress to impress…
    I am going with the old fashioned, I am actually going to be a thief and sneak into the Smithsonian and “Borrow” a dress

    So here is my dress

    I love the color

    Found here
    This also has the history of it.

    Lincoln was actually one of my favorite presidents (I usually do not talk about it, because I figure he is everyone’s right?)

    As my guest I am bringing one of my friends that is really freaking busy, and does not have time to sleep, so she really does not CNET often.

    She is Melcop (known to others as Hardcore)

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding


    I will be wearing a costume black suit stitched by a blind virgin priestess.

    Going for this look

    Except I am not that svelte or Japanese.

    In terms of Dark, Tall, and Handsome...

    Oh, NAILED IT! .^_^.

    Though in all seriousness I always wanted a nice suit form Hugo Boss...

    Maybe flash a nice Rado Watch with it as well.

    I think you started right around the same time I came back to cnet form my hiatus.

    I am glad I had good company to start fresh with...

    I appreciate the fact you like to have fun and aren't afraid of formatting

    Congrats on the accomplishment!

    I will be coming to this Shindig Stag.

    Probably will be the angry creepy guy in the corner drinking like a fish.

    Cheers to All!

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    Serenity, I am so disappointed that I have to bring someone to the party besides you!

    That's fine, I get it. But I am thrilled to at least be invited!! You are just a little further along on CNet than I am so we are peers in that sense.

    So Congratulations and I agree with the trepidations when you start CNet. It isn't until you get that verification email and that money is accredited to your bill that it really sinks in.

    I am wearing black leggings, stilettos, and a shimmery silver long draped top. Hair up with curls falling out of the bunched up locks and long sexy silver earrings! At least in my dreams I am sexy! lol

    I want to bring one of they guys but I am so much older than they are, they might feel funny. So I will call Ladyluck so we can come together. She's cool!

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    I brought a gift to celebrate your accomplishment! Congratulations, serenity! You have been a great contributor to this site since you have joined. You bring thought provoking topics and insightful responses to everything you post on here. I wish you the best in all that you do.

    I am going to wear Vince Camuto-- See here.

    And for a pop of color, I will wear a red kitten heel.

    There is no question that I will bring Tastam as my date. We bring the celebration when we walk in the door!

    It's your day! Celebrate!


    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    Whoo hoo! Party!!

    I must admit I love a good get together! And I love to come to a good get together dressed in some ridiculous homemade costume! I have some great homade get ups above that I like to wear when i'm really trying to impress someone- especially my Paul Bunyan beard. Cause everyone knows a party is not a party until Paul Bunyan beards show up! LOL.

    I want to bring lots of peeps to this party! Eball, Rabbitt, Tenken, Cire7, Goober, Dare 2 dream, Mathmom, granite, Genevie, dhaldes, YOU, bear, 3blackdogs, tzaei...and on and on and on...

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    first things first amigo! the first chica that asks dabear to accompany them to this truly grand extravaganza, I will accept.. mind you this will be a double date, as twinkey needs someone to escort him. Twinkey is the shy one....

    (..seriously, in any realm...I doubt anyone would actually fight or fall over themselves to ask me on a date...but...heck who knows???)

    and if dabear is dahouse...the party will go on.. straight til dawn!!!

    Serenity..i do hope you request that ego's shall be left streetside!!!!

    Ok..I will dress in classic Victorian Scot.

    That's right..the kilt. With a waist coat, and a tailed coat, with an overcoat. classic Victorian shirt and the real skinny tie. The Tartan colors, are of a deep blue pattern. The shoes will more than likely be my doc martens, so I can late that rebelliously punkish side, show. I may wear a hat from the day...(my video is still Victorian if I cannot reach the goal weight that I will look like the photo, but with the grand stylings of Potter at the dance, then perhaps it will be a charcoal grey with black...)

    (that does mean I have to loose some weight..garrrrrrrrrr!!!) =p

    so...ladies.. I hope that will be easy to accommodate and match.

    as I have said to so many members of collegenet...your addition is priceless and is amazing.
    stick around!!! please!!!


    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    A party! I will love to come and help celebrate this awesome occasion!

    I can remember like it was yesterday when you joined Cnet. It doesn't feel like it's been that long but at the same time you've become one of those members that I look forward to reading all their forums and posts!

    Congratulations on your 1000th post!!

    What am I wearing? Well according to Cire I am queen Elizabeth with the curly red hear. So I'm going to had to dress up in her fluffy dress attire and make an appearance! I won't even have to do anything to my hair cause I already have that down. Shoes however to match might be a problem. Someone go show shopping with me!

    Someone invited me! Nurse thank you!

    Who would I invite to go with me? I would get mission out of his MIA status and bring him! He would love to hit up a party and have some fun!

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding all are super-awesome.
    @ Ayonna: Welcome to CNET! Glad you took the initiative and came to the party. I'm sure you'll be able to find a date inside the venue....don't worry about a thing.
    Besides some of the best memories are made when you don't know one at the party and no one else knows you.

    @ Goober: Love the fashion statement....and that color shines on you!

    @ Cire: I can just picture you say " Hi. My name is Bond....Eric Bond" you tighten your cufflinks while flashing that Rado! :-)

    @ fiveRoses: The surprise I didn't share, is that this was a masquerade party. So behind that mask, you can do whatever you want.

