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    CollegeNET Ideas

    created by CollegeNET Admin 4204 days 10 hours 8 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    CollegeNET Ideas

    Welcome to!

    This forum is a place for ideas on how to use CollegeNET as well as a place for the community and CollegeNET administrators to answer questions about the site.

    Keep up the good discussion!

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I don't know if this is one of those spam things we had earlier or not but here it goes:
    BBallmatt gave this idea a month ago and I agree completely. I think you guys should limit how many forums we can create. Maybe like, 3 a week or something. There are too many forums that are being started. So then, the ones who put time into thinking of a forum, can pushed down to the bottom while more people of not very thought provoking forums. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those. But still...

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    In a reply to Sanam, i would agree to a point but maybe limiting the forums isnt really a good idea. I think it's more of the complaint that some forums are too hmm... let's say, childish?? i dunno, but some of the older posters started a forum discussing how "crappy" the topics have been and all that... and like sanam said, some of the topics that are actually given some thought arent getting to be discussed... can this be fixed by collegenet or is this the candidates' job?

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I agree with sanam89, the number of forums that are created is too high, and they should be more thought provoking, however that is a relatively subjective issue, since some topics will always be more interesting to some, while "boring" to others. Maybe you guys could offer a new and different way to earn point, sort of "extra credit"- challenges.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    sanam89: This is not a spam thing, its the real-deal forum for your questions on the site. Thanks for posting.

    We already do limit the number of forums that a candidate can create, which is one per day. Originally any candidate could create as many per day as they wished, but that became too much and we implemented the limit of one forum per day per candidate.

    Hope this helps clarify forum creation.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I think that one per week would actually be good. That way we can focus on just discussing several topics every week instead of dozens everyday.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I would like to be able to see what place people are in on their profile.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I think that the 1 per day forums are wonderful, i don't think it needs to be limited. The complaint mainly is that forums are be created more than once about the same topic. Maybe you should consider adding more categories. I don't think it is necessary to put the ranks in the profile, have the top ten is good.

    I do agree that there should be other ways to earn points.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    Sublime, I think that listing a person's place in the standings wouldn't be a great idea. I don't even like the idea of the Top Ten. Letting each person know their standings on their Account page is nice, but I don't think that we should be influenced by who is in which place.

    Hypothetical situation: you know that you're #5 and you want to get into the Top Four so that you can win. The folks in the Top Four write some amazing posts that you feel are voteworthy, but you know that if you send a ballot their way you're giving them three points (1 for your vote and 2 for the vote they'll hopefully return to you, but more than likely they'll give to someone else because they don't want you creeping up on them).

    Taking away the Top Ten would allow people to focus more on voting their conscience and less on the petty competition just to get votes for votes' sake.

    Improve Your Own Truth


    ...of course, the oposite will probably happen and they'll expand it to the Top 25 (along with the USA Today Poll and Coaches Poll)...

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    haha ferret, I do think top 25 (coaches/ap poll) would be next. Also, like on myspace, top friends. Since you see people making alliances, you can just have them on your top 5 on your profile.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I also am not crazy about the idea that ranks be shown to everyone, but agree it’s great privately and each candidate knows where they stand. I agree with Ferret about the top 10 thing for similar reasons.

    I think the one a day forum limit is a good one, but it does seem too many redundant forums appear in short periods of time. I don't think people do this on purpose... but rather because they aren’t aware how to search for topics.

    Could maybe a blurb of how to use or a link to a page that explains in some detail how to use the several great search features (explore, keywords and 'go', etc) CollegeNet has to offer be more prominent on the homepage so people see it when they sign up?

    For instance, I learned one day by accident that hitting the "go" button, it lists the posts from newest to oldest rather than by topic. It's great for when I want to pick up and read where I left off without having to wade through multiple forums rereading what I'd already seen.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I definitely think taking off the Top Ten would be a great idea. Everything Ferret has said makes a lot of sense. I do see people not voting for others to keep them from taking their spot. I think only you should know your rank and it would make the competition a lot more interesting for everyone.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I made it on the internet for a little bit and excuse my spelling. I don't have spell check on here.

