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    How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    created by dest989 1848 days 2 hours ago

    Category: World

    How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    Do you take murder lightly? How would you sentence someone if they committed a murder and are you one to give them a second chance?

    The person that dies from someone murdering them does not get a second chance. An eye for an eye or no. Is this right? Lethal injection. Life. People have the ability to change their ways. Someone killed your daughter...What do you do about it?


    If you weren't alive today, would you feel at peace about your life? Have you made any changes in the world or for yourself? Reflect and start making differences. Be more successful. Ask yourself each day how you can be better.

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    there are certain ways to defend yourself when dead , the deceased could have stashed awasy letters or proof around ones property of home , they could have family memebers or friends or close accomplices sticking up for them while dead theres always something . theres always someway tracing back to evidence or proof of the fact of the matter some cases yes the dead cannnot proove themselves yes i can agree but in other cases yes the living has their back .

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    I think despite the deceased not being able to get a second chance the killer should be eligible for a second chance. It is all circumstantial of course. The circumstances surrounding the crime determine whether or not a person deserves a second chance, but I think everyone should have that chance. Everyone can change in life. Not everyone does but everyone can.

    If someone killed my daughter I would have a hard time forgiving them initially. I think eventually I would be able to forgive the person depending on the circumstances. It really depends on the circumstances for me.

    I like to think that I would be satisfied with my life if I died today, but I know I wouldn't be. I have a lot planned for my future. I want to accomplish a lot of things that I have just begun to work on. 

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    Welcome brooklyn girl and hello Avillalp. If I died today, I feel that I have made a change in different ways and I have influenced many people from I've heard from others whic his really cool because I would have never know. I have people who watch and follow what I'm doing and my success. Interesting and scary at the same time.

    Besides that, again Avillalp it's great that you would be able to forgive someone who would do that and I would have to to at some point. Mostly, I'd leave it in the hands of the man upstairs to take care of that individual. If anyone would answer, how would you feel if someone killed you from ghost form or whatever you believe in? (Would you forgive the killer, Would you be remorseful or glad to be off this planet?)

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    "Fighting for peace is like f*cking for virginity." That is to say, a society that votes to kill people while condemning individuals who kill is entirely hypocritical.

    People do not kill without a reason. Whether it's that they were acting out of opportunistic circumstances or they were mentally unwell, there's always a motive. More importantly, there's always a source for that motive. They are certainly responsible for their actions and should be kept where they cannot hurt others, but moreover they should be helped.

    I also believe that there is a lot of social responsibility that is left out of consideration whenever this topic is brought up. Why do murderers feel like they have no other outlet? There's just such a lack of community: people admittedly only care about those in their inner circles, and then they're surprised when those on the outside have violent reactions to this setup. Again, murder is not ok---but clearly WE failed the murderers as a community. The only way to remedy that is to help them.

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    I would definitely have peace with my life because I stand up for what I believe in. This seems to be rare these days. I have been put in some diffifcult positions recently and I chose to stand for what I believe in.

    I may stand alone, but I will always stand tall.

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    Skittles you have strong emotions behind this and it's great to express the thoughts and feelings you have. You are right that there is more but it definitely is more likely for someone to have a motive when they are capable of knowing what they are doing. I can trust all people just not the devil inside of them. We should teach kids more who soon will be adults how to handle anger and other solutions to not just murdering a person.

    hornebr: Definitely, stand tall. I know I would be upset if I were killed at this point but I'd be more happy to know that I'm away from all the troubles we face.

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    I don't think anyone should take murder lightly. If you murdered anyone, it is definitely wrong unless they're a very dangerous threat to others. But that's really self-defense. I believe those that murder, should get life in jail so that they can be tortured by their own thoughts and lose they're own life while "living" behind bars.

    My best friend was killed by gunshot and it was on the same day as her son's second birthday. Murdering anyone is despicable. We have no right to take the lives of others, and if we do, who knows who else we're hurting in the process. Many lives change when someone loses one. All murder does is promote hatred.

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    I defintely feel for you Dman and some people just don't realize how this affects others know matter who you are. I wish I could use my post to comment on the other forum again about the whole issue with the President and saying he's bringing about race wars. It has been long before that since racism has been around and it just pops up when things start to a little out of hand. It's so sickening how people tend to fire at someone for who they are.

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    I think that murder deserves the death penalty. All of the replies I'm reading seem very optimistic, saying that murderers should get a second chance, that they had reasons to do it... But in all reality, they took another human being's right to exist. They took another person's life. I'm trying to search for the right words to describe how wrong murder is in every conceivable way, but maybe I'm just too emotional. Imagine someone you love being taken off of this earth without any chance of every speaking to them again or saying goodbye, and then imagine you had to look into the face of the person who did it, still alive and well.

    I don't feel I need to list the ways there are exceptions to this... if it was self-defense, euthanasia, etc.... But if it wasn't justified, I think it is wrong.

    Re: How can you defend yourself when you are dead?

    Right they are still alive and well, walking around freely while your loved one is dead. It hurts to see but is it okay to murder someone back? It should be but we are also taught not to murder, even though people have the strength to do it. I can't fathom what I'd go through if a close family member of mine was murdered. My dad went through it and he knows who killed my grandma, but someone stopped him from going through with murdering the guy in return. There's this rage we get to come back to kill but I couldn't have that on my heart.

    Most important, I believe that God handles murderers. I'm happy with the all posts and everyone's thoughts. We could only truly know if we had went through it, but I hope no one has.