    @ Lissette: Thanks for the present. Love it!
    Masquerade ball or not, you will be hard to miss in those super cool shoes. :-)
    Great choice!

    @ Nurse: Love the fact that you graced me with your first video response....and better yet....nailed it! :-)

    @ Bear: Don't worry. There is enough liquor to level out the egos. :-)
    Besides, no one messes with kilt!
    ..And I love the sound of "party will go on, straight till dawn".

    @ Dare: Super awesome that you could join. Love the Queen Vic outfit.
    Hey great pick on Mission. He sure has gone MIA. I think he's in Seattle now...right?

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    Hey, has it been 1000 posts already! You have been such a great addition to the site and I love when I see that you have posted on one of my forums! I hope you are around for thousands of more posts.

    I will wear my little black dress to the party that I bought a few years back from Victoria Secret. It is classy, but shows just a little cleavage and I look pretty good in it. Of course, after baby 3 it doesn't quite fit, so I will magically shed 20 lbs too!

    I would love to go to the party with my secret santa Dare!

    Instead of a gift, I will make my fabulous 7 layer dip to the party. It's not a party without food.

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    Sometimes I still wonder if this site is legit, haha! It seems too good to be true.... you know?

    I admit, I have really enjoyed discussing and competing with you on Collegenet! You've added so much flavor to the site and I can't imagine it without you. I'm proud to congratulate you on your first 1000! And cheers to many more to come!

    Looks like I'm a little late to the party, and I still need a date, haha! Any other loners out there who need a ladyfriend to join them and to join this said ladyfriend??

    I might actually have an occasion to wear my little aloha print dress too! I picked up this cute gem at the mall a few weeks back and it fits quite nicely, but also has a really fun Hawaiian floral print on it (Not something I usually wear though... so I'm proud of myself for breaking out of my shell a little bit!). It's this little strapless thing that hugs to the body until mid torso and then hangs nice and loose and all flowy until just above the knee. I might even get to show off my nice tan in it too! Haha!

    Did someone say stuffed grape leaves? No... well you can now!

    Again, congratulations on this awesome accomplishment! I may be younger than you, but I can say that I am proud of you, haha! I admire you immensely as well, I will admit that much!

    - Maryham

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    Serenity, Congratulations!

    Has it been 7.5 months already?

    I will be wearing a little black dress with my fancy heels. I will be going with....wait, I don't have a date! Is everyone from CNet taken already?

    I will be bringing this amazing buffalo chicken dip that my friends girlfriend brought to my 4th of July shindig. Man is that stuff good.

    Anyway, sorry for the lack of my talking, my house guest and my fiancé are talking politics and money.....This is a recipe for disaster.

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    @ Gen: Thank you so much coming to the party. It means a lot to me.
    I think the photographers are loving you with those pretty eyes and that short black Victoria Secret dress!

    @ Mary: You may be younger, but you are definitely wiser and mature beyond your years. The quality of your thoughtful forums clearly highlight that.
    BTW...I hope you're ready for the attention you're going to get at the party. With that hawaiin-print, strapless dress, and with that are bound to be getting a lot of 'camera-time'! :-)

    @ Granite: Haha...Yep...I felt that same way....7.5 months?...already?!
    And then I re-did the math....and realized my gaffe. It's been 6.5 months, not 7.5.
    I just went...hmm...1000 posts would take me a minimum of 200 days, and knowing that I missed all of 2 should take my 202 days.
    And that would mean just north of 6.5 months.
    Regardless, thank you for coming to the party and bringing that sumptuous dip!
    Love it!
    (BTW, I know your video was short, but you sort-of were glowing! Maybe setting that wedding date has something to do with it! *smile*)

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding


    Thanks for inviting me to your party and congratulations on your 1,000th thoughtful post. If those posts are any indication, you have both a lot of common sense and a good heart. I don't have a big budget for your party so I will simply dry clean the tux I wear to most of my gigs and hope that will suffice. I would like to ask fiveRoses to come with me but I've heard you have a thing for her and I don't want to start a brawl at the party.

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    Hey Serenity! Sorry I'm late to the party! Congrats on 1,000 posts! It's hard to believe that you have only been here for seven and a half months! You have done an outstanding job on Cnet and you have been extremely successful! I'm sure you will reach many more milestones while you are here!

    I'm bringing Liss as my date, I hope you guys are ready to pump up the jamz!

    I will be wearing a skinny legged overalls, with a peep toe-pump heel. I will also be wearing a farmer's hat with a white T. I will also need a pop of color, I will wear bright red lipstick to match Liss's heels.

    Congrats again!

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    @ Innocence: Shhh!
    You will get me in trouble "at home".....keep that on the down-low!
    Jokes aside, if this were a reality, I don't think I'd stand a chance against you bro!
    You have the trump card...Mr. Musician!

    @ Tastam: Dang it and Liss sure look stunning. Love that color coordination.
    Best of all, love that party spirit that you both bring to the party!
    Woop Woop!

    Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

    Congrats on your 1000th post!

    And thank you so much for the invite! I am so flattered. Can't wait to party it up with all of the fellow CNetters :)

    Haha I just joined this website so I don't really know who I would bring as my date! I would probably have to come alone. Sorry for being THAT person.

    As for my outfit, I was thinking that I would go all out. My long, lavender prom dress from last year and my coordinating sparkly silver heels would work, right? Gotta make a statement.