    I must say the top ten list does influence my voting. Right now I am right outside of the top ten. I will admit that I don't want to vote for anyone in the top ten. I don't want to give them the points. Although I think I have already voted for everyone in the top ten. I think it would be great if we didn't have the top ten and we just knew where we were ranked. I try not to let the rankings influence my votes, but it does. I try to base votes on post, but I also would like to win even though I do enjoy coming on here all the time.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    As a previous winner who was formerly dedicated to continuing to post even after I got my money, I would beg and plead for something to be done about the "bubble gum" posts, e.g., "What's your favorite " and all the forum games. Every time I see those forums posted, I report them as not relevant...but seeing as how they continue to be listed, it doesn't appear that the "report" function has any real intended purpose. I realize people like to take a breather from being so serious, but that's what Yahoo chat rooms and mySpace are for.

    Top 10 needs to go. It should be a Random 10 that changes daily so more people receive more exposure. For the reasons listed above by Melinder and Ferret, it really just needs to be taken away to make the competition more fair. Of course the Random 10 should only include people who actually post to the forums.

    Redundant forums. I have no idea how you can control this aspect of the site, but it is the main reason why I probably will no longer participate until I'm eligible to win again next year. I suppose this site is good for people who have no intention of staying after a couple of months, but for those who like continued discussions - repeat forums really start to grate on your nerves.

    I think you need to clarify the purpose of your site. What makes up a "good discussion" according to CollegeNET and its sponsors? I can't imagine your sponsors are eager to award money to someone whose only contribution is telling us about their favorite commercial and asking for advice in their personal life, but I could be wrong.

    This is a wonderful site and a great way for people to earn money for their education. Thanks for this opportunity and I look forward to any improvements that will make this site one based on a collegiate level of discussion.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    I would have to say that I'm totally in agreement with Nickee. These bubblegum posts have gotten out of hand and the redundant posts need to stop (did anyone notice how many posts about Paris Hilton were written?).

    Bulldog: you were mentioning our "alliances". I don't like to call them alliances, but more like friends supporting friends. Since some of us don't have tons of friends with cell phones that we turn into votes we depend on support from each other. Seeing as you came out of nowhere this month and have been in the top spot the whole month I'll assume that a good number of your votes came from Voter Accounts.

    Which brings me to my next point: NO MORE VOTER ACCOUNTS! I know this is how Collegenet gets their money: more hits to their precious advertisers, but it's pretty annoying when all someone has to do to win is convince 100+ people to create those accounts to win. If getting college degrees only involved popularity then someone like Paris Hilton would have twenty or thirty PhD's by now!

    Another change to the site: Change the motto from "It Pays To Think" because as I've seen from a lot of folks that have weaseled their way into the Top Ten "thinking" is not part of the equation.

    Sell Out Your Own Truth


    ...I think I might have to take Nickee's route on this one and leave for a while...

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    Collegenet president guys and girls, I have to agree with what Ferret and Nikki posted. The bubblegums post are ridiculous. I try to post great topics each day, only to read a crap post about Ice Cream, your favorite book, and if you like foreplay before sex, and some of the same people posting that crap are in the top ten. Okay, I'm struggling to hold on to the number four spot so I should be happy right? No, because the person posting crap could come and steal the spot with more crappy post. Also, it isn't fair that all one has to do is get enough cell phones together and have their buddies type in an activation code and vote for them. I don't have alot of friends or family members with cell phones, so I can't win, i guess.

    My account

    In all due respect, this wasn't what I thought it was supposed to be. Please don't take this the wrong way, but is it possible to deactivate my account? It's not that I think this website isn't useful, it's just that it's not my kind of thing. I'm sorry; I should've looked more into it before signing up and all of that. I'm not so good at controversial issues or getting people to side with me, or doing anything relatively important to those aspects. I was just looking for scholarships that would apply more to, well... me. I'm the kind of person who enters a piece of artowrk, or an essay, and just hopes for the best that I might win it for college. I don't want to take up excess space on your site, and I really didn't want to bother you, but is there a way to just dispose of my account? I'm really sorry, so please don't be mad. I mean it in the nicest way I can. Good luck to all of you who are candidates, and I hope the best person wins.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    Thanks for the feedback! We're carefully monitoring the relative contributions of voter vs. candidate accounts, and we've confirmed that by far candidates carry the most weight in determining the success of other candidates. It is interesting that almost every individual who has complained about not having friends with cell phones and the like have, themselves, received as many or more votes from voters as have the top candidates! Just because a candidate drops from first to third or from fourth to tenth does not mean the system is "unfair." Sudden moves often happen because of the strategy some have employed of holding back ballots until the final minutes of an election.

    Keep in mind that graciousness towards others who are successful pays in the realm of any election. Candidates who are quick to speculate that the system is rigged risk showing others a lack of graciousness or even a lack of scholarly thought. "How could I lose?" is not the tagline of the self-aware either in public elections or here at CollegeNET.

    Voters are not necessarily those whom any given candidate has recruited. Many voters appear to have no affiliation whatsoever with any candidate and presumably vote for the candidate(s) they deem the most worthy. Many of these voters are adults out of school who are looking at the whole candidate, including their maturity (and graciousness).

    Although there are many great exchanges thanks to your involvement and work, there are many opinions expressed on this site with which we do not agree. We also think some of the forums are just plain dumb. Ironically, one of the posters here complaining about "crap" titled a forum "Porn...just about porn." Huh?


    Re: CollegeNET Ideas


    As to "popularity," think about the fact that "popularity" drives the "truth" of ideas. If people don't agree that a dollar bill (a dirty piece of paper) has value, it, in fact, will not have value. What makes it work, what drives truth, is agreement. At the end of the day, we're all animals in a barnyard and we support each other by putting ideas out there and choosing from them the ones we agree are the most valuable and important. Some people choose differently than others, but that doesn't mean their ideas--dumb as they might seem to any one of us--shouldn't get floated. If you don't like a forum, don't bother with it. If you don't like a candidate in the general election, keep your distance.

    Even with the "dumb" forums, even with the "popularity" question, even with the sudden rise of one candidate over another, it still pays to think--perhaps not in ways you've necessarily anticipated.

    Re: CollegeNET Ideas

    Doh!! You sure told us. ::wink, wink::

    Actually, I like that CollegeNET has stepped up to the plate and addressed the Voter Only accounts once again (Dave did so as well in the Welcome to CollegeNET forum by trying to relate it to an actual Presidential election), but maybe the tone in this new post will get people to take notice.

    I'm not, nor was I ever, really against voter only accounts (except way back when they were used to campaign for other candidates, ex. HeidiHo + mommyonamission). Sure, maybe they should be limited to how many ballots they can cast, but I don't think you should get rid of them altogether as I understand that voter only accounts = hits on the website = hits to sponsor's websites = where you guys get the $ to reward us with. I am; however, still VERY disappointed about the person that placed 1st the month I won because I KNOW it was due to the fact that they were a resident advisor and had access to tons of people that would/could sign up and vote - and her contributions were, shall we say, sorely lacking...or maybe I'm just a sore loser, but hey that was $1000 ripped out from beneath me.

    Anyway, I wouldn't have placed 2nd without voter only accounts - I guarantee it...but some people act like it's easy to just go hit up all your friends with cell phones. First, they have to have text messaging (and let me tell you, if they have to pay per text - my cheap friends wouldn't do it). Second, you have to convince them that their cell phones won't be spammed by CollegeNET. Third, they have to have a computer with internet access. Fourth, you have to make sure they only vote for you. So, yes voter only accounts help, but I don't think they are the sole reason for any one person winning...well, for the most part.

    It's also hard to just not bother with the "dumb" forums since you have to skim through them to get to the good ones. I was just asking for topics worthy of thoughtful discussion, that's all. I thought that was the intention of your site. As for staying clear of candidates I don't like...there aren't any, although if I have to read about Spelman college one more time...sheesh - enough already, we know that's where you go!